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Agrippa's Roleplay Discussion


This lecture took place on July 30th, 1996.

The LegendMUD Lecture Series is about to begin! Join us tonight with Agrippa in the Auditorium in the OOC.


'I shouldn't lecture... I'm not an IMM, I get no recognition for all my hard work... or whatever it is I do here :P,' Agrippa says to Madcat.

'Instead of lecturing on RP, can I simply berate people for their shortcomings?' Agrippa says. 'Play to your strengths, I always say.'

Sandra says, 'Ok, before we get started, I'm gonna lay down the ground rules.'

Lirra will prolly give feedback since she is RP specialist ;)

Sandra says, 'First, no spam, which means socials, whispers or anything that's NOT pertaining to the lecture.'

Sandra says, 'Ok, with that said, I'll let Agrippa get started.'

Agrippa says, 'Agrippa? oh, that's me... sorry...'

'Ok... I don't want this to be too formal, I have some specific topics I want to cover, but I want you all to respond to them if you have anything to add...' Agrippa says.

Agrippa says, 'There were three things I wanted to cover... First being a few simple rules of etiquette which I think people should adhere to here so there aren't so many misunderstandings involved with RP.'

'The second thing, is that I feel Legend is suffering from a lack of RP these days, and I wanted to go over some of the problems which have arisen...' Agrippa says.

Agrippa says, 'And finally, the easy part, I wanted to discuss how to make a memorabel character...'

'Ok, that all said... I know that I personally, have had plenty of problems with RP here, because of misunderstandings... So I try to stick to a few rules when I'm playing to keep OOC stuff from interfering...' Agrippa says.

'First of all, this is a game, you're under no obligation to RP here, but it does enhance the entire mud and make it more enjoyabel for everyone involved if you take a little care and effort to stay IC,' Agrippa says.

Agrippa says, 'Even if you're not RPing yourself, you should always assume that anyone you encounter is, and treat them accordingly. .'

Agrippa says, 'To be an effective roleplayer, it's sometimes necessary to do things you wouldn't do IRL, but there's never a reason to disrespect someone else as a player, or intentionally try and hurt their feelings...'

Agrippa says, 'But you can't tiptoe around everyone else... if you have an RP that might make you enemies, play it up, don't hold back, because people have to realize that you're simply playing your role.'

'Never use RP as an excuse when you're being an ass,' Agrippa says. 'Don't treat anyone disrespectfully, then claim that it was simply your RP, because the rest of us end up taking hell for it.'

Agrippa says, 'Finally, here... don't bring your RL problems in here... I've ended up perma'ing before because of these sorts of things... which I'll talk about in a minute...'

'Next... Legend has changed a great deal from the way it was when I started here a year ago...' Agrippa says.

Machismo says, 'Better or worse is debatable.' Blaze nods her agreement with Machismo.

Agrippa says, 'When I began, the entire mud had an RP atmosphere...'

'Worse, in my opinion,' Agrippa says.

'How was it different from now?' Lethargio says to Agrippa.

'The atmosphere was different... *ponder*,' Agrippa says to Lethargio.

Lethargio says to Agrippa, 'How so?'

'When I started, I started with this character, and I believed for a long time that this would be my only character... I didn't care about stats or eq, something that every newbie now seems to know too well...' Agrippa says.

'I played because I enjoyed the game...' Agrippa says. 'When I asked a question it was general advice, not the constant 'how do I do this quest? who will get me this eq? who will take me for xp?' that I now see on chat constantly.'

Corgi says, 'Always was there on chat.' Lirra nods her agreement with Agrippa.

Agrippa says, 'This mud has always had a different social element than any others I've tried, and there's been a constant erosion of that atmosphere over the past year...'

'Yeah, but the other day Petal had to leave in disgust when we tried to get an RP going, and were drowned out my constant requests for this or that, things which these people probably should have,' Agrippa says to Corgi.

'The other night I got 'I'm a newbie so help me' tell, and very few people who even bother to interact with you unless they want something,' Agrippa says.

Corgi says to Agrippa, 'Lot more people on the mud now then there was a year ago.'

Ptah agrees with Agrippa that the encouragement of rp on the part of players has been reduced and the amount of focus on levelling and "game" mastery has increased in thelast year. Game mastery including pk mastery.

Agrippa nods his agreement with Ptah.

Corgi nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

Lirra nods her agreement with Ptah.

Arathon says, 'Hmm if u are going to be pkilled while helping it is kinda diffuclt no.'

'So, has there been more backstabbing type of attacks than duels?' Lethargio says to Agrippa.

Lethargio says to Agrippa, 'I pretty much new here...'

Agrippa says to Corgi, 'And probably many of the new players come from standard muds, which are not at all like legend... this, and the decrease in the time spent here, ot the loss of many of the characters who used to be RP mainstays had made it hard.'

YueFei says to Agrippa, 'I think this mud is too 'bloody' not much other ways to gain exp, without killing.'

'Actually, there used to be lots of duels announced on chat... but I imagine people would be afraid to do that now :P,' Agrippa says to Lethargio.

