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Legends of the Past is an area for the players, where we recreate those characters that have passed on and given to Legend's history, in order to preserve their memories.

Without the players, LegendMUD would just be a bunch of code. Their characters are the citizens of this world -- they live here, die here... and are remembered here.

The players and their characters give LegendMUD traditions and history. Traditions live on, many times with us not knowing why we carry them out or who started them. Too often our history, chronicled in the Legendary Times to an extent, is remembered by a few here and there, or, sadly, is forgotten.

In an attempt to not only retain pieces of our history, but to also honor those who once roamed our lands, Legends of the Past was created so that all could share in our past and learn of the parts of our history we have been able to include here and honor those considered "Legends".

Players can apply for their character to become a part of Legends of the Past here. Applications are voted on monthly. A blank application has been attached here with instructions.

Below are some of the current Legends of the Past replica backgrounds.


Sylia began her career as a member of the Hermetic Order. Rather mischievous and oftentimes troublesome to her clanmates, Sylia spent some time within the clan. She left the Hermetics, though, after an incident involving their allies the OTS, in which Greyscot and Dusty were involved. Not long after her departure from her clan, she met and befriended Bremmar. Both were extremely powerful, and together became known as The Dirty Pair.

Sylia was the first to make popular the hit-and-flee tactic in fighting. At first, people were unsure how to counter such a tactic, and many learned it when they saw how well Sylia did.

In Sylia's time on Legend, while the land was still young, she became quite a powerful force with all of her characters, becoming the first to have nine level 50 characters, two of which are Dew and Sune.

Sylia's tips and tricks of Legend can be found in volume 2 of the LT, issues numbered 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Hunter Rose

Hunter Rose married his love Katya, becoming the first couple to ever marry on Legend. He also began the Grendel clan, which few know started as his RP clan.

Many do not know of Hunter Rose's personalities. On one hand, Hunter was a kind, helpful man that loved his wife very much, and was charished by his many friends. On the other, Hunter Rose was an assassin, an evilness not to be reckoned with. The devil within Hunter Rose drove him to even betray his friends, as he assassinated Rusalka and stole her treasured whispering sweet nothings. When the news finally surfaced that it was indeed Hunter Rose that pulled off this terrible act, many could do nothing but gasp in surprise.


Ramadan was one of the first Bards on Legend and a member of the Order of the Scroll. You can read his article 'The Bard's Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Legend' in Vol2, Issue 17 of the Legendary Times.


Harkon was not always, what he called, a pathetic wretch, which is to say, he was not always human. At one time, Harkon was the bard of Hell, a powerful figure within the courts there. He was stripped of all his powers and his station, and banished from Hell for falling in love.

In his blind love, he forgot that not everyone wanted to be in Hell, and after confessing his love to the creature of his desires, she in turn told Satan in the hopes of her salvation. For Harkon's sin against Hell, he was forced to watch as his love was tortured, and then killed. Her soul erased for all time. After which, Harkon was sent to earth to live out eternity as a human.

He vowed revenge for the lost of the one he loved, and swore he would regain his rightful place, even though he was unable to use his natural powers and unable to learn the magic that humans of these lands seemed able to do.


Executioner started his life training with swords and magic. He was a loner and rarely seen in the company of others.

This all changed when the gods pitted mortals against each other, causing them to battle wars, and conflicts. When the dust settled and things returned to normal, Executioner begain training with a dagger, and continued his magical trainings. He began meeting others, and became friends with many, many people.

After this, he was often seen helping out those in need where ever he could.


Arabian-born Eva was a create mage and dex fighter from the days of "DexMUD" on Legend. With no strong roleplay presence of her own, Eva tended to reflect the emotions of her owner - at times friendly and helpful to strangers, always fiercely devoted to her friends, yet often bored with the daily grind. Although not a member of the Grendels, she was a friend to them, and her desire to alleviate boredom through mischief (pkill or otherwise) was a hallmark of that clan's early days.

