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The Legendary Times,
Volume One Index

An antique Letterpress

Serving as Index to the Contents of the Journal's First Year.

LTv1n1 Undated

Premiere Issue! - A Legend Questionnaire - New code in the works

LTv1n2 Sept. 5th, 1994

Code updates - Survey results - K'Mala introduces the social column

LTv1n3 Sept. 22nd, 1994

Site update - Lecture series report - spell updates - prestige and alignment go in - bardic and other skills added - new spells - area updates - Mercenary advertises - Dagda has a vision - Hunter_Rose and Katya wed - Arkady and Caidi elope - Magdalen and Socrates engaged - Khelleck new GM of Knights - clan news

LTv1n4 Sept. 25th, 1994 - special edition

New skills - New spells - Equipment damage goes in - Mercenary killed by Revenant

LTv1n5 Sept. 29th, 1994

Bug fixes - Weapon Damage and Equipment Damage: A Survivor's Guide - Wraith becomes the new Master Bard - other clan news

LTv1n6 October 5th, 1994

Gold Rush San Francisco opens - guns and bows are in - bug fixes - fight messages - on rent - area updates - "Roleplaying Roundtable" with Mercenary, Revenant, Mingus, and Dusty - Clan Grendel advertises - Mercenary killing spree - Sanquela dies for love of Dusty - Dusty terms the Dark Lord a guppy - Magdalen and Socrates don't marry

LTv1n7 Oct. 17th, 1994

Arkenstone immorted - Ptah and Kaige promoted to Implementor - Immorts on leave - for prospective immorts - Assassin clan opens - new roleplayers

LTv1n8 Oct. 25th, 1994

Drowning - code updates - medical profession skills - Player Short and Long Descriptions - Arkady advertises - playerkilling news - Clan Connaught forms