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The Legendary Times,
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An antique Letterpress

Serving as Index to the Contents of the Journal's Second Year.

LTv2n1 January 2nd, 1995

"A little holiday tale" by Ptah - Viking Scandinavia opens - Medieval England rearranged - Auction system installed - code updates - wary/aggressive system added - player description registration added - spells updates - skills updates - "Taro's Passing" by Sir Dominic - Gronf departs - "A Story from Hakiem the Tale-Spinner: the Coming of Revenant

LTv2n2 January 5th, 1995

Code fixes - T-shirts - "A Brief History of LegendMUD" by Ptah - Bart pursues Rusalka - "She Walks Like a Ghost" by Dusty - War between Mercenary and the Knights - "Tigger tells a tale" - request for articles

LTv2n3 January 9th, 1995

Mud down time - Phoenicians open - Clan rosters - bug fixes - MudGate and Pick of the Week - "The Bard, the Champion, the Battle-Maid, and her Lover: part of the Dusty and Greyscot Saga" - a letter from Mercenary - a clarification - Eretz' poem for Rusalka

LTv2n4 Jan. 13th, 1995

MudGate's review - "Clan Connaught's Loss" by Rory - Knight/Mercenary True Falls Through - A Letter from Tigger - departing players

LTv2n5 Jan. 15th, 1995

Wary/agg bugs fixed - Doppelgangers altered - Many spell updates - Welcome Mr. Maynard - "Seeking Rusalka's Roots" by Bart - A Letter from Snitch

LTv2n6 Jan. 17th, 1995

Ganelon resigns - Matrix and Wraith immort - Arkenstone makes a WWW page - bug fixes - Are mobs tougher than they used to be? - "Sylia's Tips for Success, part one (The Fighter Tactics)" by Sylia - The Legend Superbowl Pkill Tournament - "Sephrenia's Dream" by Sephrenia - Star Trek: Voyager tape tree

LTv2n7 Jan. 27th, 1995 - Special All-Rusalka Issue!

Legend moves - Mingus immorts - "Sylia's Tips for Success, part two (The Cause Mage and Life)" by Sylia - Rename Hrothgar Contest - "An Autobiography" by Byron - "The Rusalka Poems" by Hunter_Rose, Jafar, Greyscot, Orlando, and Hayden

LTv2n8 Incorrectly dated

Bug fixes and updates - First Annual Expies Awards Nominations Form - "Sylia's Tips and Tricks of Legend, part three (Stats)" by Sylia - "A Short Chat About the Bards" by Eretz

LTv2n9 Incorrectly dated

Bug fixes - Current Expies Nominations - "Sylia's Tips and Tricks of Legend, part four (Tactics)" by Sylia - Bart and Rusalka: the Conclusion! - Pkill Tourney results! by Warbird - a mysterious note

LTv2n10 February 8th, 1995

Bug fixes - Ireland update - Coming Attractions - Bart and Rusalka Wedding Invitation - Bridal Shower Invitation - Hermetics recruiting - Uh oh, Dusty's back! Interviews with Birdy, Sylia, Zair, and Rusalka - Warbird departs - a real life anniversary

LTv2n11 February 13th, 1995

Various changes - LegendMUD t-shirts - Bridal Shower Report - Bart and Rusalka's Wedding

LTv2n12 February 15th, 1995 - Birthday issue!

Mud code version 2.0 - Legend moves - Lindisfarne opens - Fund raising drive - The end of Dusty and Greyscot? - Antipaladins kill Dusty - A Letter from Eretz

LTv2n13 February 16th, 1995

French-Indian War opens - First Annual Expies Awards Results! - Attacks on Edith - clan news - Mercenary and Khelleck duel

LTv2n14 Feb. 19th, 1995

K'Mala resigns - New spells - Spell fixes - Skill fixes - Area updates - "Living with Playerkilling" by Ptah - "Tale of the Dirty Pair" - Order of the Scroll vs. Bremmar and Sylia - treaties?

