The Lecture Series


   For some time now, Events have taken place wherein Lectures are delivered, oft displaying great erudition and Knowledge. Here have been Collected some of said Discourses, for the general Improvement of All.

   If you have Comments regarding Aught which you see here, please, feel Free to place your own Commentary in the Blank Pages at the end of this our Book. Discussion on any and all of these Topics is welcome!


Lecture Series Events

1994 1995 1996 1997
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Q & A Session Log Index
Date Title Speaker
October 31st, 2002 Halloween Storytelling Ptah
January 28th, 2004 Pke Discussion Sandra
October 22nd, 2003 Pke Discussion Sandra
February 14th, 2003 The 2002 Expies Awards Ceremony LadyAce
November 9th, 2002 Lizzie's Lit Salon Herbert, Pflanzen, Bass,
Emrysia and MoiraGwyn,
Juliana, Basara
November 2nd, 2002 RP Club Discussion LadyAce
October 31st, 2002 Halloween Stories Ptah, Herbert
October 26th, 2002 RP Club Discussion LadyAce
February 14th, 2002 The 2001 Expies Awards Ceremony LadyAce
October 31st, 2001 Halloween Stories Ptah, Carter, SamWise
June 21-24, 2001 Aztecs Tinyplot
A war party, human sacrifice, angry gods, and crazed priests.
Hosted by Kaige
April 7, 2001 Sandra's Pk Discussion 4/7/01 Sandra
March 2001 March Madness Tinyplot Part I:
Aaaaarrgh and Tancred switch bodies and Chaykin becomes a businessman, and a coalition forms to restore them to their proper form.
Hosted by LadyAce
March 2001 March Madness Tinyplot Part II:
Zafira becomes fascinated with Tancred, McDougan loses what little power to speak rationally he previously possessed, Tobias and Aardwolf become absurdly intoxicated, and Arturo, Myshella, and Slytherin discover a cure -- and a cause -- for the strange disease which afflicts their comrades.
Hosted by LadyAce
February 18th, 2001 The 2000 Expies Awards Ceremony LadyAce
October 31st, 2000 Halloween Stories Ptah, Ganymede, Chimera
October 21st, 2000 ClanBuilding Seminar Sandra
August, 2000 RP Workshop: Friends and Family Lirra
January, 1997 MUD Player Types Survey Ptah
August, 1997 Underwater Player Forum Charity
October 31st, 1997 Halloween Stories Ptah, McDougan
July 2nd, 1996 Arkenstone's Lecture on the Combat System Arkenstone
July 16th, 1996 The Strength of the Internet is Chaos:
The Communications Decency Act in Context
July 30th, 1996 Agrippa's Roleplay Discussion Agrippa
August 6th, 1996 Cooking and the Internet Junkie Chocorua
August 13th/20th, 1996 Grouping and Group Dynamics Rufus
August 22, 1996 Australian Cooking Deanna
September 3, 1996 Tad's Roleplay Discussion Tad
September 17, 1996 Classic Software Engineering Techniques
& Computer Games
Mike McShaffry, programmer,
Origin Systems, Inc.
September 19, 1996 Greek vs. Modern Olympics Greyscot
September 24, 1996 Mud Research & Methods Alan Schwartz, aka Javelin
October 1, 1996 Not Quite Gourmet Cooking Gail
October 6th, 1996 Old Eli's Storytelling, Part One Ptah
October 15th, 1996 Ireland: Myth and Legends Richard Marsh
October 29th, 1996 The History of Halloween Sabella
October 31st, 1996 Halloween Story Ptah
November 12th, 1996 Medicine in Ancient Times Croaker
November 19th, 1996 Roleplaying Workshop Rusalka & Ptah
December 19th, 1996 A Christmas Story of a Different Kind Ptah
December 20th, 1996 Rufus' Building Lecture Rufus
July 8th, 1995 An Open Forum on the Future of LegendMUD Ptah
October 4th, 1995 Mercenary's Pkill Seminar Mercenary
Halloween, 1995 Halloween Stories Dominic, Kale, Ptah
September 17th, 1994 Military Life: Blood and Duty Dominic
Halloween, 1994 Halloween Stories Ptah, Ramadan, Charity