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January 13th, 2005

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Topics Covered

New backscroll command?
Wall of thorn changes?
The expell command and pk?
Guidelines on furniture rent in houses?
Unpickable housing doors?
Being woken by players vs time?
Clan hall doors impenetrable?
Ireland Dun mobs too difficult?
Changing post-titles?
Web page for pk character list?
Not getting XP when finishing off a mob after dying?
Official discussion forums?
Stealing from corpses?
Too easy to shoot weapons out of hands?
Equipment damage from mending too harsh?

New backscroll command?

Sandra says, 'questions?'
Chimaira says, 'hummm'
Chimaira says, 'i need to think of a few'
Sandra says, 'code update's posted'
Chimaira nods to himself.
Chimaira says, 'oh i know!'
Chimaira raises his hand.
Sandra points at Chimaira.
Chimaira says, 'whats this backscroll thingy going to do?'
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
Vendetta raises his hand.
Chimaira slides up to Vendetta and tries to seduce him.
Sandra says, 'it will recall your backscroll. Say you're in telnet and your scroll sucks. This'll pull back so many lines'
Chimaira winks suggestively at Vendetta.
DoC junks a scotch on the rocks.
Chimaira says, 'oh its for telnet'
Chimaira says, 'ok nm!'
Sandra says, 'well, for anyone with sucky backscroll really'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Sandra.
Kaige says, 'no.. it's for everyone... but it will benefit those who don't have it. =)'
Chimaira says, 'gotja'
Somar says, 'it'll really work if you have a client, as well... just in case you miss something'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Kaige.
Sandra smiles happily.
Sandra points at Neo_Tritoch.
Chimaira says to Somar, 'Explain please?'
Vendetta says, 'what's for everyone'
Chimaira says, 'new backscroll thingy'
Chimaira shrugs philosophically.

Wall of thorn changes?

Neo_Tritoch says, 'about wall of thorns, is that referring to when you try and move and yo ukeep hurting yourself but you dont leave, or something else, like if you tried moving bound or something'
Neo_Tritoch zones out.
Kaige nods solemnly.
Sandra nods her agreement with Neo_Tritoch.
Kaige says, 'yup'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'the first part?'
Sandra says, 'like if you try to go a direction that isn't there, etc'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'aww'
Morin says, 'eh, eh well then, bless me! hello everyone'
Lenore sits down and rests on a seat on the 50 yd line.
Chimaira nods his agreement with Somar.
Morin sits down and rests on a seat on the 50 yd line.
Chimaira thanks Somar heartily.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'so im still gonna take like 100 damage before my thorns die and i can move'
Quagmire sits down and rests.
Chimaira says, 'ok im done for now'
Chimaira ducks to the ground.
Morin raises his hand.
Sandra says, 'no if you can't move in a direction, it shouldn't hurt ya'
Chimaira says, 'kewl!'
Somar says, 'but if you can, you are still going to be affected as you were before'
Razael says to Sandra, 'Where's the pool of blood?!'
Sandra nods her agreement with Somar.
Snoring loudly, Sigurd nods off to sleep using Kaige as a pillow.
Chimaira sits down on a seat on the 50 yd line.
Chimaira says, 'woot!'
Sandra giggles.
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
Neo_Tritoch bounces around.
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
Neo_Tritoch gives a firm poke in the ribs to everyone in the room.


The expell command and pk?

Sandra points at Vendetta.
Chimaira snickers at Neo_Tritoch nastily.
DoC laughs.
Vendetta says, 'sweet'
Sigurd raises his hand.
Sandra has a qeue.
Vendetta says, 'first off, can one person expel themselves from another person's house?'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Vendetta.
DoC says, 'unless pk'
Vendetta says to Chimaira, 'don't speak so fast.'
Sandra says, 'right'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'unless in a fight or unless you have a timer?'
Vendetta says, 'what's the command?'
Morin says, 'expel self'
Sandra says, 'expel self'
Razael says, 'expel self'
Morin snickers softly.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'what if i had a timer and i walked into docs house, it wont tick down id never be able to leave, say its 5am and he isnt eve on'
Neo_Tritoch stares off into space.
Vendetta says, 'so if I'm in another person's hall I can just expel self?'
Morin nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'it's right there in the help file even'
Sandra says, 'yay help files!'
Kaige says, 'unless you are pke , yes'
Morin snickers at Sandra nastily.
Vendetta says to Sandra, 'you sure? cause in PK it didn't work so well.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'lets make expel self and pke_set mutually exclusive'
Chimaira says to Vendetta, 'Unless you got a timer.'
Sandra says, 'yes, read the help file :)'
Kaige says, 'which it also says in the helpfile'
Morin says, 'well they just did say it doesn't work in pk'
DoC says, 'for trapping purposes'
Vendetta says, 'PKE can't ever expel self?'
Sincere disappears into the void.
Sincere has returned from the void.
DoC snickers softly.
Chimaira says, 'i think you can just not from a pk house'
Chimaira says, 'like'
Vendetta says, 'that's really stupid'
Vendetta spits on the ground.
Sandra says, 'pke vs pke nope'
Vendetta says, 'if my timer is down, who cares'
Chimaira says, 'horror did from alenjandros house'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'what if your timer is up but nobody is around'
Chimaira says, 'or however you spell his damn name'
DoC says, 'say you walk into my house, and we havent engaged yet'
Chimaira bonks himself on the head and looks sheepish.
Lenore snickers at Chimaira nastily.
DoC says, 'i want to trap you i should be able to'
Chimaira nods his agreement with DoC.
Sandra nods her agreement with DoC.
Vendetta says to DoC, 'trap?'
Quagmire says, 'if you expel yourself in the forest, and nobody's around, is the question over yet?'
Vendetta says to DoC, 'give me a break that NEVER happens.'
Somar chuckles politely at Quagmire.
Morin smirks at Quagmire.
Blackmojo takes off his beautiful ruby signet ring.
DoC snickers softly.
Chimaira snickers at Quagmire nastily.
Lenore snickers at Quagmire nastily.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'ok anyways, expel in a nutshell is, It never works for me when i need it, and it ALWAYS works for the other guy right before i am about to squish him'
Razael says, 'But say a person rents with you in the house, and they're also pk... You are stuck'
Sandra giggles at Quagmire.
DoC says, 'ive done it like 10 times'
Neo_Tritoch ignores everything, lost in his own little world.
Somar says to Neo_Tritoch, 'And you smell really bad, too.'
Somar ducks to the ground.
Somar says to Neo_Tritoch, 'J/k :P'
Blackmojo wears a beautiful ruby signet ring on his left ring finger.
Vendetta says to Sandra, 'why can't you make it only timer based?'
Vendetta says, 'why does being PKE have to be impossible?'
Razael says, 'It should be timer based...'
Sandra says, 'coz pke vs pke should be able to trap people'
Sandra says, 'if you're dumb enough to get stuck in teh house...'
Morin says, 'do you really run into that many situations where you get locked into people's houses?'
DoC nods his agreement with Sandra.
Chimaira giggles.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'im sure vendetta does'
Chimaira says, 'hey it happens more then you think'
Razael says to Morin, 'You'd be suprised..'
Chimaira nods to himself.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'he is like a moth to the farmhouse'
Sandra giggles.
DoC snickers softly.
Chimaira chuckles politely at Neo_Tritoch.
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'that's cause you're a wuss and won't come out.'
Sandra says, 'ok anyway'
DoC laughs.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'oh snap, i'll rip your lungs out right now'
Sandra says, 'the answer to the question is in the help file'


Guidelines on furniture rent in houses?

