What is Legend:

An Overview

    Legend is a text-based virtual world based on "the world the way they thought it was." It's history with a twist... you can wander through the grimy streets of London in 1841, and read the countless posters tacked on the walls decrying the latest in a series of vicious murders. You can explore Celtic Ireland and trade magical knowledge with the Daoine Sidhe. You can fly a Sopwith Camel over the trenches of the Somme, or you can seek an audience with Queen Elizabeth.

    If the people of that time believed in magic, you will find it there. If they were famed for their musical arts, you will find musicians of note. If they studied the lore of herbs and medicines, you too can gather up fennel or feverfew and brew tisanes and teas.

    Three great eras of time are present in Legend: the Ancient, Medieval, and Industrial periods, each with a full complement of areas that you can walk through and explore, inhabited by villians and monsters, heroes and ordinary folk. This is no ordinary mud, but rather one filled with adventures in a place both familiar and strange.

    Below you will find a wealth of information about the world of Legend. Step into history, and discover the world your ancestors knew...


Woodcut image of an astrologer    LegendMUD has been fortunate enough to win many awards and notices in the press during its years of operation, both for the quality of its gaming experience and for its website. Check out the awards!

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    A unique array of features makes this mud special. We've gathered together descriptions of a few of the more notable aspects of Legend into a handy tour guide through the features that make this a mudding experience like no other. Check out the features!

    When you are ready, LegendMUD awaits! