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Chocorua's: Cooking &
The Internet Junkie


This lecture was given on the evening of August 6th, 1996.


'What is this going to be about? actually cooking??' BlackFlame says.

Chocorua says to BlackFlame, 'We as players have to exist outside cyberspace.'

'Like RL cooking?' Jean-Jaques says, looking confused.

Chocorua says, 'Anyhow.'

'Yea, I suppose so,actually I love to cook,' BlackFlame says.

Chocorua clears his throat and tries to remember what he wanted to say first.

'Welcome to the OOC kitchen Rufus made for me,' Chocorua says.

'The first think I wanna talk about is cheap cooking that tastes good,' Chocorua says.

Jean-Jaques cheers wildly!

Chocorua says, 'Because most of the poeple I know started mudding in college and are broke.'

Jean-Jaques loves inexpensive food!!!

Chocorua says, 'The biggest thing I ate while I was on campus was pasta and that gets old fast unless you are creative.'

Chocorua says, 'The first thing I cooked while I was mudding from my apartment was fried rice and it came out great ... so that's my first recipe.'

Chocorua says, 'It's a very simple one with many variations .'

Chocorua says, 'You can cook it in any pan that will take a little heat.'

Chocorua says, 'All you need is:

Chocorua says, 'Chop the vegetables up and saute them in the soy sauce for a few minutes and then combine that with the cooked rice ...'

Chocorua says, 'Now if you have ever cooked alot that sounds disgusting.'

'But just think what it tastes like compared to ramen noodles for 3 weeks straight,' Chocorua says.

Jean-Jaques smiles happily.

'For variations you can add pork, scrambled eggs, chicken and most any veggie,' Chocorua says.

'Shouldn't cost you more than $3 to make this meal and that's if you use minute rice,' Chocorua says.

'Switch to a huge bag of long grain rice and the cost is down below $1.50,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'Basically that's pretty simple.'

'And you only have to spend about 15 minutes at the stove .. thus saving time for mudding,' Chocorua says.

'And we all know that mudding is more important than sleep or food ...' Chocorua says.

'Another recipe I like that's easy and goes good with boiled egg noodles and butter is,' Chocorua says.

'Italian chicken...' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'You take chicken breasts and lay them in a pan.'

Chocorua says, 'Then cover them in Italian dressing.'

Chocorua says, 'Put the chicken in an oven and cook at 325 degrees farenheit for 40 minutes or until done.'

'Toaster overs take a bit longer sometimes or may burn the food ,' Chocorua says.

'Ovens,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'Those are the two recipes I chose to actually tell you for cooking fast and cheap ....'

Chocorua says, 'Though you can always buy lipton noodles and add frozen veggies for a good fast meal for about $2.'

Chocorua says, 'Anyone wanna ask anything about cooking fast?'

Punish raises hand.

'I know I didn't say alot that wasn't common knowledge .... but those two recipes have actually kept me sane for a few months now,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says to Punish, 'Sure wazzup?'

Punish says, 'Just add for rice is good to use sesame seed oil is about 3 bucks a bottle lasts a long time and you use about a tablespoon.'

Punish says, 'Tastes really good.'

Deanna goes EEK! in distress.

Deanna says, 'Only a teaspoon, please.'

Chocorua says to Punish, 'Good point.'

Hi'iaka grins evilly.

Chocorua says, 'I forgot to say anything about oil in the saute'ing.'

Jean-Jaques says, 'Keeps the rice from getting too sticky, too.'

Chocorua says, 'I use canola oil.'

'It's really up to your diet what ya use for oil,' Chocorua says.

'Olive oil is my favorite but expensive,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'Anyone else still awake and wanna say soemthing?'

Caenum raises hand.

Zodd shakes his head.

'Sure,' Chocorua says to Caenum.

'Do you know any ways to jazz up romain noodles?' Caenum says.

Chocorua would also note that he is going to post these recipes in more exact detail in a few places.

'Everything I have tried has tasted lousy except adding frozen corn to the boiling water,' Chocorua says to Caenum.

Hi'iaka says, perplexed, 'Romain?'

Jean-Jaques goes EEK! in distress.

'Well I will go on to the second part of the lecture,' Chocorua says.

Kaige raises her hand.

Chocorua says to Kaige, 'Sure.'

'Another easy variation on your Italian chicken recipe is to take a can of Italian tomato soup and pour it over either chicken breasts or pork chops in a frying pan,' Kaige says.

Chocorua says to Kaige, 'Good idea.'

Kaige does a ton of things with Campbell's soups that are easy and quick and not too expensive.

Blaze says, 'Mozzarella is good on that.'

Chocorua says, 'Actually chicken and pork taste good in lots of interesting sauces.'

Chocorua says, 'The Italian chicken is something a roommate showed me last week.'

You say to Chocorua, 'Also good grilled.'

'Agreed definitely,' Chocorua says to you.


Chocorua says, 'Anyhow on to vegetarian cooking.'

'Vegetarians ... ummm I am not one so this was difficult for me,' Chocorua says.

'I could do what my mom does to them ... *hands them a salad*,' Chocorua says.

Blaze chuckles politely.

BitterBoy! smiles at Chocorua.

Chocorua says, 'But lots of my friends are vegetarians of all sorts so I learn.'

BitterBoy! points proudly at himself.

Chocorua says, 'My first recipe for veggies is a lunch special.'

BitterBoy! smiles happily.

Chocorua says, 'Don laugh too hard here.'

Chocorua says, 'Grilled cheese and tomato.'

Blaze smirks.

Chocorua says, 'Its like making a grilled cheese but you add a couple slices of tomatoes and a very thin layer of miracle whip salad dressing.'