Sandra points at Morin.
Razael snickers softly.
Razael says, 'Bickering!'
DoC says, 'mmm swiss steak'
Shlecht says, 'Hungry man, hungry man...'
DoC chuckles politely.
Morin says to Sandra, 'what's the guideline on the rent value of furniture in houses? In general, normal furniture (tables, chairs, chests etc) are not supposed to cost rent, right?'
Chimaira says, 'there 0 rent i thought'
Chimaira says, 'in a house'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'someone lives in a fantasy world'
Kaige says, 'as long as it can't be picked up and moved'
DoC shakes his head.
DoC says, 'some shiz is 1500'
Chimaira says, 'no'
Morin nods his agreement with DoC.
Sandra says, 'normal furniture items won't cost rent.'
DoC says, 'cabinets'
Chimaira says, 'it is when your holding it'
Chimaira says, 'but when droped'
Chimaira says, 'its 0'
Morin says to Sandra, 'are there exceptions?'
Sandra says, 'some items are containers and those will cost rent'
DoC says, 'stuff you can store stuff in'
DoC says, 'no'
DoC nods his agreement with Sandra.
Morin says to Sandra, 'but there are containers that don't.'
Sandra says, 'well, yes and no'
Kaige says, 'no.. those are furniture. =)'
Sandra says, 'they are most likely FURNITURE items'
Sandra says, 'there are FURNITURE and CONTAINER'
Vendetta raises his hand.
Kaige says, 'subtle distinction as far as the code goes'
Morin says, 'can all CONTAINER items be picked up?'
Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.
Sandra says, 'most'
Kaige shakes her head.
Sandra says, 'some chests can't be'
DoC drinks from a scotch on the rocks.
Morin says, 'so, if I shop around'
Morin says, 'and find chests for houses, say two different ones'
Morin says, 'neither can be picked up'
Morin says, 'one costs rent, the other doesn't'
Morin says, 'that's not an error?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'bug it!'
Sandra shakes her head.
Kaige says, 'then one's furniture and the other's a container'
Morin says, 'what if I find something that's furniture that costs rent?'
Sandra says, 'then it isn't really furniture :)'
Morin says, 'even if when I preview it, it says "this furniture..."'
Sandra says, 'the code removes the rent cost on the furniture item as soon as it's dropped in the house'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'what if i find brown stains on my furniture after i have doc over?'
Chimaira throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
DoC snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'I'm gonna slay me a Neo in a bit'
Sandra ruffles Neo_Tritoch's hair playfully.
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'your furniture does have brown stains.'
Chimaira throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
Somar cheers for Sandra - huzzah!
Neo_Tritoch says, 'i didn't even do a bug report on marauders repop time yet'
Chimaira snickers softly.
Morin says, 'okay so'
Morin says, 'furniture is always 0 rent'
Sandra says, 'any item that is type FURNITURE when put in a house will be 0 rent. It's a code thing'
Morin says, 'automatically'
Lenore nods her agreement with Sandra.
Morin says, 'if it's not, it's not furniture'
Chimaira says, 'only when its droped in a house'
Sandra nods her agreement with Chimaira.
Sandra says, 'right'
Morin says, 'and some non-furniture stuff has rent'
Chimaira says, 'when you hold it, it has rent'
Chimaira says, 'like 1500'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Chimaira says, 'or whatnot'
Morin says, 'is there non-furniture stuff that has no rent?'
Sandra says, 'yes'
Morin is completely boggled.
Chimaira says, 'yeah that lost me there'
Chimaira blinks at Sandra.
Sandra giggles.
Chimaira says, 'like?'
Morin says, 'why can't it just be simple??'
Morin snickers softly.
Katahdin says, 'do they have any rent-to-own furniture?'
Sandra says, 'that stuff you usually can't buy and it's already in the house'
Kaige waves a big flag marked 'E'.
DoC chuckles politely.
Chimaira says, 'ahhh'
Morin nods his agreement with Sandra.
Shlecht shows you the way to Rent City.
Chimaira chuckles politely.
Vendetta says, 'what if I lease a 24" TV for my house, but then return it'
Morin says, 'but nothing you can buy, which is not furniture, would be 0 rent'
Sandra says, 'have I confused you yet? :)'
DoC says, 'theres ways around the rent'
Sandra nods her agreement with Morin.
DoC says, 'look around'
Morin says, 'how about this'
Morin says, 'are houses ever supposed to come pre-packed with something that has extra rent?'
Chimaira says to DoC, 'Yeah LD over rent with 2 old hors.'
DoC snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'yea they could'
Kaige says, 'some may, yes'
Morin wrinkles his nose with distaste.
Vendetta says, 'only 2 old horns?'
Vendetta says, 'that's nothing'
Chimaira snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'but you can always expel it'
Chimaira nods solemnly.
Sigurd says, 'such as lighting and a bed, or a desk'
DoC says, 'and 25 strings'
Chimaira says, 'thats a wonderful commmand i may add'
Morin says, 'I'm made to understand that there is no "lighting item" for a house'
Kaige says, 'or perhaps a fountain or a cookstove... all kinda nifty things.'
Sandra says, 'right'
Sandra says, 'there is no code to support that kind of lighting atm'
Sigurd says, 'there really should be a light item'
DoC says, 'ooo cookstove'
Chimaira says, 'what about the fires?'
Morin says, 'okay so'
Kaige says, 'nope Hrath had been going to look into that at one point tho... free-standing lights'
Sandra says, 'There is no code to support that kind of lighting atm :)'
Chimaira says, 'what about the fires? why are they not restartable?'
Morin says, 'in other words, the rules on this are kinda all over the map, there's no real steadfast guideline on what has rent and what doesn't'
Chimaira says, 'code?'
Morin says, 'except that furniture never has rent'
Chimaira says, 'fire light the room i thought...'
Chimaira shrugs philosophically.
Morin shakes his head in disagreement with Chimaira.
Chimaira says, 'ok nm then'
DoC says, 'my poor fire died'
DoC cries on Chimaira's shoulder.
Chimaira says, 'yeah'
Sandra giggles.
Chimaira says, 'should be restatable!'
Chimaira says, 'wood oil tenderbox!'
Morin says, 'the fires in houses? they die?'
DoC snickers softly.
Chimaira nods his agreement with Morin.
Sandra nods solemnly.
Chimaira says, 'least some do'
Morin says to Sandra, 'well may I make a suggestion.'
DoC throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
Sandra says, 'sure'
Vendetta says, 'fire + house = bad idea in general'
Shlecht says to Sigurd, 'Sorry.'
Lenore snickers at Vendetta nastily.
Chimaira says, 'fire in cave :P'
Morin says to Sandra, 'if there's going to be a house with an item pre-packed into it, which costs rent...can it at least be an item with a long desc :P'
Chimaira says, 'doc lives in the batcave'
DoC says, 'fire in cave PWNS'
Sandra says, 'hehe the cabinets?'
DoC says, 'no way i live in the Dank cave'
Chimaira chuckles politely.
Morin says, 'actually I mean the chests in the sherwood crypts'
Lenore says to Sandra, 'The chests.'
DoC says, 'aroma of ganja'
Sandra says, 'idea it so we can look at it'
Sandra says, 'ok, gonna move on'
Morin nods solemnly.


