Dweeb's life

The History of Dweeb

How to go through life without a clue

   Dweeb started life a on a doorstep in Lima, Peru, abandoned by his mother at birth. It was rumored his mother was a prostitute who favored the Spanish conquistadors. So even at the beginning of his life there was controversy. 

   Dweeb was never a cute child. He was thrown out of the Lima orphanage as soon as he could walk. Once on the streets he was ostracized by all the urchins in Lima, who were the ones to give him his name, and they would beat on him every chance they could. He vowed to leave at the earliest opportunity and one day he found himself a small rowboat and set sail. 

    Days later he found himself crossing over Panama and putting to sea again. After an eternity he found himself running through the woods in Sherwood forest. In Sherwood he found the solitude he needed sustaining himself by killing little birds and bunnies. After many months he found himself getting stronger and gaining confidence in himself. He got up the nerve to walk into the Royal Stag inn one day and was promptly laughed out of the inn by a party of locals. 

    He found himself on the ocean traveling again, this time he ended up in a wild country inhabited only by indians and the occasional westerner. Here he found himself the peace he needed. 

    One day when he could find no food, he came across a fine young lass by the name of Leah. Leah took young Dweeb under her wing, overlooking his ugliness, and finding a potential that he never knew he had. Through Leah's tutelage Dweeb grew into a fine young man who found that he had the ability to heal. 

    He never forgot the humiliation that he suffered at the hands of the urchins of Lima, and he has since exacted his revenge.  People still seem to avoid Dweeb, as he is never seen with more than one or two others around him, and people can bee seen snickering under their breath as he walks past. It has been rumored that one fine day he walked into the Royal Stag and caused a stampede of people trying to leave the inn. 

    Dweeb has not been seen since the day he walked into an abbey. Some say he fell and was spitted on a stone crennellation. Rumor has it he has been seen since that day, but he was naked, and no one dared get to close to him. 

    So in conclusion, Dweeb has had a rough life, brought about mainly by his looks, but also by a lack of common sense. He is a nice enough fellow, but if you do happen across this unlucky fellow do not be surprised by his looks, but maintain your distance while saying your greetings as his personal hygiene is nonexistent. 

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