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The Legendary Times,
Volume Four Index

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Serving as Index to the Contents of the Journal's Fourth Year.

LTv4n1 January 8th, 1997 - Premiere Issue of Volume Four!
New Immortals! - a note from the Administrative staff - the LT Personals - "On The Pkill Front" by Sir Dominic - a dangerous exploration

LTv4n2 January 13th, 1997
From the Editor - a Bard's eye view of Legend by Eretz - the best and worse of 1996 - PK: What's wrong and how to fix it by Demon Greenspawn - LT personals - "Who is This?" by CLeo - Love Legend Style

LTv4n3 January 28th, 1997
From the Editor - Departmental updates - a response to Demon Greenspawn - the LT Personals - A Dusty Trail - a true story of puppy love

LTv4n4 February 14th, 1997
Departmental updates - a letter from Job - "Newbies and you" by Farnsworth - the LT Roving Reporter - Valentine's Day personals - Kendrik speaks - poems by Wolfchild, DeathangelII and Morwynn - "Who is this?" by CLeo - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: an interview with Zoop

LTv4n5 February 25th, 1997
Departmental news and updates - Ptah and Kaige have a baby girl! - Medieval Romania opens - Kheldar promoted - LegendMeet update - "Ritters of the real world" by Kae - Love Legend style: Ryssa and Rakal wed - a goodbye from Gollum

LTv4n6 March 15th, 1997
Departmental news and updates - New immortals! - Legend meet update - top seven signs you're addicted to Legend - results of Spencer's scavenger hunt - Clan Angesley contest - "Who is this?" by CLeo - The Dark Lord's unusual request: Envy steps down as Antipaladin GM

LTv4n7 March 24th, 1997
From the Imps - departmental news and updates - LegendMeet '97 - player statistics from Solomon - Thoughts on playerkilling by Lori - News from the Merchant Mages - The Path of Angesley by Sharri - The Cult of S... - The Assosication of Adventurers - Kidd permadies

LTv4n8 April 1st, 1997
From the Imps - departmental news and updates - Massacre at Ester - cult of S contest - LT roving reporter - "Them level 50 Blues" by Rusalka - love Legend style - a Scotch ...err Scotish ceremony - a modern marriage

LTv4n9 April 16th, 1997
Departmental news and updates - Legendmeet Europe update - a letter from CLeo - Solomon's statistics - "So You Wanna Get Married" by Rusalka - A visit to the Inferno - the McDougan/English dictionary - "Defending the Faith" by Mitra - Clan Angesley news - a Grendel memorial - news from the Shotokai clan - the Knights and Mercenaries wage war

LT_expies3 April 29th, 1997 - Special Issue: 3rd Annual Expies Awards Results!

LTv4n10 April 30th, 1997
Editor's Notes - From the Imps - Departmental News and Updates - Bart's Opening Night - Note from Admin - Book of Legends - Player Forum: A Goodbye In and Out of Character by Morwynn - The Bluebird - From the War Zone - Joining the Red Cross by Lethargio - Peace Talks - Domestic Violence Within the Knights - Marriage on the Rocks

LTv4n11 May 11th, 1997
From the Imps - Departmental news and updated - Ghosts, Goblins, and Vampires? Oh my.. - Legend recommended by CNET - Player Forum: Just say no to evil! - "Who is This?" by Cleo - Cloning by Professor Thrakken - Ulric's furry tongue - News from Shotokai - "Who is The Dark Lord?" by Envy