Unpickable housing doors?

Sandra points at Neo_Tritoch.
Chimaira looks up into the sky and ponders.
DoC waits patiently for Neo_Tritoch to get his act in gear.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'ok sorry was afk'
Neo_Tritoch stomps on DoC's toes.
Morin giggles at Lenore.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'ok so like you know on those old doors when you try and break them you ping it you cant succeed then you stand up and can do it again right away?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'with no 1506839 tick countdown thing'
Morin says, 'that means it's unbreakable'
Chimaira snickers softly.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'hmm'
Morin says, 'if you don't stun'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'I was under the impression that you cant get "unbreakable" doors anymore'
Chimaira says, 'is it a player house?'
Sandra says, 'old ones are still unbreakable'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'ok'
Razael says, 'Or unpickable locks'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'well'
DoC says, 'grendel hall'
Razael slaps Vendetta.
Chimaira says, 'grendel hall is pickable'
Razael says to DoC, 'I hate that door.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'the lord of justice hall in klein, or i think it was, wherever torne was hiding'
DoC says, 'unbreakable isnt it>'
Chimaira says, 'just not breakable'
DoC nods solemnly.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'the door acts like an old unbreakable door'
Vendetta says, 'what the hell?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'dalia stood there for 5 minutes breaking it every 2 seconds or so'
Morin says, 'I know of a door that's unbreakable and unphaseable, but it also costs 30k to buy'
Morin shudders.
Chimaira blinks at Morin.
Razael says to Vendetta, ':P'
DoC says, 'i cant see someone breaking my cave rock'
DoC snickers softly.
Sandra giggles.
Morin says, 'well for 30k they better not be able to'
Morin snickers softly.
Chimaira nods his agreement with Morin.
DoC chuckles politely.
Morin says, 'those didn't change did they?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'so anyways, I know we have an old door, but I didnt even know housing was in klein long ago enough for them to have an old door, whats the deal there'
Sandra says, 'yea, wow that's a costly door'
Sigurd says to DoC, 'one day, DoC, Jesus will come out of there... the doorway will gonna have to move...'
DoC snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'i'm afraid I don't really know about the housing in klein.It's probably something that you'll have to chat with LA about'
Sincere disappears into the void.
Sincere has returned from the void.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'okay'
Sandra says, 'where is the house?'
Vendetta says, 'ok'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'im not sure exactly'
Vendetta says, 'can't you by hinges to make door unbreakable?'
Chimaira says, 'you talking about loj house?'
Sandra says, 'you can buff 'em up, but not make them u nbreakable'
Chimaira says, 'theres resist phase items too i believe'
Morin says, 'if a door is 100/100 in something, reinforcing it further doesn't help, right?'
DoC says, 'loj
Sandra says, 'right'
Morin says, 'like putting a doorframe in doesn't help with anything, if it's already 100/100? or hinges?'
Chimaira says, 'neo must of had a stoke at the keyboard'
Sandra says, 'if it's already max, you can't get above max'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'you go try breaking it then'
DoC snickers softly.
Morin says, 'right, just didn't know if there was some other factor, like a resistance'
Neo_Tritoch whaps Chimaira across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.
Chimaira says, 'where is it?'
Sandra shakes her head.
Chimaira says, 'loj door?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'somewhere in k;lein'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'yeah maybe'
Chimaira snickers softly.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'its a south exit'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'thiers used to be north'
DoC raises his hand.
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'i think you're full of it.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'so who knows'
Chimaira shrugs philosophically.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'bring us to your hall then boy!'
Chimaira says, 'thats not loj then'
Vendetta says, 'I am pretty sure I tried breaking that door too'
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'no, it's secret.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'gonna aimspam dalia then'
Chimaira snickers softly.
Chimaira says, 'kewl'
Razael says to Vendetta, 'I've chased LoJ there before, it can't be that secret.'
Morin says, 'I want a house with a tunnel door'
Vendetta says to Razael, 'then show them where it is.'
Quagmire says, 'i say we pit fight torne and sana to see who's the bigger girl again'
Razael nods his agreement with Vendetta.
Razael says, 'Sure.'
DoC snickers softly.
Quagmire says, 'there are some badass doors in pictland housing'
Quagmire says, 'like, hidden exit entrances, which is way cool'
Neo_Tritoch pokes Quagmire in the ribs.
Sandra says, 'er yea, nobreak'
Vendetta raises his hand.
Quagmire says, 'what'
DoC says, 'yeah those are cool the hillforts'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'torne ran from me as soon as dharma vendetta and x'z left'
Quagmire says, 'you mean, he recalled and rented, confident he had proved he was more feminine'
Sandra says, 'ok, looking at the file there are some that have some resistances to them, but are also not impenetrable'
Morin says, 'I don't see anything wrong with nobreak nophase doors on houses, as long as there's one way to get in'
Morin says, 'even if it is 100/100'
Morin snickers softly.
Lenore sits down and rests.
Morin says, 'and especially if it costs 30k'
Vendetta says to Morin, 'you don't know anything.'
Sandra says, 'that help?'
Morin says to Vendetta, 'excuse me?'
Sandra says, 'don't start'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'dalis coming to back me up!'
Vendetta says to Morin, 'who cares about your non-pk house.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'and maybe remember where the door was'
Chimaira chuckles politely at Vendetta.
Vendetta says, 'no one loots anything'
Sandra says to Vendetta, 'Don't start.'
Morin says to Vendetta, 'you have no idea what I'm talking about, so pipe down.'
Vendetta says to Sandra, 'that's my next point, just point at me :P'
Chimaira slaps Zaba.
Zaba says, 'Neo aint crazy'
DoC cheers for Zaba - huzzah!
Zaba peers around intently.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'there see'
Sandra says, 'yea, I looked in the file'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'loj' are cheating, as usual!'
DoC says, 'wolfpac'
Sandra says, 'read what I said :P'
Chimaira snickers softly.
Sandra pokes Neo_Tritoch in the ribs.
Zaba says, 'I tried breakin the door several times, it was no-break/no-stun on fail'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'i have no scroll back'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'say it again tommorow after the scrollback code'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'or gimme it now *cry*'
Chimaira cackles gleefully at Neo_Tritoch - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!
Sandra says, 'there are some doors there that while may be no break and/or no phase, and/or no pick aren't a combination of all 3'
Morin says, 'afk buffers over rent, that was my idea!'
Morin snickers softly.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'so you can still have a completely immune to something door'
Sandra says, 'yes, but not to all 3'
Morin says, 'what does backscroll do?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'might i take this chance to suggest that such doors are immensely weakened to the other two skills?'
Zaba says, 'I hope that its more vulnerable to the others'
Zaba says, 'otherwise, you guys suck :P'
Sincere raises her hand.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'oops'
Sincere snickers softly.
Neo_Tritoch says, '...'
Vendetta rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Razael says, 'slay him!!'
Kaige makes the sign of the cross at Neo_Tritoch.
Zaba says, 'Ack! shoot neo!'
Somar waves happily.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'dont shoot neo it was an accident :p'
Neo_Tritoch says, '* % same diff'
Razael says, 'Shoot neo anyway!'
Sigurd chants SLAY! SLAY! SLAY!
Neo_Tritoch snickers softly.
Sandra giggles.
Sandra says, 'ok so anyway'
Sandra says, 'moving on ;P'
Zaba says, 'so is it more vulnerable to the others?'
Razael laughs.
Sandra says, 'I'm not gonna answer that coz it gives away too much info either way'
Kaige says, 'I think what's she's trying to say is, if one way doesn't work.. try another'
Zaba says, 'Mokee dokee'
Sincere says, 'Tilt is late in the premier'
Quagmire says, 'wave the explore sign!'
Sincere whines.
Sandra giggles.


