Honors and Encomiums

Herein one may peruse various Honors and other Praise bestowed upon our realm; our Humility prevents us from proclaiming too Loudly the Wonders found in the Realms of LegendMUD, but that does not prevent Others from Occasionally writing brief Notices.

The following have seen Fit to offer some measure of Recognition to either LegendMUD or this Humble Site:

Listed in the Top 10 consistantly, Most Popular Sites
Mud of the Month, October 1995, The Mud Connector
The Mud Connector is the Internet's premier list of muds, offering links to hundreds of muds and their web pages, as well as discussion boards, a search engine, and many resources.

This page was named a Top Ten Site for Interactive Fiction by XYZZYNews.
XYZZYNews is the Internet's 'zine for Interactive Fiction, perhaps better known as text adventures in the Infocom tradition. Every issue they select ten sites they feel are valuable resources for those looking for a puzzle to solve.

LegendMUD is one of five Pueblo Recommended Worlds.
Chaco's Pueblo is the Internet's premier VRML and virtual world client. We are fortunate to be one of the few muds they recommend. Although we do not currently support the various VRML and HTML extensions that their client does, we have plans to support some of them in the future.

An EyeOnTheWeb Selected Site Award winner.
Unlike most web directories, EyeOnTheWeb only lists sites they consider have met the standards for listing. We're fortunate to be one of only six muds listed there thus far.

We were The Electronic Newsstand's MudGate's Mud of the Week for six months.
Although this service is now defunct (and the gopher technology is not likely to be resurrected!) it was our very first award, and we took pride in it. "If you're only going to visit one mud, make it Legend," was what they said; you can read the entire review in the back issues of Legendary Times.

One of a dozen MUDs listed by the Australian Net Guide.
The Australian Net Guide lists a selection of sites that they have determined will be of interest to their users. Perhaps our large contingent of Australian players convinced them to list us.

One of seven muds recommended by CNET
"Know what you're getting into when you choose a MU*, and be prepared to involve yourself, whether by living out your elfin fantasies, zooming around like Speed Racer, or building and exploring. If role-playing is what your alter ego has been craving, check out AnimeMUSH, which celebrates Japanese-style animation, or LegendMUD, a realistic history-based game with famously helpful players."

Listed as one of 20 recommended muds in the print version of the Internet Yellow Pages.

A top-ranked MUD according to Yahoo!'s Wild Web Rides
Not only was Legend ranked at the top of their temperature scale, as "hot, hip, cutting-edge, a must-see," but they also said the following: "This is travel through history the way it was meant to be! ... You'll want to explore all the areas of this great MUD... skills available are numerous and original... combat is fast and exhilarating... It would be really nice if more coders took the immense time and effort to study cultures of the past and put them into virtual worlds like this one."

Harley Hahn's Internet & Web Yellow Pages, lists us second on the list of about 6 or 8 muds that he recommends.
If you know of any other print Internet directories which list LegendMUD, please do let us know so that we can add them here.