'And lots of betting on those deuls,' Lancorn says.

'I liked that aspect of legend, but sadly, it has long since deteriorated,' Machismo says.

Agrippa says, 'People are not as friendly... everyone used to seem to stop and say hello when they met someone new, but now most of these people won't speak to you unless you can aid them in some way.'

'Actually, most muds do not have ANY other way to earn xp, no quests, no explore XP. :),' Ptah says to YueFei.

'It can be very intimidating to talk to someone if you are new...' Tenar says.

'Yes, but some people are increasingly nice, going out of their way to help too,' Pheasent2 says.

Agrippa says, 'This is the only mud of seen that could combine roleplaying with the gaming elements of a mud.'

YueFei thinks there shall be agt huh??

Machismo pokes YueFei in the ribs.

Tenar says, 'When I first came, I was too scared to use chat the first few weeks, because there was a lot of newbie putting down.'

Tenar says, 'And there still is.'

Krynn nods his agreement with Tenar.

YueFei think there shall be a law enforcer clan, to make sure not much unfair playing is around.

Lancorn says, 'How does that compare with other muds?'

'Well, when I started I often approached people like Mitra or Gerry, even though I was a bit in awe of them... but I never asked them to level me, get me eq, etc,' Agrippa says.

Krynn says, 'Everyone is greedy.. if you ask for help.. they expect a payment of some type.'

'That's not true..' Vladamir says.

'Alot of that is also from oldbie using newbies to abuse or use,' Madcat says to Agrippa. 'Old players simple do not wish to be scamed or played the fool. I personally have been getting harrassed by the same set of players using newbies.'

'I always have chatted, because I have a big mouth... but where I used to be able to use chat to RP, I'm now usually accused of spamming when I try,' Agrippa says to Tenar.

Machismo says, 'I really liked Gerry, even though he had an abrasive personality.'

Corgi says, 'A year and a half ago when I started mudding here I got slammed most times I said anything.'

'A lot of people still help..' Vladamir says.

Agrippa says to Corgi, 'Everyone was very friendly to me when I started here.'

'Same here,' Machismo says.

Arathon says, 'How u make it medium it is hard alot of people that dont play here anymore helped me lost.'

'And alot that still do,' Arathon says.

Corgi says, 'When I first clanned I was slaughter about 20 times before I gave up and started anew.'

Lethargio says, 'Hmm...does giving advice count?'

'With Conan I still help, but that's part of his RP... otherwise, i wouldn't go out of my way to help some of these people,' Agrippa says to Vladamir.

Lirra nods her agreement with Agrippa.

Agrippa smiles at Rusalka.

Emilio says, 'If it weren't for Spencer I would prbably not be playing right now.'

Rusalka says, 'When i first started playing, getting help was a BIG deal.'

'Some people think that conferences are more appropriate for RP and have complained that chat isnt the place for it... At least that is a problem I have run into,' Lirra says.

'Every so often mystra woudl ask if anyone wanted to keep her company,' Rusalka says.

Rusalka says, 'And we jumped for it.'

Rusalka says, 'Very big deal.'

Lancorn didn't get ANY help from others until he was level 17.

Rusalka says, 'Most of the time, we spent killing peasnats.'

'The only time i ever got help with my first newbie was when i died in pictville and Magda helped me recover their corpse,' Machismo says.

'I don't think the ugly aspect you are referring to is any more prevailent then proportional to the number ofplayers on then than it is now,' Corgi says.

'I think chat is the place for RP, and conferences for Mac Vs PC debates,' Agrippa says to Lirra.

Rusalka says, 'And asorted seagulls, as did hunter.'

Tenar nods her agreement with Agrippa.

Rusalka says to Lancorn, 'I think i was eleventh.'

Lancorn nods his agreement with Rusalka.

Pheasent2 says, 'I think we need a ooc chat to utilize, it would facilitate more RP chat.'

'And later, when i m,ade new characters, i had friends that knew everything,' Rusalka says.

Lancorn says, 'But I enjoyed the challenge of doing it on my own..'

Rusalka says, 'And the difference was mjust astounding.'

Rusalka says, 'In honesty, it's much more fun on your own.'

Rusalka says, 'It got so mechinaal at times.'

'Maybe I had a different experience than you, but I've felt the mud changing over the year I've been here, and there are some other reasons I'll get to in a bit,' Agrippa says to Corgi.

Corgi nods solemnly.

Agrippa says to Rusalka, 'I can play any PC game on my own, I come here to interact with other players.'

Rusalka nods her agreement with Agrippa.

Madcat nods his agreement with Agrippa.

Lancorn nods his agreement with Agrippa.

Vladamir says to Rusalka, 'Its also frustrating as hell, trying to figure out some of the anti-intuition quests.'

Rusalka nods her agreement with Vladamir.

'Maybe this is callous of me, but if I am rping over chat and someone complains, I usually tell them to simply turn chat off,' Lancorn says.

Rusalka says to Vladamir, 'That's something that the area creators need to work on.'

Vladamir nods his agreement with Rusalka.

'I agree, some of the quests are too difficult,' Agrippa says.