Being woken by players vs time?

Sandra points at Sigurd.
Sigurd nods solemnly.
Sigurd says, 'Ok, my questions are these: Number 1, I have bugged a death the other day... is there a way of finding out if the complaint is being looked at? In short, what happened was I got stunned and woke up and got a message saying I was wakin'
Razael blinks.
Quagmire says, 'E?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'why did an orange E just appear on my screen'
DoC says, 'maybe if we park 10 buffed men outside theyre clanhall'
Sigurd says, 'up and STANDING. In the same pulse, but right afterwards, I was awoken by a teammate. Assuming I was standing, I typed FLEE, but it was unsuccessful since I was SITTING! I would have had time to flee had I been standing, but I was kil'
Sigurd says, 'but I was killed in the following round...'
Sincere says to Neo_Tritoch, 'it was yellow.'
Vendetta says to Sigurd, 'did someone wake you?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'orange'
Sandra says, 'if you were awoken by somebody, then you were still sitting'
Vendetta nods his agreement with Sandra.
Morin says, 'you always get that double-waking message when someone wakes you'
Sigurd says, 'BUt the awakening by my teammate took place AFTER I woke up by myslef'
Zaba raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Vendetta says, 'no'
Razael says, 'it always does that'
Morin says, 'you see "you wake and stand up" and then "soandso wakes you"'
Vendetta says, 'it's a double message'
Zaba nods solemnly.
Sandra nods her agreement with Morin.
Sigurd says, 'to say the very leat, that is a MAJOR bug!'
Morin says, 'you didn't wake on your own in the same pulse, they just woke you up'
Zaba says, 'its so you know who to throw your alarm clock at'
Sandra says, 'if you see that somebody woke you, then that means that they woke you. You didn't wake on your own'
Zaba says, 'at least, thats what happens when people wake me'
Zaba shrugs helplessly.
Morin says, 'even though that shouldn't look like that'
Sigurd says, 'why on earth would it say that I stand up...if I am sitting?'
Quagmire grovels before Kastina.
Kastina shows her approval by clapping her hands together.
Kastina raises her hand.
Zaba says to Neo_Tritoch, 'she showed up, you are obligated to take clothes off.'
Chunk says, 'yeah that wake message has been a bit confusing at times..'
Neo_Tritoch stops using an AK-47.
Neo_Tritoch pokes Kastina in the eye with an AK-47! What'd he do THAT for??
Chunk says, 'perhaps a you wake and sit up message instead of stand when woken'
Zaba says, 'Hope that didnt have a bayonet attached
 to it :P'
Sandra says, 'it shouldn't say that you stand when somebody wakes you. I'll make sure that we get somebody to look at it'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'i think it does'
DoC snickers softly.
DoC says, 'or worse'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'if by bayonet you mean rusty crack syrine'
DoC coughs loudly, trying to draw attention to His probe.
Sandra says, 'guys'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'hey kastina guess what diseases you just got?'
Zaba says, 'ok im gonna stop being annoying'
Sigurd says, 'If it had said ONLY "you wake up" I could have typed stand and fled...instead, assuming I was standing, I fleed...but was sitting and wasted a round..and died.'
Zaba waves happily.
Zaba says, 'I just came to tell you all that Neo isnt crazy, just stupid and weird'
Kaige says, 'cut the damn spam'
Kaige grumbles.
Sigurd says, 'If it had said ONLY "you wake up" I could have typed stand and fled...instead, assuming I was standing, I fleed...but was sitting and wasted a round..and died.'
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
Chimaira says, 'i got the answer to this'
Katahdin says, 'what'
Chimaira says, 'prompt add posistion :P'
Sigurd says, 'I don't know the redeem rules are like here, but I feel robbed...750k xp....'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'doesnt work you jerk'
Quagmire says, 'are you trying to piss us off?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'now my prompt says my hp mp move and it says "position"'
Katahdin says, 'what would happen if you always type "stand" before typing "flee".  Would that be OK evein if you were still standing anyway?'
Quagmire says, 'you lose 750k xp and you spend this long crying about it?'
Vendetta rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Sandra says, 'it's not something that you would get reimbursed for.'
Chimaira says, 'ok im sorry prompt add @p'
Chimaira whaps Neo_Tritoch across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.
Sigurd grumbles to Sandra.
Quagmire tugs on Sandra's sleeve imploringly.
Kaige says to Neo_Tritoch, 'You probably want to read HELP PROMPT cause it changed a whole lot.'
Sigurd says, 'I do have another question, if the imms are ready.'
Chimaira giggles.
Quagmire says, 'vendetta got 3 paras on me once, reimburse my alt 400k xp?'
Sandra nods her agreement with Sigurd.
Kaige says to Neo_Tritoch, 'And HELP PROMPT CODES has the short cuts.'
Sigurd says, 'Number 2: Is there a way of getting any pointers as to finding out how many actual HP damage secondary weapons do, as I have been explained that a secondary weapon in fact COULD do 1 hp maxdam, and that the maxdam is not the same as f'
Chimaira laughs at Quagmire.
Sandra says, 'nope'
Sigurd says, 'e as for primary weapons.'
Kaige says, 'E as in experiement.'
Kaige nods to herself.
Sigurd goes EEK! at Kaige in distress - isn't Kaige an awful person for teasing?
Sandra giggles at Kaige.
Sigurd says to Sandra, 'that was a no? No way of knowing? Any helpful tips on how to maybe find out?'
Sandra says, 'what kaige said :)'
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
Kaige says, 'that's a "we can't tell you, you'll have to explore."'
Sigurd nods solemnly.
Sigurd says, 'Number 3: I am very anxious to see some new strings in the machine :) Any news on when they may actually be here?'
Sandra says, 'each sec_attack weapon is build individually by the builder of said item. And all are different'
Sandra says, 'I just updated the machine last week, so have at =)'
Sigurd says, 'looks to me like the same 10 items are in it!'
Sandra shakes her head.
Sandra says, 'the souvenir machine?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'bah you people and your spam'
Sigurd nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'that one i Havne't done yet'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'you erase my questions with your benality!'
Sigurd says to Sandra, 'ok, so souvernir maching coming up?'
Vendetta says, 'I wonder if the silly orange hunting hat is in it'
Sandra says, 'I can only think up so many at a time! So probably next week'
Sigurd cackles gleefully at Sandra - whatever he's going to do to her, glad it's not you!
Sigurd says, 'and finally: Number 4: Could I please have this information confirmed or denied? There is in fact a way to make Dragon Slayer title permanent, similarly to Assassin?'
Sandra says, 'i could very well just get rid of the machine, then you can piss and moan about that instead, grumpy ;)'
Chimaira says to Xuvenia, 'Fol doc.'
Xuvenia laughs.
Sandra says, 'that I don't know'
Xuvenia says to Chimaira, 'Shut up :P'
Quagmire says to Sandra, 'no, sigurd n eeds more time to mourn the loss of his 750k xp.'
Quagmire jumps over Xuvenia.
Chimaira says to Xuvenia, 'You shut up!'
Sandra says, 'oh I wasn't talking to Sigurd about the machine'
Quagmire says, 'i know'
Sandra says, 'but I don't know the post title thing'
Quagmire says, 'but you gotta think in general terms!'
Kastina sits down and rests.
Chimaira says, 'i got a question on that'
DoC snickers softly.
Kaige says, 'yeah. I don't know about the post title thing either'
Sandra says, 'I'm gonna have to put you in qeue'
Kastina pouts.
Sigurd says to Quagmire, 'you know, as I am sure you do, since you are an intelligent person, the question is about more than just 750k... I am sure I don't need to explain further to you, do I?'
Chimaira says, 'while were talking about post titles'
Chimaira says, 'why does some override others?'
Sandra says, 'really, I gotta put you in qeue, I have a few that have been waiting'
Chimaira says, 'like demon slayer get overriden buy dragon slayer'
Chimaira says, 'ok nm then sorry'
Kaige says, 'because they're a lower number in the file than others'


