in which the author explains somewhat of himself and his labours

Greetings, Traveller!

    'Tis said that few indeed make great Journeys without preparation; 'tis also said that most of those who do meet their End deep within the Gullet of some ravening Beast. I offer you this manuscript in earnest Hope that your fate shall be kinder. For the volume you hold your hands now is that greatest of treasures, a Compendium of Knowledge indeed, and in it I shall endeavour to impart to thee the Wisdom I have gathered upon my many Journeys through this Land.

    The world of LegendMUD is indeed that of History itself. In the many lands that it encompasses, one may stride the grimy streets of London under the reign of the Most Lovely Queen Victoria, or may discuss matters Magickal with the Daoine Sidhe hidden in their secret Courts in Ancient Eire. 'Tis possible to slay a mighty Dragon, and win prowess akin to that of mighty Beowulf in the halls of Heorot, or to succumb to the Enchantment of the vanished Princesses in the Moorish city of the Alhambra, amidst the Musics of the flamenco dancers.

    Permit me to finish by admitting most humbly my Inadequacy, and suggesting to the Gentle Reader that he or she, in finding inconsistencies or inaccuracies buried within these pages, kindly pen me a Missive, that I might rectify the Problem in future editions. Herodotus

    With pen in hand, I thank thee! You may now turn to the Table of Contents.