Rusalka says to Vladamir, 'Giving away answers whoesale isn't the asnwrer...becuase then we never know that the wuests are a proble,.'

'I believe that RPing over chat gets more people involved,' Lust says to Lancorn.

'Lacking in subtle hints,' Madcat says to Agrippa.

Lancorn nods his agreement with Lust.

Madcat says to Agrippa, 'Or a source of info indirectly.'

'It does, but RP on chat is no longer listened to,' Agrippa says to Lust.

Lust comforts Agrippa.

YueFei says, 'Maybe we can have some knowledge quest..based on history infos the person know in real life.'

Rusalka says to Vladamir, 'We just see folks go through them effrtlessly.'

Vladamir nods his agreement with Rusalka.

'That's generally seen as unfair, actually,' Rusalka says to YueFei.

Tenar nods her agreement with YueFei.

YueFei shrugs helplessly.

Rusalka says to YueFei, 'We're supposed ot use info available on the mud.'

Rusalka looks up into the sky and ponders.

'Hey, some of us spent 3 weeks doing one quest :P,' Sandra says to Rusalka.

YueFei nods solemnly.

Lust says, 'I remember my anti conversion, boy, was that spammy, with people jumping into it.'

Lust nods her agreement with Sandra.

Lancorn giggles at Rusalka.

'We coudl stick clues in the web pages maybe,' Rusalka says to YueFei.

Lancorn nods his agreement with Sandra.

Pheasent2 says, 'Some of us have spent longer than that.'

Rusalka giggles.

Agrippa says, 'Too many newbies know things now that it took me months to learn... and months to build my first character, because I did it on my own, or with friends who I explored the mud with.'

Rusalka remebres Moira and the Dark Lord

Lust giggles at Rusalka.

'I was rushing because I was gonna be immorted,' Sandra says to Pheasent2.

Sandra giggles.

YueFei nods his agreement with Rusalka.

Rusalka says to Lust, 'No one woudl let her drown herself.'

Baca says, 'Heh ..many quests I'm still working on after nearly two years ..'

'It feels good to a quest on your own...or maybe with a tiny bit of advice,' Tenar says.

Lust comforts Rusalka.

Krynn nods his agreement with Tenar.

'Much better than just following someone,' Tenar says.

Rusalka nods solemnly.

Rusalka says, 'Listen, there's stuff in ireland that i stil don't get.'

Malisa nods solemnly.

Agrippa says to Tenar, 'Very few quests have proven simple enough to puzzle out without sometimes getting a direct hint.'

'I dont see how anybody could figure out the spirit guide quest without aid,' Machismo says.

Madcat nods his agreement with Agrippa.

Rusalka is really mystified by this one thing on man.

Lust nods her agreement with Agrippa.

'When Lori and Lancorn met the Dark Lord people went nuts on chat and I got tellspammed,' Sandra says to Lust.

Sandra frowns at herself.

Rusalka is pretty sure poepel did tudor onwes without huge heklp

Lancorn nods his agreement with Sandra.

'Least at first,' Rusalka says.

Lancorn nods his agreement with Rusalka.

Rusalka says, 'I had to drop a vcouple hints on the board.'

Rusalka says, 'But nbd.'

Lancorn says to Rusalka, 'An excellent quest.'

Rusalka thanks Lancorn heartily.

'Still needs fixed,' Rusalka says to Lancorn.

Lancorn still hasn't done it though, something about a equipment loss glitch. :(

Rusalka sighs loudly.

'inebriated, or just trying to go too quick? :),' Machismo says.

Madcat comforts Rusalka.

Rusalka pokes Lancorn in the ribs.

Pheasent2 thinks we should listen to the speaker again.

Agrippa says, 'IMMs need to get more involved in trying to get new players involved in RP, because players can't do all the things necessary.'

Rusalka nods her agreement with Agrippa.

Rusalka says, 'Hence our plan to do tinyplots.'

Lancorn listens.

Rusalka says, 'We odn't want to tdell the players how to rp, just spur some things.'

'I see 2 problems right off,' Madcat says. 'Old players not wanting to rp and new ones having no RP models to see.'

Tenar nods solemnly.

'Hey, I wanna rp,' Lust says to Madcat.

'I keep hearing that, but unless the dark lord appears, or an IMM brings on one of their older morts, I see little direct IMM involvement in maintaining RP here,' Agrippa says to Rusalka.

Rusalka looks up into the sky and ponders.

'I like role playing, but it's pointless/no fun when nobody else does it,' Machismo says.

'Rp has always been some thimes on, often off here,' Rusalka says.

Rusalka says to Agrippa, 'Few of us have time to play directly.'

'There have to be other ways,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Lancorn sighs wistfully at the sight of Rusalka.

'Did I say YOU didn't want to?' Madcat says to Lust. 'I said alot of old players don't want to and new ones don't know how here.'

Pheasent2 says, 'I have never seen the DL, but heard about him alot when I first started.'

Lust giggles at Madcat.

'That's it, the old RPers are gone or given in to simply building their friends characters, so newbies don't get the benefit of meeting the people we did when we started,' Agrippa says to Madcat.