Clan hall doors impenetrable?

Sandra points at Vendetta.
Vendetta says, 'Let me begin with a small speech...'
Kaige says, 'it's pretty arbitrary that way'
Vendetta says, 'It's been like 20 billion times, at least, that I have personally raided the grendel farmhouse, or the underworld house...'
Razael ducks under Vendetta.
Vendetta says, 'and all I get is I can't pick the door, I can't break it, I can't phase it'
Vendetta says, 'and so houses are making PK really stupid'
Vendetta says, 'Like, they are VIRTUALLY unpenetrable'
Sandra says, 'um were you not around for old clan halls?'
Vendetta says, 'if that's a word'
Vendetta says to Sandra, 'no.'
Xuvenia throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Xuvenia says to Sandra, 'Hey, it was easy to get in old clan halls.'
Sandra says to Xuvenia, 'Explain old halls.'
Vendetta says, 'But I want a house that I have a chance to break into'
Xuvenia says, 'seduce a member, get them to give you tokens.'
Chunk snickers softly.
Xuvenia says, 'or join a clain and steal theirs'
Chunk says, 'ayup =p'
Sandra says, 'and that was the ONLY way to get into a hall'
Vendetta says, 'well this isn't better'
Xuvenia says, 'old halls had a mob that would give you a token if you asked for one and you could give that to someone!'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Chimaira says, 'thats was kewl!'
Quagmire says, 'it really impedes pk, we have safe rooms if you wanna rest'
Sandra says, 'no token, no entry'
Vendetta says, 'can you make the people carry keys?'
Quagmire says, 'the grendel hall is like a fortress'
Vendetta says, 'so I cans teal them?'
Vendetta says, 'they have 2 doors'
Xuvenia says to Sandra, 'Why not do away with befriend letting people in housing and instead give out keys.'
Vendetta says, 'it's really stupid'
Xuvenia says, 'keys good'
DoC says, 'so make yourself a clanhall with 2 doors geeze'
Vendetta says, 'And since there is NO reason to steal anything in a house, it just makes it a place for them to idle'
Sandra says, 'it's probably a heavy buncha code that Rufus didn't want to try and tackle'
Chimaira says, 'well vend'
Vendetta says to DoC, 'i want PK, if I want to idle i'll go play a MUSH.'
Zurask sits down and rests.
DoC says, 'if there was action wed be out of there in a sec'
Chimaira says, 'if i didnt idle in clan halls i would just log on an altg'
Xuvenia says to Sandra, 'That's bs !'
Chimaira laughs.
Vendetta says to Chimaira, 'so do that.'
Quagmire says, 'alt'
Chimaira says, 'i have lately'
Vendetta says to DoC, 'no you wouldn't.'
DoC says, 'yes i would'
Quagmire says, 'dont make me serach the mud for 15 minutes before realizing you're idling in a hall'
Sandra giggles.
Xuvenia says, 'show me how it's difficult to code keys that only work in one lock :P'
Vendetta says, 'If you are PKE and not OOC you should be reachable'
Chimaira says, 'just ask!'
Sandra says, 'put it in your title or something'
DoC says, 'last time we fought one on one you died, wanna see the log?'
Vendetta says, 'there are keys'
Sandra says, 'guys'
Vendetta says to DoC, 'you keep pathetic logs?'
Sandra says, 'we aren't gonna get into the pissing contest tonight. I gotta watch ER :P'
Sandra says, 'I'm on a time limit!'
DoC rolls his eyes, exasperated with Vendetta.
Quagmire says, 'sandra cant PK'
Chimaira rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'you know'
Vendetta says, 'WAIT A SEC GUYS'
Sandra says, 'Aby get shot, it's important!'
Vendetta says to Sandra, 'there are keys.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'this is your fault for shooting down my awesome imm idea'
Sandra says, 'yes there are keys'
Vendetta says to Sandra, 'you can acquire.'
Sandra says, 'yes dear, I know'
Vendetta says to Sandra, 'can we make keys a MUST to carry around?'
Vendetta says, 'for PKE clans'
Xuvenia says, 'yeah, like i said, do away with befriend letting people in housing and just make em use keys!'
Chimaira says, 'yeah not a bad idea'
 says, 'now neo'
Vendetta says, 'what's the point of PK if everyone is in their hall'
Chimaira says, 'noone is alowed to be befriended'
Vendetta says, 'waiting until I come to them'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'i wouldnt mind that, not enough to steal from'
Sandra says, 'apparently we couldn't at the time. Idea it and we'll see what it gets us'
Chunk says, 'can i just add.. that sandra has a pk meeting schedualed.. and if i had my way of organizing pke ppl that would be a rule'
Xuvenia says to Chimaira, 'Befriend is helpful sometimes.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'im befriending loj'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Chimaira says to Xuvenia, 'I agree.'
DoC says, 'when is it'
Chunk says, 'but no pker has mudmailed me or anything...'
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'there we go.'
Chunk just wanted to mention that..
Sandra says, 'check events'
DoC says, 'i dont read boards'
DoC nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'idea the key thing'
Sandra says, 'moving on'
Chimaira giggles at Sandra.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'pk battle zone pk battle zone pk battlezone'


Ireland Dun mobs too difficult?

