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    Playerkilling on LegendMUD is controlled by a clans system. This system is entirely optional and permits those who wish to engage in pk to do so without disturbing those who wish to remain free.

    'Clanned' or 'clanning' are terms used for being in or joining a clan. LegendMUD has a free-forming clan system in place with a maximum number of clans being 32. Clans may be full playerkilling(pkenabled), full RP(role playing) or a mix of the two. One does need to be pkenabled to join a pk clan.

    The various clan organizations are generally themed around roleplaying ideas or professions. Some regard themselves as having special duties. Usually, one character serves as the guildmaster of the clan, although different clans use different titles to describe this position, and some prefer to not have a leader.

    Along with the free-forming clan system is a fealty system that chooses the GM of each clan by the amount of pledges they have from their clan mates. Clans may change their current GM by simply pledging to another member. Once that member has the majority of pledges, they will take over.

    Each player may only have one character per clan, only one pkenabled character, however they may have another non-pkenabled character in a different rp clan.

    If the clan chooses, they may purchase a guild hall. Their clan bank account will be charged a daily rent for each hall they have. The maximum is 6.

    Pkenabled people may attack any other pkenabled people who are within ten levels of them (higher or lower). Likewise, they may use offensive spells and various skills against said people that would otherwise be disabled. The sole exception is the guildmaster of a clan, who is vulnerable to attack from anyone of any level in his own clan, and likewise may attack anyone in his own clan, for disciplinary purposes.

    Below is the HELP PKILL help file from Legend's help files. It will inform you of the rules all pkenabled characters must follow.

    Pkill is the exclusive prerogative of pkill-enabled characters, who must actively choose to become pkill-enabled. You may have only one pkill- enabled character at a time. Once a character is pkenabled, you may only pk-disable that character by either permanently retiring that character through deletion, permadeath, or petitioning to be included in the Hall of Legends, or by reaching, at least, 50 million experience and using a redemption point to retire. You must be at least level 10 to pkenable, and no higher than level 35.

    Characters who are not pkill-enabled may not interfere with pkill. In other words, while only pkill-enabled characters are actually able to kill another character, non-pkill-enabled characters might be able to find ways to interfere (for instance, by healing a participant in pkill, making him or her invisible or providing detect invisibility ability, repairing equipment, locating other pkillers, putting up walls, killing innkeepers or trans mobs, etc.)--such activities confer the excitement and fun of pkill without any of the risk.

    Likewise, non-pkenabled characters may not ask a pkenabled character to kill another pkenabled character, or loot anything from the corpse of a pkenabled character. In other words, pkenabled characters may not accept a 'contract' on another pkenabled from a non-pkenabled character. You may not make threats of pkill as a non-pkenabled character on behalf of your pkenabled character. This will be considered acting in a pkenabled manner, and punishment will be dealt as such. OOC threats are NOT welcome and may be dealt with as harassment.(See HELP HARASSMENT for more information)

    Therefore, any direct or indirect interference by a non-pkill-enabled character, even if the action is on behalf or otherwise representing a pkenabled player, will result in forced pkenabling of the non-pkill-enabled character (and the consequent deletion of any other pkenabled character belonging to the player); if the interference was solicited by a pkill-enabled character, he or she will also be subject to punishment. You may not, alerted to a situation through your non-pkenabled character, run to get your pkenabled character to assist. Though cross-playing is considered only a breech of etiquette normally, destructive cross-playing in pkill is not permitted and can result in pkenabling the guilty party(And deletion of any pkenabled character they have currently), removing pkill privledges, or deletion.

    Non-pkill enabled characters should generally refrain from giving any assistance that might be of use to pkill-enabled characters if there is any doubt about whether the pkill-enabled character is presently engaged in a running pkill battle. In other words, if you are grouped with a pkill- enabled character and saw him or her get wounded by the lion, you are of course free to heal him/her. But if that same character appears by you, leaking guts, and begs a heal (or any other help), it is your responsibility to be certain you are not interfering with pkill. when in doubt, it is your responsibility to make sure you are not interfering with pkill.

    LegendMUD encourages grouping, and nothing in the rules concerning pkill should prevent pkenabled and nopkenabled players from grouping. But, as a general rule, when pkill ensues, if you are a non-upkenabled character grouped with pkillers, you may not assist.

   Turn to the Community pages to see the current clans or to the Reference section for more information about running a clan.