'Maybe make a Dark Lord MOb?' Warren says.

'Actually, most of the top rp'ers are immorted now :),' Ptah says.

Rusalka nods her agreement with Ptah.

Sandra giggles.

Lust nods her agreement with Ptah.

Lust giggles.

Sandra nods her agreement with Ptah.

'Which is why we hope to get things going,' Rusalka says.

Lirra grins and tries to think up various plots.

Lancorn nods his agreement with Ptah.

'I agree they lost the rp here and now are most gone and new players coming in don't know how RP works here,' Madcat says to Agrippa.

'That's the problem, the people who have immorted should still maintain their ties to RP,' Agrippa says to Ptah.

Rusalka remebrs when ptah and co could' t even get clans to rp enough to pk :P

'Is this a lecture or a discussion?' Ptah says pensively.

Lust pokes Ptah in the ribs.

'Those ties get us embroiled in politics,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

'It's both,' Agrippa says to Ptah.

Rusalka says to Agrippa, 'And many of us got burend on that.'

'We get too invovled, and forget our jobs,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Pheasent2 says, 'I remember the first time I tried to RP, the Al'Thor - Jen-Creature thing, I got blasted by some higher ups for being stupid, we (the 3 of us worked hard to try and make it work).'

Rusalka can't speak for all, just her

'Well, as I see it, PR's job is to provide that sort of atmosphere... just running recalltag or trivia once in awhile doesn't cut it,' Agrippa says to Rusalka.

'Which is what we're working toward,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Tenar nods solemnly.

'But the gods simply can't do everyting..' Lancorn says.

'Re-read the PR goals on the welcome board, not to mention Lirra's job description. :),' Ptah says to Agrippa.

'I cna't be personally repsnsible for genreating rp as a player,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

'I'd bnever get the lt out,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Madcat says, 'I think a seperate IC and ooc chat are a good step in the right direction, not a new idea but I think it would work.'

Rusalka looks up into the sky and ponders.

Sabella says, 'And the players spent some time telling me that prs job is to run recall tag.'

'But how many of us players are left who are going to keep butting out heads against the wall trying here?' Agrippa says to Rusalka. 'How many times have I quit because I got tired of it?'

'Can we come up with better names for them than those at least??' Kaige says.

Kaige really hates IC and OOC as channels.

Sabella winks suggestively at Agrippa.

Pheasent2 nods his agreement with Madcat.

Rusalka sighs loudly.

'Part of the problem is an outirght suspiscion from some of the higher level players,' Bronwyn says. 'It's not everyone, but it is hard to be friendly, when they think you're just about to beg for help.'

Lirra nods to both Rusalka and Agrippa.

Agrippa says to Sabella, 'All they want is coupons.'

'I understand your frustration,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Madcat says, 'No new coding needed just keep a conference RP open at all times.'

'And then the new players will never see it,' Kaige says to Madcat.

Madcat says to Kaige, "Well then code the channel CHAT to RP and keep chat open all the time"

Agrippa nods his agreement with Bronwyn.

Corgi nods his agreement with Madcat.

Lancorn claps for Madcat approvingly.

'You feel like the better players bascially deserted the rp seen when they immed,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Agrippa nods his agreement with Rusalka.

Tenar says, 'Or even better, conference ooc, and keep chat for rp.'

Lust says to Bronwyn, 'Only reason I get talked to anymore is to be yelled at for attacking someone or to be asked to get eq.'

Lancorn says, 'But at least they'd have a "safe" environment to do it in..'

Lancorn nods his agreement with Lust.

'Or xp runs,' Lancorn says to Lust.

Lust nods her agreement with Lancorn.

Lancorn shudders.

'It's also good to come in with some kind of character background when you start your RP, even perhaps posting it on the board so players know what you are about and why you are doing things,' Lirra says. 'I know I get lots of nasty tells from Anti'.'

Rusalka ponders a "exp help" channel

'And it's getting hard to continue when all the people who were RPing with you are gone,' Agrippa says to Rusalka. 'The few players who are really active in this tend now to stay within their own circles because it's not worth bothering with anyone els.'

Lust nods her agreement with Rusalka.

'I know I get lots of nasty tells from Anti's with Lark because of somethign that did happen to cause her enmity with the paladins. ,' Lirra says.

'Those circles also tend to stagnate,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Rusalka looks up into the sky and ponders.

Bronwyn says, 'I know I'm a bit shyer now, about talking to people, simply because of some of the treatment I've received from a few.'

'I'll try to do more personally,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Lust tugs on Lirra's sleeve imploringly.

'But it's hard,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

'Character background is in the final part of what I wanted to say,' Agrippa says to Lirra.

'Another thing that irks me is that pkill is entirely useless to characters who dont know the mud like the back of their hand,' Machismo says. 'Anyone who just clans a random character will get hammered because everyone else makes a character specifica.'

'No easier for us morts,' Agrippa says to Rusalka.

'Specifically for the purpose,' Machismo says.

Rusalka says to Agrippa, 'You don't have a newsletter to run.'