LTv2n15 Feb. 26th, 1995

New spells - Bug fixes and updates - Lots of area updates - Mercenary news - Knightly rumors - Edith assassinated - Ghoul attacks Kiera - Hermetic rumors - Magdalen retires - Dec'lan returns

LTv2n16 March 5th, 1995 - Special social issue

Exon Bill Petition - T-shirt update - Birdy and Greyscot? - Sylia and Bremmar tackled by Bards, Knights, and others! - Rusalka resigns from the Hermetics - Dec'lan returns - Rusalka murdered and her Sweet Nothings stolen! - Statement by the Assassins

LTv2n17 March 11th, 1995

New socials - Bug fixes - New herbs added - "The Bard's Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Legend" by Ramadan - Kiera and Tegid duel - Dusty takes on Cheese - "A Fair Little Minstrel" satire by Dusty on Greyscot - Dusty kills Kiera over a sweater - Ramadan and Eva retire

LTV2n18 March 22nd, 1995

Mingus resigns - fight system test begins - anonymous FTP - "An Open Letter to New Adventurers" by Bay_El-Lor - Birdy and Greyscot are wed - Mystique vs. No - Bremmar invades the OTS clan hall - Ozy departs with a letter - Roy_Mast assassinated - Tempus held hostage by Silk and Kiera

LTv2n19 March 22nd, 1995

New fight system adopted - New magic damage scale - new skills teachers - "Living with the New Fight System" by Ptah - people hit 50th - Rachael permadies - "I Remember When..." by Eretz and Psychotic - Satires by One - Tempus and Ecstasy back together

LTv2n20 April 6th, 1995

FTP site news - Entrance bug fixed - Ireland update - Spells fixes - LegendMUD Lecture Series - Proposals - Tempus and Ecstasy engaged - No and the Knights - Zandy's thanks - Sweet Nothings resolved?

LTv2n21 April 12th, 1995

Arkenstone resigns - teachers updated - FTP down - Writer's Group forming - Proposals - Editorial apology - Letter from the Assassins - The Sweet Nothings Auction - Hermetic Conclave rumors - Tempus and Ecstasy to wed - OOC news

LTv2n22 April 19th, 1995

Many spell updates - many area updates - French-Indian War updated - What about the lag? - Where's the FTP site? - Writer's Group information - Proposals deadline - Sir Dominic the new Knight GM - Seattle area? - Tempus and Ecstasy wedding - Kiera attacks the OTS - Sadist's job

LTv2n23 May 1st, 1995

Rusalka and Bart immorted - More mud moves - Beowulf opened - Abbey updated - "Some Notes on Playerkilling and Roleplay" by Rusalka - A Brief Policy Statement - Treasure Hunt! - Tempus and Ecstasy finally wed - Tempus then commits suicide - The Mess: Kiera versus the Order of the Scroll AND the Knights of Legend - "There once was a girl named Moira" by Dagney - Order of the Scroll recruiting

LTv2n24 May 7th, 1995

Beowulf updates - Hell Updates - Breton in Scotland - New LT address - "On the Auction System" by Forrest - OTS official statement on the Mess - the bloody romance of Moira and No - Moira and the awful, horrible, no-good, bad week - Terminator assassinated - the weddings and engagements column - Caesar permadies - Dominic's car accident

LTv2n25 May 13th, 1995

Hell updated - "Respect for All" by CLeo - Character Archiving - Moira converts to the Dark Lord - "Mallon's Bridge", sent by Dusty - CLeo says farewell for now - Sir Crowe and Willow to wed - Birdy and Greyscot announce the birth of twins! - An anonymous account about daycare for twins

LTv2n26 May 21st, 1995

New menu system - skills and spells fixes - ranged yells - vehicles - auction changes - other changes - area fixes - Notice to clan leaders - "Etiquette and the OOC" by Ptah - Austin TX Mud Party - "A Dark Lord Debacle" starring Alexandra, Dusty, Moira, and Augustus, with a brief and fatal appearance by Tempus - new players, old players

LTv2n27 June 16th, 1995 - Rusalka takes over editorship

Updates report - Notes on Clanning - Homepage update - Zandy new Hermetic gm - Birdy resigns from Knights, Sir Dominic takes over - Lirra transfers from Hermetics to Knights - Kiera wars against the OTS - Malorn's conversion to the Dark Lord - The Antipaladins tackle victims -Lark and Kendrik expecting, but who is the father? - miscellaneous news - Sir Crowe and Willow are wed - Khelleck passes into the Hall of Legends - Dagney retires

LTv2n28 July 5th, 1995

New moods system - "An Interview with Ptah" by Seph - Change in editors - Mud party pictures - A Knightly Wedding: Sir Dominic and Lady Lirra - Clan news - No in trouble with the Dark Lord - Kiera vs the OTS finally ends! - social news - errata

