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The Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this forum and edit or reject any submission. Please click here for helpful submission guidelines. */?>

Please let us know who is submitting the article. If you provide an email address, this information will be kept confidential and used only for correspondence regarding the submission. The character name provided will be used as a byline unless otherwise instructed.

Choosing an appropriate article type helps the editor place items in the correct section. General articles are just that, RP Articles are like the ones found at the end of the issues, Clan News/Recruitments go in the clan news section, PK WriteUps go in the PK Front section, Events go closer to the Events Calendar and get added to the EVENTS command in-game if appropriate, Description changes must follow the guidelines in HELP DESC CHANGE prior to being published, and Personals, Seasonals and Snippets are placed as appropriate. Snippets are filler types of articles that are used if for some reason we have too little material for the current issue.

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