Lancorn nods his agreement with Machismo.

Agrippa says to Machismo, 'Hold off on that, pkill is my next subject here.'

'Sorry,' Machismo says.

'I offered my help :),' Agrippa says to Rusalka.

Rusalka says to Agrippa, 'Then get that proposal in .'

Rusalka ruffles Agrippa's hair playfully.

Agrippa wrinkles his nose distastefully!

'Or send in items,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

'I had no sicoal stuff this time...i need reports,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

Agrippa says to Rusalka, 'Naw, I'm gonna propose, I'm not getting any support for my revolt against the gods, so I may as well try and be one.'

Lust giggles at Agrippa.

Rusalka chuckles politely.

'Anyways, let me move on to my next point,' Agrippa says.

'I believe another big problem with RP is pkill... Clanning used to be a stimulus for RP, now it's become a deterrent...' Agrippa says.

Machismo says, 'Absolutely true.'

'Once everyone got caught up in creating the perfect pkill characters, older characters and pkillers became obsolete, and it's hard to form the same sort of attachment to a character you've created to be a massive HP and mana tank,' Agrippa says.

Madcat nods his agreement with Agrippa.

Lancorn sighs loudly.

Rusalka says, 'Some do.'

'There is some truth to that,' Lancorn says.

Lancorn ponders his retirement.

Agrippa says, 'I played this character when i started because I liked this character, regardless of his hp/mana, stats, etc...'

'But at the same time expecting everyone on the mud not to enjoy RP AND make a powerful character is overly high expectations,' Madcat says.

'I like massive hp and mana tanks, but it's just as fun to try and make your crappy 250 hp character do well,' Machismo says. 'Somar got an extreme amount of enjoyment in watching 450+ hp monsters fall to his pkill strategy at 230.'

'But it squeezes out characters like malorn who end up staying close to inns :P,' Agrippa says to Madcat.

'Whats this about crappy 250hp chars?????' Krynn says to Machismo.

Madcat says to Agrippa, 'I agree.'

'No personal offense,' Machismo says. 'I have one too.'

Agrippa says to Madcat, 'And characters like malorn were part of the RP backbone of this mud.'

Lancorn says to Madcat, 'Or was that the players who started muliting him 7 times?'

Krynn grins evilly at Machismo.. wonder what he's thinking...

'But you can't expect to get everyone to not do it is all I am saying,' Madcat says to Agrippa.

'I don't, and look at my new characters... They all have 500 hp, or are on pace for it,' Agrippa says to Madcat.

Warren says, 'RP doesn't really matter to me, If I want to RP I'll play D&D I play Legend to have fun and make some friends (not very good at making friends though =)).'

Machismo nods his agreement with Agrippa.

Agrippa says, 'Everyone feels they have to compete, so fewer people are experiencing the mud by actually learning it through exploration and leveling on their own.'

'I love AD&D and when i came to legend i was hoping to find a similar atmosphere,' Machismo says.

Corgi says, 'Even pkill gets boring after a while.'

'"Well I know I came in late to this late so if this question has already been answered, I apologize, but what about newbie people who wish to RP , but have no idea where to begin because thye know no-one?"' Nahas says.

'If you want people to explore the MUD you should take away DT's..' Warren says.

Agrippa says to Warren, 'Whether you RP or not, you should be respectful of those who are.'

'I think that Legend is the perfect combination of D&D and social marketplace. That's what keeps me here, the people, not the game itself, (*though it helps,' Pheasent2 says.

Warren says to Agrippa, 'I am..'

'Take a friend of mine Tempus who I miss alot and had left becuase his character is not in sync with the snipers of today,' Madcat says to Agrippa. 'I want to see him back but at the same time can't expect the whole mud not to seek to make a great char.'

'DT's are there for a reason,' Lirra says.

'It just won't happen,' Madcat says.

Rusalka thinks tempus mainly just lost interest

Agrippa says to Nahas, 'That's a big problem, when I started, I had plenty of people to learn from... now all you're likely to find for rolemodels are people leveling everyone else :P.'

'To get rid of old eq?' Warren says to Lirra.

'He also went to another Country,' Madcat says.

Madcat says, 'But that was his main sentiment.'

Lirra nods her agreement with Warren.

Nahas nods his agreement with Madcat.

'Couldn't compete,' Madcat says.

Deanna thinks, 'I was told you can't..'

Warren says, 'That's what I thought.'

'DT's are better than just wiping playerfiles, eh?' Lust says to Warren.

Lirra says, 'You can even make plots out of DT's... to explain why you died and lost y our equips.'

Warren nods his agreement with Lust.

Warren smiles at Lust.

'No one bothers to take the time anymore,' Agrippa says to Lirra.

'I remember Tad doing that a lot of times. :),' Lust says to Lirra.

Sandra nods her agreement with Lirra.

Lancorn says, 'And hitting a dt is certainly a way of forcing palyer interaction.'

Sandra says, 'I remember when Tad lost his eq in a crash and blamed it on Little John.'

'You aren't getting a lot of that equipment back on your own,' Lancorn says.