LTv2n29 July 12th, 1995

Viking updates - New site! - Proposals - "An Interview with Ptah, part II" by Seph - The OTS pays Kiera a 3,000,000gp ransom - much miscellaneous news - a note from Zandy

LTv2n30 August 1st, 1995

About the New Skills System - The Secretives take over Africa! - Merc struts a little - Lark gives birth to twins - The Tale of Isobel - jam session in the Wild Boar Tavern

LTv2n31 August 14th, 1995

Site move - Proposals update - "Everything I Really Needed to Know, I Learned on LegendMUD" by Forrest - Letter from CLeo - Michigan mud party - Call for panelists for a roleplaying symposium - Illusion contest - Clan news - Mercenary and Kiera duel - No retires - Tempus soap opera continues - Real Life news of the immortals - "A Pagan Wedding: Isobel and Alistaire" by Mitra

LTv2n32 September 12th, 1995

Legend's new site - New immortals - Egypt opens - Auction changes - OOC changes - Spell code fixes - Emote handles possessives - Moon phases - Gun and archery proficiencies - Call for spells - Call for articles - Clan news - Mercenary advertises - Letter to Tenchi from Elanor - "An Occasional Series of Poems" by Limerick - Shelby and Zair are wed

LTv2n33 September 25th, 1995

Playerkilling clan update - New unclanning policy - Bug fixes - Recall Tag update - About the Unofficial LegendMUD Home Page - Legend named Mud of the Month - Playerkilling workshop announcement - Clan news - "Mercenary Declares Knight Overlordship" - First wedding anniversary on the mud - "Legendary Tunes" by Penthus - Wiley advertises - "Bay's Wanderings" by the late Bay_El-Lor

LTv2n34 October 7th, 1995

Seoni Jungle updates - Beowulf fixes - Nazca fixes - Egypt fixes - Clan hall fixes - Kiera permakilled - Clan news - Dusty returns and resigns from OTS - Clan SMILE forms - "The Ballad of Isobel and Bay" by Baca - Spencer advertises - "Ballads" by Fflwdwr - Joule adopted by the Starseeds

LTv2n35 October 20th, 1995

Code updates - Hall of Legends bios needed - "A Scroll Responding to Mercenary's Challenge" by Sir Dominic - "Mercenary's Response" by Mercenary - Mercenary vs. the Knights - Playerkilling Battles - Details on Kiera's death - "An Elegy for Kiera" by Dusty - "The Wedding of Farnsworth and Linda" by Greebo and Spencer - Nic and Kadiya engaged - Wiley advertises - "This History of Harkon Lukus" by Harkon

LTv2n36 November 6th, 1995

French-Indian War expanded and moved - Arkenstone returns - Notes and boards - Suicide announcement - Hall of Legends announcement - Proposals update - All Hallow's Eve: 2nd annual campfire tales - Malikeila permadies - Prasetya permadies - Malakai dies of grief - "Prasetya's Journal" by Prasetya - An error correction - Miss Demeanor's column debuts - Penthus retires - Nic and Kadiya marry - Harkon and Lyssa marry - "Limericks" by Baca, Dusty, Mercenary, and Darby

LTv2n37 November 21st, 1995

Code updates - Recalltag down - Player purge - Legend chosen as one of four recommended muds by Pueblo - Description updates - French workshop - Legendary Rumors - Gail and Vasco engaged - CLeo and Terror engaged - Gerry and Mitra engaged - A letter from Clan Pug - The Legendary Times guide to Acronyms - "A Eulogy for MontyPython" by Lynche - "A Poem" by Killer - Ugh!! returns - "Limerick's Challenge"

LTv2n38 December 9th, 1995

Code updates - Ancient India opens - Sadist retires - Character archiving - Clan recrutment ad contest - Christmas party - Legendary Rumors - "Dusty and Limerick Poetry Duel" - "The Tale of Tad" by Tad - "Magda of the Long Nose" by Dusty - Gerry and Mitra wedding invite - Harkon meets Satan - Errata

LTv2n39 December 23rd, 1995

Web site update - FTP site news - New skills system FAQ - Trivia Contest! - Baca's "Roleplaying the Create Mage" - Gen offers portraits - Mitra and Gerry's Wedding - Assassin rumors - Legend Meet 96