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Welcome to the LegendMUD character web page. Herein you will find the histories of the Characters. As more add their own histories, we will start to sort them down by Genealogy, PK Clans, and Roleplay Clans. If you are but a visitor to our fine world, we hope you will take the time to peruse these writings, and feel free to visit LegendMUD and give a warm Hello to everyone.

To add a link to your Character, please peruse the Character Page Guideline first.

LegendMUD Characters

Amducious Sweet Destruction, Delicious Torment
Anadreva Anadreva - Standing in the back, where its safe! Check out her blog!
Aryia Aryia the Wiccan's Blog
Archangel Archangel's blog - The Servant of the Great High King who seeks to Unite all under that banner which he holds today.
Chara Chara the Vampire's Blog
Darktalon This may be the darkest website you will ever encounter on the World Wide Web!
Dino The diary of a petite female with crimson eyes
Dusty A revamped version of the page that figured in the mud 2nd anniversary trivia contest. Features the collected works of Legend's famed bardette, as well as a biography and portrait.
Fry Fry's Sizzlin' Along
Kairi The Blog of Kairi, GM of Whispering Wraith
Kizzie Kizzie is NOT like her Mom - She's like a flower, she gets thrown when she withers
Lime These are the travels and introspection of a wandering gypsy.
Luvior Luvior - The happenings of a Nobody
Nadia Mistress Nadia's Hellish Observations
Naeva Naeva's Je ne sais pas
Nestor Nestor's Time Travels
Malia Lady Malia's All Things Spiffy
Mamimi Mamimi Samejima's Blog
Moris Moris - Alabaster and Silk
Munkie Moris - Alabaster and Silk
Orchid Orchid Baeyond's Legend of the Future
Ranmaru Ranmaru's Chronicles
Retsu Retsu - Musings of Misfit Pirate!
Rowane Powered by Kere
Val The House of Alexandre
Xylander Enraptured Occultist
Zillah Zillah - Diary of a Madman

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