Lust nods her agreement with Sandra.

Madcat giggles at Sandra.

Lust giggles.

Madcat nods his agreement with Sandra.

'He also STILL asks me not to kill Otto,' Madcat says.

Agrippa says, 'And there's not much incentive to group these days...'

'Cause he gave an orb for Sabella once,' Madcat says.

'And likes him,' Madcat says.

'Why?' Warren says to Agrippa.

'Many of the mobs who were too tough for a single PC before are now beatable by PC monsters... and others, like Minos, have lost what incentive there was to group for them,' Agrippa says.

Agrippa says, 'The groups you see nowadays are mostly one high level, and the newbie he's leveling.'

Warren nods solemnly.

Warren does that a lot

Corgi says, 'Not true.'

Lust says, 'I miss HOL parties.'

'So do I,' Agrippa says.

Lust sniffs sadly.

Kamiya nods her agreement with Lust.

Tenar shakes her head.

Vladamir has returned from the void.

Lust nods her agreement with Rusalka.

'I miss going in to hell to fight minos,' Agrippa says.

'I frequently group with people close to my level...' Tenar says.

'Now most people can solo all the mall of legends mobs,' Machismo says.

Ptah says, 'All of which has nothing to do with rp.'

Lancorn giggles at Machismo.

Ptah chuckles politely.

'But mainly you're leveling with teki,' Agrippa says to Tenar.

Tenar shakes her head.

Madcat nods his agreement with Ptah.

YueFei nods his agreement with Ptah.

'It's till more fun to go and rip them apart with 5 people. :),' Lust says to Machismo.

Machismo smiles happily.

Machismo nods his agreement with Lust.

Lirra decides to sit back and watch the conversation now becuase things scroll too fast for her to comment.

'It does concern RP, if grouping promotes interaction... if you can solo everything, you won't spend as much time with other players,' Agrippa says to Ptah.

'I have levelled a lot with teki, but most of the time that I spend here she is not on,' Tenar says.

'I laughed when morphine got ripped up by the new improved rachael which flagg changed without warning :),' Machismo says.

'I used to attack Ramadan solo because he satirized me once,' Sandra says.

Lust giggles at Sandra.

'I'd die alot, but I didn't care,' Sandra says.

Lancorn giggles at Sandra.

'Grouping doesnot promote rp, in and of itself,' Ptah says to Agrippa.

Corgi nods his agreement with Ptah.

Malisa nods solemnly.

'It allows you the opportunity,' Agrippa says to Ptah.

'So do many other things,' Corgi says.

Nahas nods solemnly.

'Agrippa's right that grouping does promote socialization,' Lust says.

Machismo says, 'Hol mobile lynchmobs were col, but now they arentnecessary.'

'And with chat off limits most of the time these days, you have to interact where you can,' Agrippa says to Ptah.

Ptah says, 'Yes, but honestly (and I know many may disagree with this quite vehemently) rp'ing with people you know and group with is dull.'

Rusalka nods her agreement with Ptah.

Sabella nods her agreement with Ptah.

Ptah says, 'Socialization and rp are virtually opposite, in my experience.'

'But it's also how you learn to RP when you're new,' Agrippa says to Ptah.

'And it makes it much more tmeping to break character,' Rusalka says to Ptah.

'It promotes socialization, but not necessarily RP,' Lirra says. 'When I group I dont go for the RP unless its a certain flirtatious alt of mine.'

'I don't care if someone tries to bash me on doesn't deter me from continuing,' Corgi says.

Ptah says, 'When you are new, you don't know ANYONE, and have free rein to rp :).'

Lancorn nods his agreement with Corgi.

Rusalka nods her agreement with Ptah.

'Well i think that is a symptom of long term RP exposure where you are skilled enough to rp well and can rp with anything that comes your way,' Madcat says to Ptah. '*tickle*.'

Rusalka says, 'It's much more fdun to run into poeple.'

Lirra grins evilly at Madcat.. wonder what she's thinking...

Agrippa says to Ptah, 'Not if, as some of those here have pointed out, you're criticized for it, and subsequently discouraged.'

Bronwyn says to Ptah, 'That's not quite so true.'

Ptah says to Madcat, 'RP starts with a character that you play, not with a situation.'

'Yes and no,' Rusalka says to Ptah.

Ptah says, 'If you have the character, then the situation is largely irrelevant.'

'When you run into people now, you don't even speak to them, so where's the opportunity there?' Agrippa says to Rusalka.

Rusalka says to Ptah, 'Some thing s can be used betyter than others.'

'When i play my characrters?' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

'I do too speak to them,' Rusalka says to Agrippa.

'That's true,' Madcat says to Ptah. 'BUT. Rping well is HOW your character reacts which displays a character and portrays who you are to others.'

Agrippa says to Rusalka, 'No, in general.'

Corgi says, 'I think that is you more than a lot of us Agrippa.'

Corgi shrugs helplessly.

'I interact whenever I feel like it,' Corgi says.

'You're forced to group and RP with familiar players because of the decline of RP overall here,' Agrippa says to Ptah.

