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March 17th, 2005

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Somar says, 'ok, so who has a question?'
Starbright giggles.
Starbright says, 'do i look pretty?'
Starbright models her figure - hmmmm, looks pretty good!
Gho says, 'i do, but waiting no huginn.'
Somar says, 'yes, you do, but raise your hand first!'
Sandra says, 'He may not be here'
Starbright beams delightedly.
Gho says, 'fine then.'
Gho raises his hand.
Somar says, 'anyone?'
Somar says, 'anyone?'
Somar attempts to prod Gho but Gho isn't about to go anywhere.
Gho smirks at Somar.
Somar sighs loudly.
Sandra giggles.
Somar says, 'errr..'
Somar attempts to prod Gho with a chunk of Kryptonite.
Somar used the incorrect keyword. :P
Gho says, 'was wondering if some mort pk'ers could get together formally at some 
point with the imms that pk to discuss balance issues.'
Sandra says, 'Huginn has said that he was going to have weekly pk "bitch sessions". 
So stay tuned'
Starbright giggles at Sandra.
Sandra says, 'that's what he called them :)'
Somar says, 'well, then that's perfect!'
Gho says, 'yeah, that's what i'm getting at, but i don't want it to be a spammy 
bitch session.'
Somar says, 'it's a working title, I'm sure'
Sandra says, 'I'm sure he'll have some order in it. He wants to find problems, not 
listen to whining'
Bart says to Somar, 'Thought you might need some moral support ;)'
Gho nods his agreement with Sandra.
Starbright looks up into the sky and ponders.
Somar says, 'there are plenty of forums for whining as is'
Somar beams at Bart delightedly.
Gho says, 'fair enough, count me in.'
Somar would prefer some immoral support though.
Somar grumbles.
Sandra giggles.
Somar says, 'so who else has a question?'
Gho whined last night enough for the week. :p
Somar cheers for Gho - huzzah!
Somar raises a chunk of Kryptonite high in the air above his head.
Somar says, 'this may be the quickest Q & A in history'
Lorenzo looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra nods her agreement with Somar.
Gho says, 'i'll think of another question :p'
Somar says, 'which is good, because then I can work hard to get the taste of 
Guinness out of my mouth'
Somar says, 'that stuff is nasty'
Gho nods his agreement with Somar.
Gho says, 'beer is nasty.'
Somar nods his agreement with Gho.
Gho says, 'any code updates?'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Somar says, 'they're posted!'
Somar says, 'welocme 42'
Huma gives a canvas sack to Yelena.
Gho says, 'ick.'
Gho says, 'ick. ick ick.'
Gho says, 'humming.'
Gho says, 'ick.'
Gho says, 'awww, elementals are being bumped.'
Gho says, 'so.'
Gho says, 'perc will be able to hear me coming, because i use a claw?'
Lorenzo grins evilly at Sandra... Wonder what he's thinking...
Lorenzo says, 'I will prize this'
Sandra says, 'I don't know the details of the hum thing'
Sandra giggles at Lorenzo.
Lorenzo says, 'and NEVER touch it!'
Lorenzo puts a big fluffy flower in a sinister-looking canister.
Gho says, 'snipers don't need more.'
Sandra says, 'yes, never touch!'
Gho sighs loudly.
Sandra is asking.
Gho says, 'well, back to the sastram.'
Sandra says, 'it's only for the listen skill. So it isn't 100%'
Somar cheers for LadyAce - huzzah!
LadyAce says, 'should be green!'
Lorenzo chuckles politely.
Somar says, 'I still don't understand how anyone likes that stuff :P'
Sandra says, 'root beer is where it's at'
Sandra nudges a huge bottle of A&W Root Beer over a few inches.
Somar cheers for Sandra - huzzah!
Gho says to Sandra, 'Listen doesn't fail much at high perc.'
LadyAce says, 'it's like a whole meal, but in a glass'
Gho will hush.
Somar says, 'anyone besides Gho have a question to throw out there?'
Gho comforts Somar.
Somar says, 'I'll accept flattery phrased in the form of a question as well'
Sandra giggles.
Lorenzo says to Somar, 'why are you so.... mar?'
Bart nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Somar says, 'I uess I just .. am!'
Somar says, 'or guess, whichever you prefer'
Bart peers at Somar, looking him up and down.
Lorenzo says, 'man. some people have all the luck'
Somar says, 'ok, I guess then, since you all want to do some casino playing, and 
drinking of green stuff'
A chunk of Kryptonite thuds as Somar attempts to bounce it - what a klutz.
Somar says, 'we shall call the Q & A to a close!'
Gho says, 'when do we find out who does and doesn't get imm'd?'
Violet looks up into the sky and ponders.
Somar says, 'all in good time'
Sandra says, 'the 20th is the deadline for votes. So next week'
Lorenzo paces back and forth.
Sandra says, 'oh I got me some lag'
Gho says to Somar, 'Sandra is rubbing off on you :)'
Lorenzo grins evilly at Bart... Wonder what he's thinking...
Sandra says to Lorenzo, 'I already told you. You're not allowed!'
Lorenzo bursts into tears.
Somar says, 'we decided to forego the usual voting system, and instead, we're all 
sponsoring a candidate and engaging in a steel cage match for their chance to imm'
Sandra giggles.
Lorenzo cringes away from Somar in mortal terror.