Among Eva's friends were Magda, Gig, Obmig, Augustus, Sylia, Bremmar, Greyscot, Hunter_Rose, and others. You can search for mentions of Eva's participation in her friends' exploits in back copies of the Legendary Times on Legend's web site, using the search feature at: http://www.legendmud.org/firstpagecontents.html

Eva's other characters included a host of mid and low level characters, plus Fionn, Mole, No, One, Silent, and Storage (who at one time owned over a dozen blinding wormtooth daggers obtained by Sylia, Obmig, et. al.). This huge host of characters is what prompted the joke that "Fionn is everyone" whenever a knowledgeable character with a new name appeared.


Deathstalker was Liman born, a strength/spirit fighter in the days before the augmentation of healing was known. A skilled fighter and a loner, Deathstalker shunned the old "industrial xp route" and instead spent his time wiping out the denizens of Hell.

Ridding the world of evil was never his goal, however, and shortly after the debut of pkill, Deathstalker became the first Antipaladin. With the Dark Lord to inspire him (animatronics by Flagg, and "guppy" slander by Dusty), Deathstalker became the first of the feared, successful, unpredictable pkillers. Making use of wire-rimmed spectacles and fringed moccasins, Deathstalker's win loss record, though now forgotten, weighted heavily to the "win" column. He defeated Mercenary and Eva, among others, to become the heavyweight champion in LegendMUD's first pkill tournament.

Deathstalker had one foible that was unique among the world's inhabitants: his kills were HIS kills, and until he decided he wanted nothing from the corpse of his victim, woe to anyone -- including the former owner -- who tried to recover valuables from his kill.

You can search for mentions of Deathstalker's exploits in back copies of the Legendary Times on Legend's web site, using the search feature at: http://www.legendmud.org/firstpagecontents.html


Lori didn't remember too much of her youth. Trained by lifelong friends Lancorn and Limerick, she learned how to fight young. Raised on the streets of Agrabah, she left her home early to learn from her friends and to help them as best she could. She immediately joined the Secretives soon after becoming pk enabled and followed her GM/friend until his death.

Lori was quite the flirtatious lass and had her share of suitors, but she always turned back to Sharpe. Of course, she had her share of enemies as well. She fought alongside her Secretive clanmates against the Grendels and any others that crossed them. She started a war with the OTS by stealing their harp from Howard(the GM) and taunting him with it.

Shortly after Limerick died, Lori began to have problems. Finding out that the Dark Lord was after her soul, she struggled silently for a time while her clanmates and friends stood by in surprise, until she couldn't struggle any longer. She gave in to him and followed him loyally, even though old friends were shocked at this and tried to persuade her to return to them.

She fought long wars against the Knights and Hermetics for her Lord until her conscience became unbearable and she asked Sharpe to rescue her and take her life for the final time.


Killer was born in Ireland and at the age of 17 started his travelings through the known world. He spent most of his younger ages traveling back and forth between Klein and Sherwood. He finally settled near London when he started taking an interest in magic. After becoming a second circle mage, he settled down and married Prasetya, who later killed herself. So he traveled his elder days helping others and wandering the world. It was at this time he developed an interest in the druidic arts. He met Sandra about this time and long after a too-long engagement they were wed, making Killer the first to have had two wives. His interest in druidism and life with his wife continued until she became immortal, and he eventually retired.


Malorn was born in Agrabah, as far as he recalls. His earliest memories are of him begging for bread at the Inn there. After learning a few tricks with his dagger, he made his way around until he was fortunate enough to stumble upon a group known as the Antipaladins. These new friends of his helped him grow fast and taught him alot of interesting things, including arts of the arcane, though he was never a master of the magic of which he had learned.

The Antipaladins ruled the lands for a short time. As some could not live without the challenge of worthy competition, the clan slowly disappeared. Malorn remained the only servant to the Dark Lord for many years, until he recruited new followers and turned control of the clan over to them.

It was at this time that he felt that he was of no use to the Antipaladins any longer, and Malorn left them to become a bard. Life as a bard was good for Malorn, until he met Virago...