Sandra points at Quagmire.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'what am i checking for'
Sandra says, 'pk meeting'
Quagmire says, 'ok, two parts'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Chimaira says, '19th i thought?'
Quagmire says, 'is huggies poofing in soon?'
Xuvenia drools contentedly.
Sandra nods her agreement with Chimaira.
Sandra says, 'no, Huginn is fixing Mrs Huginn's computer, so he won't be here'
Quagmire says, 'second, kaige, you're sick and twisted, the Dun is no fun :P'
Quagmire says, 'neither is barney :('
Kaige smiles happily.
DoC says, 'yeah dun is a bit overkill i agree'
Kaige says, 'thanks!'
Chunk raises his hand.
Chimaira nods his agreement with DoC.
Kaige says, 'go out and explore more.'
Chimaira says, 'bah'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'whats in the dun?'
DoC says, 'i do thats why i dont use dun:P'
Kaige says, 'y'all sit in ireland WAY too much of the time'
Kaige smiles at DoC.
DoC flops about helplessly.
Kaige says to DoC, 'I know you get out and about.'
Quagmire says, 'thats because marauder is your best invention ever'
Xuvenia says to Kaige, 'Usually in stag really.'
Chimaira says, 'i never xp in ireland anymore'
Quagmire says, 'in fact, hes been down lately, i'll bug that in a sec'
DoC bounces around.
DoC drinks from a scotch on the rocks.
Kaige says, 'no. ireland actually has a much higher player population count'
Chimaira says, 'im sure its noob central'
Quagmire says, 'as opposed to what, the inferno?'
Chimaira laughs.
Quagmire says, 'its great for low levels, it used to be great for medium levels'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Quagmire.
Quagmire says, 'then the dun got screwed'
Kaige says, 'as opposed to sherwood, which is high on the list too'
Quagmire says, 'and most 800 hp tanks cant kill cian'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Quagmire.
Sandra says, 'solo?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'well if the newbie areas keep getting harder to try and get lazy people like doc to explore what happens when a real newbie gets here'
Kaige says, 'you mean solo?'
Quagmire says, 'yeah'
Quagmire says, 'solo'
Sandra says, 'my cat apparently likes iced tea'
Sandra sighs loudly.
Kaige says, 'he's not meant to be solo'd'
Razael says, 'I remember the days where i'd run around with a level 50 who'd take cian and others by themselves'
Quagmire says, 'i can still solo him :P'
Kaige says, 'if he was meant to be solo, he'd be worth less xp'
Chimaira says, 'who ment not to be soloable?'
DoC snickers softly.
Chimaira says, 'sorry i missed it'
Quagmire says, '52k xp is NOT meant to be soloable?'
Kaige says, 'Cian'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'when did cian become hard?'
Chimaira says, 'omg'
Sincere disappears into the void.
Sincere has returned from the void.
DoC says, 'cian pwns now'
DoC giggles.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'i just wasted him the other day/month'
Chimaira says, '52k is a soloable mob'
Chimaira says, 'if hes that hard make it 100k'
Quagmire says, 'did they up cian et al?'
Sandra says, 'he'll poke you in the eyeball and stomp on your toe'
Sandra says, 'at the same time'
Static raises his hand.
Quagmire says, 'i'd argue it's easier to kill casablanca than it is the dun'
Chimaira beams at Static delightedly.
Chimaira nods his agreement with Quagmire.
Vendetta says to Quagmire, 'you're not smart.'
Chimaira says, 'mush!'
Xuvenia says to Quagmire, 'Um, it is really.'
Static says, 'the dun is a waste of space on the mud's hdd'
Chimaira says, 'much too!'
Static says, 'you should just delete it'
DoC says, 'well'
Kaige says, 'ok. I'll pull all of ireland tomorrow'
Kaige grins evilly.
Chimaira cheers for Kaige - huzzah!
Quagmire says, 'noo!'
Kaige says, 'oh wait.. we shoudl do that april 1.'
DoC says, 'hes not THAT hard casa has way harder mobs'
Sandra giggles.
Chimaira says, 'no more druids!'
Kaige throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Quagmire says, 'move marauder to the stag at least'
Chimaira says, 'yay!'
Chimaira says, 'yeah'
Static says, 'i wouldnt lose any sleep over it'
Chunk says, 'put maruader in newbie hell =p'
Chimaira says, 'mara should move to the stag'
Razael says, 'Me either.'
Xuvenia says, 'i'd miss sl'
Sandra says, 'how about we toss ideas up on the channel that might help improve the problems instead of saying how much you think it sucks'
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'marauder hasn't been repoping lately'
Sandra likes that plan.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'ive been waiting like 3 hours'
Sandra slays Neo_Tritoch in cold blood!
You hear Neo_Tritoch's death cry.
DoC snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'oops, slipped'
Chimaira laughs.
DoC rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Xuvenia says, 'ouch'
Sandra giggles.
Chimaira laughs at Quagmire.
Vendetta raises his hand.
Sandra says, 'ok seriously. Idea the problems you see and what you think might help'
Chimaira says to Neo_Tritoch, 'You know, q&a just wouldn't be the same with out one of your corpses here.'
Sandra says, 'it makes thing easier for us. We don't get to hit every inch of every area andmiss things'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Sandra.
Sandra says, 'moooooooooovin on'
Sandra says, 'hm, no kastina'


Changing post-titles?

Sandra points at Chimaira.
Quagmire says, 'i can fill in for her'
Quagmire says, ''fix tumble''
Neo_Tritoch says, 'tell quagmire really no slaying? maybe she has some sort of preset slay limit hard-coded into her AI, lets work this, you curse at QnA then ill dupe eq, we'll be rich!'
Neo_Tritoch says, '...'
Sandra giggles at Neo_Tritoch.
Xuvenia says to Quagmire, 'Nothing wrong with tumble.'
Xuvenia chuckles politely.
Quagmire nods his agreement with Neo_Tritoch.
DoC snickers softly.
Xuvenia tumbles great with 60 dex!
Chimaira says, 'ok this is more about posttitles'
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'you can swear at Q & A.'
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'we went over this before.'
Neo_Tritoch says to Vendetta, 'quiet you asshat.'
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
DoC snickers softly.
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'stfu.'
Chimaira says, 'if my demon slayer get covered up with the dragon slayer will the hellrakers still agg?'
Sandra says, 'wow, I just got randomly pulled into an MSN chat'
Chimaira says, 'in otherwords'
Kaige says, 'are you still tagged, yes'
DoC nods his agreement with Chimaira.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'can we say stfu and asshat on chat?'
Chimaira says, 'is it just covered or is it gone'
Chimaira says, 'well kaige'
Chimaira says, 'the whois doesnt make them agg'
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'you start.'
Chimaira says, 'its the posttitle'
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'if you do I'll do it.'
Sandra says, 'what're we talking about?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'im serious, not being able to say stfu after coming back from an mmporg is killing me'
DoC says, 'about my god forsaken post title'
Static says, 'stfu n00b'
Static says, 'make you feel more at home?'
Sandra says, 'about the dragon slayer one?'
Kaige says, 'if you're not the person asking the question and aren't on the damn topic, stuf yourself'
DoC says, 'nah'
DoC says, 'demon slayer'
Chimaira says, 'if my demon slayer get covered up with the dragon slayer will the hellrakers still agg?'
Chimaira says, 'is it just covered or is it gone'
Kaige says, 'unless you get it removed, yes'
Sandra says, 'what Kaige said'
Kaige says, 'it is just covered unless you get it removed'
Chimaira says, 'theres not a way to remove the demon slayer i thought?'
Chimaira says, 'least kae said not yet'
Chimaira shrugs philosophically.
DoC says, 'i need ladyace so i can get a hint on that redeeming quest'
DoC snickers softly.
Kaige says, 'there has been a way to get it removed since well before Hell went int'
DoC says, 'LA says there is'
DoC nods solemnly.
Chimaira says, 'ok nm then'
Kaige says, 'LA didn't write the area it's in either'
Kaige says, 'the demon slayer one that is'
Chimaira says, 'bart did i thought'
DoC says, 'yeah? last time i asked someone told me to ask la'
Chimaira nods to himself.
Razael says, 'where is kae, anyway?  On vacation from all the hellish hell building?'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'someone showed me it for dragonslayer but it didnt work he was all "ill erase the tales of your heroism!" or some bs, and i still had it'
Neo_Tritoch ignores everything, lost in his own little world.
DoC says, 'for a hint that is'
Vendetta says, 'BAHAHAHAA'
Vendetta says, 'futurama is hilarious'
Quagmire says, 'which one is it'
Vendetta says, 'bender is human'
Quagmire says, 'ahha'
Razael snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'did we answer the question? I'm all lost and stuff'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'that one is so boring'
Razael says, 'Hey!  My antenna is gone!'
Static says, 'fry being his own grampa was the best one ever'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Sandra.
Quagmire says, 'lets let sandra go so she can see ER!'
Chimaira says, 'moveing on'
Sandra says, 'okie'


Web page for pk character list?

Sandra points at Chunk.
Kaige says to Sandra, 'Hard to tel in the spam.'
Quagmire says, 'for everyone who makes a wisecrack: she shall shoot you!'
Razael says, 'Oh no, it moved.  Not getting good reception though... Maybe if I jiggle it around a little bit'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'I had a question like an hour ago but the peanut gallery blew it out of my head'
Razael says, '*whisper* Bender, no!  You'll make God cry!'
Kaige is going to start using her pot of glue.
Chunk says, 'oh nvm i was gunna ask a coding question/suggestion but it can wait'
Quagmire cheers for Kaige - huzzah!
Sandra says, 'well, we may be able to answer it, so give it a shot'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'oh!'
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
Chunk says, 'well i suggested a possible code of prolly would be sql to sort and display all pke characters on the webpage.. for easier access to knowing who is pke etc'
Sandra says, 'shopping list'
Chunk says, 'since it seems most dont show it.. or just dont log on much.. etc'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'nuts to that'
Sandra wrinkles her nose at Chunk.
Chimaira snickers softly.
Quagmire nods his agreement with Sandra.
Static says, 'yea no thanks'
Quagmire says, 'she beat me to it!'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'you wanna know you run around attacking people'
Sandra says, 'yea!'
Sandra says, 'backstab people randomly, that's more fun'
Quagmire says, 'go into an inn and systematically backstab everyone'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'most loud and annoying people are pk anyways, thats a good starting point'
Chunk says, 'i rather know who is what =p'
Quagmire nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'you've been on LoW too much ;P'
Chimaira says, 'pkok all then :P'
Quagmire says, 'or they have a PKE alt'
Chunk shakes his head.
Static says, 'the knowledge of potential targets or threats is a bonus for pking and keeping track'
Static says, 'of ppl'
Chunk says, 'has nothing to do with low =p'
Sandra nods her agreement with Static.
Cohiba ruffles Kaige's hair playfully.
Sandra says, 'that's the fun part, not knowing who is pk and who isn't to start off. You could be a target and not even know it!'
DoC snickers softly.
Chunk says, 'well sitting at the stag for 4 hours and not being jumped sucks...'
Sandra says, 'don't sit, go randomly backstab people'
Sandra says, 'yay stuff'
Chunk says, 'and i was too lazy to start hunting every single person online..'
Chunk says, 'no yay in that.. its boring =p'
Sandra says, 'is not!'
Quagmire says, 'is not'
Chunk says, 'is too!'
Sandra says, 'I used to pklike that'
Sandra giggles.
Cohiba says to Sandra, 'ya ya did lol.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'who are you pk as anyways i dont even know'
Chunk says, 'me too!'
Neo_Tritoch stomps on Chunk's toes.
DoC says, 'i pk mobs now:P'
Chunk says, 'its just that.. im getting lazy =pp'
Quagmire says, 'back when Pk wasnt a corpse waiting for neo to come desecrate, thats how a lot of people Pked'
Static says to Quagmire, 'Ha.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'what about me'
Quagmire says to Static, 'dead Pk cant say no.'
Chimaira laughs.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'so is that question done?'
Chunk says, 'i have almost every of my alts pkok all and ofcourse one i dont use pke.. because well.. there is emotional baggage on him..'
Static says, 'wow i was like... man that joke couldnt get more funny... then bam!'
Chimaira snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'ok so'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'oh, i dont have any AAs so i wouldnt have even seen that'
Sandra says, 'no on the pk list thing'
Neo_Tritoch raises his hand.
Sandra giggles.
Chunk says, 'figured =p'


Not getting XP when finishing off a mob after dying?

Sandra points at Neo_Tritoch.
Static says, 'yo i have a question'
Static says, 'too'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'ok so whats the deal with not being able to finish off a mob after you die and get xp'
Chimaira says to Sandra, 'It soo rocks.'
Sandra says, 'that's always been that way'
Cohiba winks suggestively at Kaige.
Sandra nods her agreement with Chimaira.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'i saw the board post and lt post that made it sound like players were crazy for wondering what happened'
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'they use the extra xp, to save up and then level their mort alts.'
Static says, 'you used to be able to do it before...'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'is that another of those 10 year "bugs" that just got fixed or what'
Sandra shakes her head.
Static says, 'i swear you used to'
Sandra says, 'if you died when they weremore than half dead, you never got the xp when you finished them off'
Static says, 'unless im losing my memory at the tender age of 21'
Sandra comforts Static.
Vendetta says, 'NO'
Kaige says, 'that's the way I've always known it too'
Vendetta says, 'that's not true'
Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.
Chunk says, 'oye im getting old...'
Chunk sighs loudly.
Sandra says, 'is true'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'i've brought a mob to dying, died, come back and kicked him and got xp'
Vendetta says, 'I remember the opposite'
Kaige says, 'and I couldn't find where the code around that had been chaned'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Neo_Tritoch.
Kaige says, 'err changed'
Sandra says, 'were you the group leader?'
Vendetta says, 'no group'
Vendetta says, 'by yourself'
Vendetta says, 'you die to the mob and he's dying'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'i can probably find a log since i sometimes forget to stop them and get mobkilling recorded on accident'
Vendetta says, 'you come back and kic him'
Sandra says, 'if you are solo or a group leader, you always lose the xp if they are > half dead'
Sandra says, 'I remember hating that when I was a newbie way back in the dark ages'
Sandra says, 'stupid footpads!'
Cohiba says to Sandra, 'dark ages/golden age... lol.'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'im gonna ask the blackhole, lets settle this once and for all!'
Sandra giggles.
Sandra says, 'Kaige even tried to see if that code had ever been changed, and it hasn't'
Sandra says, 'so if the code hasn't changed, and we remember the thing from 10 years ago...'
Sandra says, 'then lets have some pizza!'
Chunk says, 'i swore you could get exp from a mob if you died to it.. i used to do that..'
Sincere disappears into the void.
Sincere has returned from the void.
Chunk looks up into the sky and ponders.
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Chimaira.
Static says, 'i still have a question :P'
Chunk shrugs helplessly.
Chunk says, 'maybe im just delusional'
Sandra giggles.
Chunk says to Sandra, 'im getting old =p'
Sandra nods her agreement with Chunk.
Static says, 'well its like... all the morts remember them giving xp, and all the imms dont'
Static says, 'so... whats what'
Cohiba says to Chunk, 'yer still a pup lol.'
Sandra says, 'hey I remember it as a mort too!'
Chunk cringes in terror.
Sandra says, 'I used to sit and wait and let them heal'
Sandra giggles.
Sandra says, 'then die again'
Sandra whines.
Chimaira snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'stupid footpads!'
Cohiba says to Sandra, 'silly mort, mobs heal faster.'
Vendetta says, 'SPACE INVADERS'
Vendetta says, 'From planet Nintendu 64'
Vendetta says, 'increase speed drop downa dn reverse direction'
Quagmire laughs.
Kaige says, 'mobs actually heal the same way players do now with the tickless change'
Cohiba nods solemnly.
Quagmire says, 'omg! zoidberg ate fry!'
Quagmire says, 'hey!'
Sandra says, 'ok, so, it's really not something that's changed in um, well, ever as far as Kaige knows. And she's been here since then!'
Quagmire says, 'fry!'
Chimaira snickers softly.
Cohiba says, 'but I still think oldschool lol'
DoC says, 'yeah ive noticed that some'


Official discussion forums?

