Character Web Page Guideline


    Character web pages are for you, the player, to show off your character. Do you have to create a web page for your character? No, but it is a way to show off your character. Plus, if you are artistically inclined, or know someone who is, it's a way to put a face on your character.

These pages are for your fun and enjoyment. Unfortunately, due to limited space on the MUD machine, we will not be able to host the pages. If your server does not allow web pages, I'm sure that there are players out there who will be willing to place your pages on their server.

The web page should contain a biography and a history of your characters role play. There is no limit to what you can place in your pages, we just ask that you keep the pages in character. Think of it as a way for your character to escape beyond the realm of Legend. When you write the pages keep in mind that people who do not play on Legend will be looking at them as well.

We ask that you link back to the LegendMUD website and at the very least, the LegendMUD character web pages. Other than that you may make as many other links as you wish, such as links to clan mates, links to in character family members or links to your personal home page. We do ask that you do not place advertisements, drawings with nudity, item stats or quest hints on the character pages. All links will be reviewed prior to placing on the web page, and will be visited every now and then to ensure the link is still good.

Once we start getting character web pages linked, we will be starting up a contest where you the players judge the pages for the best character history generation. If we get enough artists to volunteer to do drawings, we may even have a contest for the best artist.

To get your character page linked, mudmail or email Haley with your character name and the URL for your web page. If your character is permanently killed it will be up to you whether or not to have the link removed. If you are having your character archived, know you are losing net access or you just don't want the link up any longer, please mudmail or email Haley with that information. If you get a character deleted the link to that character will be removed.

If you have any questions concerning any of this please email or mudmail Haley.