The Coven tricked her into trapping both Malorn and Crowe into a love triangle that almost got them both killed. That was the beginning of the end for Malorn. Though Virago broke his heart in the end, he felt he failed the two women dearest to his heart - Northstar and Siera, those who held his heart for many years.


An Australian by birth, Sir Sansaria was orphaned at a young age. Traversing the globe, he ended up in Ireland, learning the ways of the druids. It was here, while he was mastering the essential basics of magic and herblore, he found friendship and comradery in the Knights of Legend.


Crowe is actually the name of an Irish warrior unjustly murdered during the Celtic period. Hundreds of years after this unfortunate event, a London man unwittingly set Crowe's spirit free and was possessed by the vengeful ghost. Given a second chance with a new body, he was bent on bringing justice to those who would visit his fate upon others.

Although confused at first by the modern world in which he found himself, Crowe adapted quickly and soon found firearms a useful ally. In his travels he met Tempus, a Knight of Legend, and joined his clan. Along with others of his kin, he sought to fulfill his quest.

Crowe's dark nature and use of guns drew criticism from outside his clan, but he shrugged it off and settled into his new life. After several years he married a girl named Willow. However, not long after this Willow disappeared, and when the despair in his heart seemed unbearable, he met Isobel, a warrior woman who had adored him since her childhood. However, his wife returned, and Crowe chose Willow over Isobel, enraging her. But before he could make amends he fell into a time transfer to the far future from which he could not return.

A year later, he finally found the way back to his own time. Upon his arrival he heard the news of Isobel's death, and her sister Abigail's plans for revenge...


Mercenary was aggressive and annoying from his inception. He nettled quite a few people by not paying them any respect even when he was 5th level. One of the guildmasters killed Merc basically as soon as he clanned. Mercenary gave respect to no one, unless they earned it from him personally. Being a high level or having someone who he didn't know respect them didn't mean anything to him.

He and Revenant shared a common background, actually being from near each other in Arabia. Revenant was bitter and filled with hatred for all things, however, while Mercenary was, well, mercenary. He was always more interested in a gold coin than honor or glory. He owed his life to Revenant from early on, and the two were together much, though as often as not, Mercenary was shaking his head and gritting his teeth at some of Revenants most vitriolic acts. Mercenary never criticized Revenant, and usually stood up for him.

When Mercenary was younger, he took offense easily. He would be rude or snide on chat, and if someone called him on it, bully them until they either backed down or they fought.

Mercenary killed very few people when he was young, perhaps only three or four while he and Revenant were packing together. It was misperception that made people believe there was more. However, he managed to anger a great many people, to the point where a pack came after him and multikilled him.

Mercenary started keeping track of his fights, and taking commissions. The commission would either be to kill someone once, or to obtain one item from someone. He would not allow the corpse to be looted once he slew them, and did his best to punish anyone who attacked someone he'd just slain before they recovered.


Raised on the streets of London, Morphine learned to sneak, steal and kill to survive at an early age. These abilities she brought into her later life, as she joined the Mercenaries at a young age.

Eventually, Morphine took the reins of leadership within the Mercenaries clan, and led them to battle in several wars.


Arkenstone joined the pkill battlefield late in life. He became friends with Aragorn and Mei, and became active as a Knight of Legend. Though he never held any offical rank within the Knights, he did ponder the idea of becoming guildmaster from time to time.

Arkenstone and Aragorn would often salute each other, and other Knights, and this soon caught on within the ranks.

He was a generally friendly and helpful man, and was often seen going out of his way to behave in the chilvalrous manner to which Knights are often bound.