'I think this is turning from a lecture on rp with questions into an argument or debate,' Ptah says.

Ptah chuckles politely.

'And that pk is taking over as always,' Rusalka says.

Rusalka sighs loudly.

Krynn nods his agreement with Ptah.

Corgi says to Ptah, 'What better type of communication.'

'Because clanning can stimulate RP to such a high degree,' Agrippa says to Rusalka.

'I agree that rp is declining because of the emphasis on killing (be it players or mobs),' Ptah says.

Machismo says, 'I like pkill, but i really hate that newbies cant compete at all.'

'Yes, but RPing well and learning to RP are all different factors,' Lirra says. 'There can be some people who like to RP that wont ever RP well because they break rules of thumb.. Never mix OOC and IC relations... IE... Dont use OOC knowledge for IC.'

Ptah says, 'However, I also think that what you are trying to say is that the TOOLS for rp (people to play against, methods of developing characters, etc) are not easily enough available.'

Rusalka nods solemnly.

Corgi nods his agreement with Ptah.

'The lack of exp incentive, for one,' Rusalka says.

Agrippa says to Ptah, 'And the support from as many players is no longer available.'

'I would contend that the people to play against matter less than basics like HOW to develop something that is interesting, because an interesting character attracts people,' Ptah says.

'Peopel who rp foten don't have time to level like mad,' Rusalka says.

'About killing..' Gothnine says. 'It's prolly already been suggested somewhere, but people kill to become more powerful. have we thought about giving experience for good rps at all?'

'It makes its own support, if you know what I mean,' Ptah says.

'It's rude... Always keep in mind if you start a conflict that ICLy somewhere somehow something will get back at you so you have to resolve the issue,' Lirra says.

Ptah says to Gothnine, 'It is impossible to do fairly, as every point-based MUSH on the planet has proven.'

Rusalka nods her agreement with Gothnine.

'People dont kill to become more powerful,' Machismo says. 'They kil for sport, mainly.'

Rusalka says, 'We've thought about contests in pr.'

'I havn't found anything i like yet,' Rusalka says.

Gothnine says to Machismo, 'I disagree.. on this mud at least, killing stuff is the only way to get more skills and eq, which are power.'

'I know many who do it for power,' Rusalka says to Machismo.

Gothnine says, 'At least from the old newbie pov.'

'Oh i thought you meant pkill,' Machismo says. 'I apologize.'

'It's not as pronounced here as other muds,' Agrippa says to Gothnine.

Gothnine says, 'Well.. i guess pkill gives a certain kind of power.'

Rusalka says to Machismo, 'The power of fear from other players is a big bioost too.'

Sabella says, 'Onna the best times i had was seph rping with nic who didn't want to and didn't get it :).'

'Personally, I would like to hear about how to develop characters, how to make your own space for rp, not about the things that supposedly make it impossible,' Ptah says.

Rusalka says, 'Techniques.'

Ptah nods solemnly.

Agrippa says to Ptah, 'That was the final thing I wanted to talk about.'

Pheasent2 nods his agreement with Ptah.

Corgi nods his agreement with Ptah.

Rusalka nods her agreement with Agrippa.

Lancorn nods his agreement with Ptah.

RandAl'Thor returns to being In Character.

Corgi says to Ptah, 'One thing is lacking that above all else will increase rp. Immorts getting together with Guild Masters and promoting it. There is little interaction on this level.'

'Actually, there is a lot more than there was before the immort reorg, because there are now immorts who are going to be doing it as a job,' Ptah says to Corgi.

'Then you will see a marked increase in it I bet,' Corgi says to Ptah.

Lancorn got a LOT of great rp ideas from old lt issues.

'If we're sick of this debate, we can move on... though I think RP is going nowhere fast here,' Agrippa says.

Rusalka says to Agrippa, 'So how do you come up with your characters?'

Lirra thinks we sould sit here and listen to Agrippa's ideas on backgrounds, which is what I think was next?

Baca says to Rusalka, 'From the immortal Bard, of course ...'

Lirra also asks that we listen then interact, less spammy that way.

'Please, continue,' Sandra says to Agrippa.

'The pkill debate always comes up, because it's in the forefront of this now,' Agrippa says.

'Pkill gone awry is a sympton of clan with no ideas on their hands,' Corgi says to Agrippa.

'AHEM,' Kaige says. 'I believe tonight's speaker is Agrippa and he still has a section to go. Thank you.'

'Ok, let me move on...' Agrippa says.

'The thing that stimulates me when I create a new character is the name...' Agrippa says.

Madcat nods his agreement with Agrippa.

YueFei nods his agreement with Agrippa.

'Sometimes the name even influences the type of character I intend to create,' Agrippa says.

Gothnine nods his agreement with Agrippa.

Nahas nods his agreement with Madcat.

Corgi points proudly at himself.

Corgi cringes in terror.

Agrippa says, 'With agrippa, since I hadn't played a mud before, I hadn't even thought of an RP background, and didn't until I'd been here a few weeks.'

Agrippa says, 'With conan, the RP was easy, except that I exagerrated his worst qualities to make him more colorful...'

Corgi shrugs helplessly.

'With agrippa, he sort of evolved as I kept playing...' Agrippa says.

'Your character background doesn't have to be directly related to your hometown,' Agrippa says.

'Let me tell you how agrippa developed... his history...' Agrippa says.

Longshot pulls a feather pillow out of thin air and proceeds to get comfy.

Maurice chuckles politely at Longshot's feeble witticism.

Agrippa says, 'If anyone remembers, he was a Moor, though his exact heritage is a mystery, even to him... He was abducted as a child by an Agrabah mage for possessing certain mystical gifts...'

Agrippa says, 'He then spent the greater portion of his life in a condition of practical slavery to this mage, who used him both as a source and vessel for his own necromancy...'

Agrippa says to Bronwyn, 'You are NOT a pookah.'

Krynn gasps in astonishment.

Bronwyn sulks because Agrippa has hurt her feelings.

Malisa comforts Bronwyn.

Krynn comforts Bronwyn.

Madcat hugs Bronwyn reassuringly.

Bronwyn sniffs sadly.

Agrippa says, 'Agrippa was, of course, forced into many vile acts, though he was never consciously evil.. with no moral training, and no experiences beyond servitude...'

Agrippa winks suggestively at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn knocks Agrippa over and flops all over him.

Madcat snickers softly.

Agrippa sighs wistfully at the sight of Bronwyn.

YueFei draws his sword and ready to fight...who?

Krynn points at Lust.

Lust rolls her eyes heavenward.

'Drop it,' Lust says.

Agrippa says, 'He was forced into murder, the murder of children, maidens, anything of pure blood...'

YueFei thanks Krynn heartily.

Lirra listens quietly.

Pheasent2 wishes people would shut up so he could hear.

Gothnine chuckles politely.

Nahas blushes bright red.

Agrippa says, 'I know his history is a bit cliche', but I didn't create him as a character to start with, RP experiences here sort of delineated the character I was becoming.'

Agrippa quotes Shakespeare, "Here is my journey's end, here is my butt..."

'Sorry :),' Agrippa says.

YueFei tickles Agrippa.

Gothnine rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Maurice chuckles politely at Agrippa's feeble witticism.

'Anyways, part of his history changed when I created the character 'Tiberius', who was his brother, but not a blood relation...' Agrippa says.

'As Agrippa grew, suitably ignorant for the mage's needs, he still began to become impure, and the mage needed a new disciple... so he abducted the roman child, tiberius, who was blonde and fair, not at all like agrippa, though he was ,' Agrippa says.

'As innocent in the beginning,' Agrippa says.

Gothnine shudders at the ingenuity of the general plan.

Agrippa says, 'Originally, I felt that Agrippa should have begun to become ambitious on his own over the years, learning to understand the Mage's texts, and becoming more and dark of his own accord.'

Agrippa smiles at Gothnine.

Agrippa says, 'Eventually, he was to slay the Mage in a mystical battle that finally unleashed his full magical powers, and began the point at which he appeared as a character here.'

Agrippa bares the oozing scar that pulses malignantly over his heart... spammed by the weather

'A reminder of that battle... but that all changed when I brought Tiberius in, who was said to have made a sacrifice that gained Agrippa's freedom from the mage, but I perma'd Tiberius, and never fully developed this part of the story,' Agrippa says.

Agrippa says, 'The rest of agrippa's life was all RP'd here... as he became progressively evil.'

'When you create your character, I think you always have a general idea of who you're going to be creating, but the tendency is always to maintain your friendships with the people you've met rather than keeping a solid rp going,' Agrippa says.

Agrippa says, 'It's all too easy to let ooc talk and behavior spill into your ic existence, and that's always a drawback.'

Arturos thinks, 'oh btw, i love the docs, they're quite good, fantastic really'

Agrippa says, 'Conan, of course, I took from stories I'd read... as I did with heathcliff, and wormtongue.'

Agrippa says, 'I'm not altogether sure where anyone else's characters are taken from... though many people have used familiar names.'

YueFei was an ancient chinese general.

Agrippa nods his agreement with YueFei.

Corgi is just a big baby.

Vladamir chortle at Corgi's feeble witticism.

Corgi drools contentedly.

Bronwyn is a pookah...even though you won't believe her.

Lust says, 'I wanted to be a knight but they wouldn't let me because I'm evil.'

Lust sniffs sadly.

Agrippa says to Corgi, 'A pretty deadly baby.'

YueFei giggles at Lust.

YueFei nods his agreement with Agrippa.

Corgi covers his mouth with his hand and burps quietly to himself.

Lust scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

Gothnine is just your generic field medic.

Agrippa says to Lust, 'Being evil can create RP problems.'

Vladamir is a merchant's son..

YueFei comforts Corgi.

Longshot is Elvis.

Lust giggles at Longshot.

'Being good is BORING,' Djas says.

Madcat giggles at Longshot.

Lust nods her agreement with Agrippa.

Longshot snickers softly.

YueFei giggles at Longshot.

'But being evil can lead to OOC trouble,' Agrippa says to Djas.