Sandra points at Static. Static says, 'whats the status on official forums... like on the website' Sandra says, 'we have just put in the code to be able to set up forums. And we've had some discussion on it, but it kinda died off coz of the holidays' Katahdin disappears into the void. Katahdin has returned from the void. Neo_Tritoch says, 'i want forums!' Chimaira hails Adolph, yelling 'Ave! Ave! Ave, Adolph imperator!' Adolph knocks Neo_Tritoch over and flops all over him. Neo_Tritoch says, 'i wanna flame people when they arent on' Sandra giggles. Cohiba giggles at Neo_Tritoch. Kaige says, 'I'm surprised the discussion board is so quiet then' Kaige ruffles Neo_Tritoch's hair playfully. Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige. Static says, 'in game board system is a headache' Neo_Tritoch says, 'the discussion board is for actual stuff' Static says, 'i hate it' Static says, 'having to seperate your thoughts into like 100 char lines' Vendetta says, 'I love how someone on the news board was like' Static says, 'then getting confused if you get chopped off' DoC spanks Kendrik playfully. Neo_Tritoch says, 'it's sacred to us! I killed someone for making a stupid post on the disc board once' Sandra says, 'we'll get back to working on setting it up again' Kendrik ruffles DoC's hair playfully. Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'you made a post about me being cheap.' Vendetta whaps Neo_Tritoch across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy. Sandra says, 'hehe' Neo_Tritoch says, 'you told me too' Chimaira snickers softly. Sandra says, 'any other questions?' Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'that's not an in-game problem!' Neo_Tritoch says, 'you said to in your post!' Chunk tugs on Kaige's sleeve imploringly. Adolph says, 'i know i had one.' Neo_Tritoch says, 'right but sarcasm is more important than problems!' Sandra says, '10 minutes before we close up shop officially' Vendetta's nose almost touches his knees, bowing so deeply. Neo_Tritoch says, 'where is huggy' Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'i'm a self-serving little bastard.' Sandra says, 'fixing his wife's computer' Vendetta raises his hand.


Too easy to shoot weapons out of hands?

Sandra points at Chimaira.
Chimaira says, 'in case you missed it!'
Sandra says, 'i did!'
Chimaira says, 'can we make it a little harder to shoot your weapon out of your hands, i mean i had a fight where it happened to me 3 times, and if im not mistaken it happened during combat. maybe make it so it cant happen while fighting because that'
Static says, 'its not effective when a barb is hitting you for like 10x more damage per round'
Chimaira says, 'is just crazy'
Sandra says, 'ow'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'legend should strive to be as cool as LoW, any mud where "gaying" is a term WITH a helpfile is ok by me'
Sandra says, 'haven't seen it happen that much. But ow'
Static says, 'haha'
Chimaira nods his agreement with Sandra.
Chimaira says, 'thats painfull!'
Adolph raises his hand.
Vendetta says, 'Who needs courage when you have a gun????'
Kendrik snorts in disbelief at Neo_Tritoch's last comment.
Chimaira says, 'its like 100 per hit it everytime'
Chimaira says, 'i was like wtf'
Sandra nods her agreement with Chimaira.
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Chimaira says, 'thats just wrong'
Sandra says, 'I"d say it was luck. But I'll have Huginn check into it'
Chimaira says, 'that should be harder then a snipe'
Chimaira says, 'imho'
Adolph says to Chimaira, 'You're being shot, bullets hurt!'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'vendetta shot my thing outta my hand'
Chimaira says, 'but'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'and it so never happens that even though i saw it i didnt know what to do'
Chimaira says, 'shooting the hands would be harder to hit then a headshot'
Neo_Tritoch says, 'so i moved into his room and kicked him with no weapon wielded'
Chimaira says, 'in RL :P'
Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'cause you suck.'
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Vendetta ducks to the ground.
Neo_Tritoch says, 'well maybe'
Sandra says, 'ok, I'll have Huginn check it'
Sandra says, 'moooooooovin on'


Equipment damage from mending too harsh?

Sandra points at Adolph. Chimaira thanks Sandra heartily. Adolph says, 'depends on if you were in combat or not.' Neo_Tritoch says, 'thats why i used to have a trigger for just such an occasion, i think i bahleeted it though' Adolph says to Sandra, 'Yay!' Adolph says to Sandra, 'How come when womething eq is minorly damaged and you botch, it goes straight to needing an item to fix it?' Sandra has created the discussion board! Adolph says, 'i mean, shouldn't it go down x levels of damage?' Neo_Tritoch whispers quietly to Quagmire. Chimaira says, 'see the discussion on that adolph' Sandra says, 'Rufus responded' Chimaira says, 'rufus posted' Kaige says, 'depends on how sturdy the hp is to bgin with...' Quagmire says to Neo_Tritoch, 'she can hear whispers.' Adolph says to Chimaira, 'Oh, okies.' Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'but at the moment, if I shoot head it also shoots weapon out.' Sandra says, 'and his response is better and stuff :)' Sandra says, 'yea, that's a bug that Huginn is working on' Chimaira says to Vendetta, 'What?' Quagmire says, 'and the problem with that is....:P' Sandra says, 'but funny as hell' Chimaira snickers softly. Quagmire says, 'before this i aimed for arjunas head, and poof, out went his sastram' Sandra says, 'hehe' Quagmire says, '144k xp later taking no damaged' Chimaira snickers softly. Neo_Tritoch says, 'if you shoot butt can you make them unable to rest?' Neo_Tritoch says, 'omg thats a great idea' Adolph says, 'sweet, i didn't win again!' Vendetta says to Neo_Tritoch, 'it makes you unable to shit for a week.' Chimaira snickers softly. Sandra says, 'ok, time to close up shop and stuff' Vendetta raises his hand. Vendetta says, 'One last question quicklike' Sandra says, 'you have 10 seconds :)' Vendetta says, 'If you die in legend do you die in RL?' Chimaira says, 'slay!' Neo_Tritoch says, 'i have one more with his last 5 seconds' Neo_Tritoch says, 'where do babies come from?' Sandra says, 'let's try' Sandra slays Vendetta in cold blood! You hear Vendetta's death cry. Quagmire says, 'steal skilltree sandra' Quagmire says, 'fix steal' Chunk laughs. Chimaira cheers for Sandra - huzzah! Neo_Tritoch raises his hand. Neo_Tritoch says, 'when is hell coming in?' Sandra says, 'he had to travel' Vendetta says, 'OMG I died in RL' Sandra giggles. Sandra gives a big hug to everyone in the room. Sandra waves happily. Vendetta says, 'thank god I had another guy' Vendetta waves to Sandra.

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