Gail Atkins, sister of Thomas Atkins, came to Legend, and fairly quickly joined the Knights. While a member of the knights, she managed to get into a number of fights - first with the Coven, then later the ongoing war with Mercenary. During the war with Mercenary, she was renowned for her unflattering descriptions of Mercenary and his activities, and for 'the collected Gail graffiti' posts on the board in Klein (which Mercenary had claimed as his city and killed knights which entered it). Eventually she was named GM of the knights when Dominic retired. Perhaps Legend's first denizen to concentrate heavily on the use of guns, she was involved in what was probably Legend's first real gunfight when she and Tempus shot it out from adjacent rooms during a duel. She also founded Legend Mud Emergency Medical Services. She won a write-in expie for "Biggest DT Afficiando" and the "Best Bug" expie as an imm for a bug where all the players connected to the same character over and over again.


Nothing was a man with many secrets. Known as the Eternal Watcher, he was always lurking in the shadows. Everpresent and all-knowing, he would try to manipulate the course of time with subtle nudges and by assisting weaker forces. During his time as a pkiller, you could often find Nothing fighting against evil, or assisting those in need. Cursed with eternal life, he quests for an end to his existence. He also helped found the Tiphareth clan, with others similar to him and his curse.


Most people on Legend know only that Aginor came from some other realm to do the Dark Lord's bidding. After developing his powers in Legend's new world, he joined with the Anti-Paladins near the end of their existance. He aided their cause, but at last left them, determining they were a lost cause. He then spent some time as a member of the Hermetics (with the understanding that evil and knowledge were not mutually exclusive) to contemplate. He discovered what he must do, and left the Hermetics. This is when Aginor first became truly prominent. Aginor first truly came into his own in the summer of 1998, when he co-founded the Dark Enforcers. The clan did not have the blessing of being an actual clan until the new clan system was developed in 1999; this did not prevent them from doing everything in their power to fulfill the Dark Lord's work. From inception, when Aginor and his clan set about decimating the Knights, the DE were known for two things: a cold contempt for the Knights, and a tendency to recruit newbies. They were still a force to be reckoned with for some time, though.

Time dulled the power of the Enforcers, and Aginor as well. After a close loss for PK tourney championship in April 99, he left 'to do the Dark Lord's work.' He returned later, revived himself and the Enforcers again in early 2000. He also has the unusual distinction of building the largest house on Legend; on April 1, 2000, Aginor gathered massive amounts of funds from various 'donors' to build the SpiffyClan hall, a 97-room townhouse that could have stood as its own area. Boredom, it seems, is a part of Aginor's life at times. As Aginor's life progressed, his wife, Gallowglass, appeared in Legend. She, too, came from beyond, searching for him. Their time on Legend is known largely for its instability, complete with divorce and reconciliation. Their relationship is a heated one; emotions run very high, for good or ill, and when they do, everybody hears about it. Again, for good or ill. In June 2000, Aginor took leave again, vowing never to return. Six months later, he was back, not quite the same, and for once not eagerly working to rebuild his clan, but still evil and still the person everybody either loved or hated, with very few in between.


Barabas was the thief and murderer freed by the crowd instead of Christ. For years he wandered seeking peace but finding blood on his hands. Seeking Christ led him to the Iscariots and their talk of the prophets but he soon realized their quest for goodness was not really his. He turned to the Dark Lord and struck down those who followed the light, seeking power on earth. Many bloody sacrifices followed.

Barabas has had a long history in the pkill world, fighting in the Iscariots, Dark Enforcers, Ministry of Darkness, Antipaladins and the Infernals. In his pkill career, he won two doubles pkill tourneys and three single tourneys. Not to mention his efforts with the pkill community to make that part of the game fun, for others as well as himself.


Clutch was born and grew up in a small farming community. He learned to shoot at a young age, and spent his days hunting whenever possible. As he grew older his curiosity and wanderlust led him out of his small town, and into the Port of London. This place had two profound effects on him. He learned quickly that everyone had desires, and someone with the skills to fill those desires stood to make a good bit of coin. The Port was also a disgusting place, and his small-town sensibilities were in many ways offended by it. His desire to see good and justice done became galvanized by this. When he was approached by Butch and Valis about starting the Mercenaries clan, he saw this as an opportunity to make a difference, both in the outside world and in his wallet.

Clutch eventually left the Mercenaries and assended into the immortal realms where he was a PR immortal for some time.

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