'This sandwich sounds kinda simple but the flavor is kinda incredible,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'Plus it also fits into my last category -- it's cheap and fast.'

'10 minutes tops and about 75 cents,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'I also have a recipe here for a very fast and tasty stir fry.'

Chocorua says, 'The ingredients include:

Chocorua says, 'Basically you saute the onions and peppers chopped for a littel while then add the frozen veggies and soy sauce.. cover and simmer stirring occasionally until veggies are slightly tender.'

'Again a simple recipe but who has time while mudding for anything fancy?' Chocorua says.

'I have a few more veggie recipes to add but I will post them on the recipe board from time to time,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'Anyone got anything to add?'

Chocorua also got a recipe from Sandra that he wants her to post it.

Punish says, 'Meat.'

Chocorua says to Punish, 'I like meat too but I don't like to offend.'

Punish says, 'Sorry.'

'Who here is vegetarian?' Deanna says.

'No problem,' Chocorua says to Punish.

BitterBoy! points proudly at himself.

Chocorua points at BitterBoy!.

Kira is.

BitterBoy! smiles happily.

'Any vegans?' Hi'iaka says, thinking hard.

Chocorua says, 'And it's healthy to have a meat free meal sometimes ...'

'I love pasta salads.:),' BitterBoy! says.

Chocorua says, 'Okay.'

Chocorua says, 'On to my favorite recipe of all time.'


'And to the next category -- creative cooking,' Chocorua says.

'Ed's Chili,' Chocorua says.

'This recipe can be either with or without meat,' Chocorua says.

'Ingredients:' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'Easy recipe after you get everything together.'

Chocorua says, 'You need a crock pot or a large pot to simmer this in.'

Chocorua says, 'Put everything in the crock pot except the beef.'

'Chopping up the veggies,' Chocorua says.

'And brown the beef,' Chocorua says.

'Drain the grease and add that too the pot aswell,' Chocorua says.

'Simmer on lowest heat for 4 hours,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'To make it veggie.'

Chocorua says, 'Replace the beef with:

Chocorua says, 'That's it.'

'It's an easy recipe and tastes good,' Chocorua says.

Pazuzu raises his hand.

Chocorua says, 'Should cost about 8 dollars to make and serve about 8.'

'Sure,' Chocorua says to Pazuzu.

'Throw in a bay leaf into any chili and you will be amazed at the flavor,' Pazuzu says.

'Yup best thing about chili .. you can add anything to it,' Chocorua says to Pazuzu.

Deanna nods her agreement with Pazuzu.

Punish says, 'And an Italian sausage or two (hot) really adds some zip.'

Chocorua says to Punish, 'Yup but brings the price up quite alot.'

'For an interesting twist you can chop up carrots real small and cook them in it,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'You can also add soy burger for veggie but it has a rubber texture.'

Chocorua says, 'Anyhow my point in this lecture.'

Chocorua says, 'I wanted to talk here today to promote the recipe board.'

'And to maybe give people the idea that you don't have to eat hoho's and drink coke to be a mudder,' Chocorua says.

Sabella giggles at Chocorua.

'If anyone wants to ask questions,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua says, 'I am here for awhile.'

Chocorua says, 'And I will always help with cooking and recipes.'

'That's it,' Chocorua says.

Chocorua smiles happily.

Deanna smiles at Chocorua.

'Sorry to bore everyone,' Chocorua says.

'Sorry about this one but liver and onions and macaroni and cheese lived on it for 2 years in shcool,' Punish says.

BitterBoy! smiles happily.

BitterBoy! thanks Chocorua heartily.

Sabella cheers for Chocorua - huzzah!

Kira claps for Chocorua approvingly.

Kelvin thanks Chocorua heartily.

Deanna thanks Chocorua heartily.

Hi'iaka cheers for Chocorua - huzzah!

Pazuzu gives a round of applause.

Caenum claps for Chocorua approvingly.

Pazuzu stands up.

BitterBoy! claps for Chocorua approvingly.

Chocorua shouts, 'And use the recipe board because I am compiling a cookbook for the web!'

'Use wheat bread for the cheese and tomato sandwich!' Caenum says.

Chocorua shouts, 'And I will give credit to the recipe authors'

BitterBoy! says, 'This was very cool! :).'

BitterBoy! waves happily.

BitterBoy! leaves west.

Punish smiles happily.

'Coconut,' Chocorua says to the Swedish Chef. The Swedish Chef says, 'First you take da lettuce, den you take da boom boom.' The Swedish Chef waves an old looking pistol, throws the lettuce in the air and shoots it!

Lettuce falls all around the kitchen, some landing in the bowl.

The Swedish Chef says, 'Den you take da lettuce, den you take da boom boom.' The Swedish Chef waves an old looking pistol, throws the lettuce in the air and shoots it!

Lettuce falls all around the kitchen, some landing in the bowl.

The Swedish Chef says, 'Den you take da lettuce, den you take da boom boom.' The Swedish Chef waves an old looking pistol, throws the lettuce in the air and shoots it!

Lettuce falls all around the kitchen, some landing in the bowl.

The Swedish Chef says, 'Den you take da coconut, den you take da boom boom.' The Swedish Chef waves an old looking pistol, throws the coconut in the air and shoots!

The Swedish Chef looks up.

The Swedish Chef looks down.

The coconut slams into the back of the Swedish Chef's head and he falls unconscious in to the salad bowl.

'Thanks Rufus for the chef,' Chocorua says.

Hi'iaka edges carefully away from the lettuce.

Punish says, 'Try and find that on another mud.'

Arturos smirks.

Blaze giggles.

Punish flips head over heels.