As you may have noticed already, this page is different than the rest of Legend's web pages. This page was made as a tribute to Karyn, a longtime player at LegendMUD that recently passed away in an unfortunate accident.

Below, you will find bits of Karyn's original home page, that we've quoted, so that you may remember her as she was on Legend. Please sign our guestbook, and add anything that you may remember of Karyn as well. We'd like to hear it.

And without further adeu, here's Karyn...

"Thanks to Beam, Point, Landy, Aermid, Rummy, Outsider, Manic, and the many others who have helped me so far. Thanks to Sandra for supporting me as I was about to perma and Spencer for always being there for me.

As of the moment, I am just starting the summer hollidays, getting away from school a while is gonna do me good. IOW spending a LITTLE more time on the mud, maybe. Exams are over for now, and the next ones aren't until Christmas *cheer*.

Me, myself and I...
I am a 24 year old girl from Norway, studying law at the University of Oslo, Norway. Norway is a country in the very north of Europe, very warm in summer, and very cold in winter. More or less thesame climate as the northern states of the U.S, Washington, Minnesota, Wyoming and so forth. I might as well also point out that we do NOT have polarbears roaming the streets, nor are we a undeveloped country, neither technologically nor politically. You guys won't believe all the stupid questions I have been asked about Norway during the years, especially when I went to High School in Los Gatos, California."

A photo of Karyn from her original page, including links that were of interest to her are below.

"At this humble page, I present a few pictures, maybe a little interesting to you, since you're here I mean... If not, you probably wouldn't be here..if you get it.."
- Karyn

The Miss Norway 1995 Contest.
This photo is taken at the Miss Norway 1995 contest. The guys on the picture are some of the contestants in the Mr.Norway contest, and the girl in the back is Monica, a friend of mine, also participating in the pageant. You should now be able to determine who's who on the picture, including who is me...

The Miss Universe 1996 mainpage
The Miss Norway 1995 page.

Norway's most famous Miss, Julie Ege.

Newsflash from Miss Universe 1996.
Pictures of Miss Universe 1996.
Another newsflash on Miss Universe 1996.
Yet another newsflash.
All contestants from 1996 sorted by country.
More pictures of Miss Universe.
Miss America 1996.


God be with you Karyn, we'll miss you.

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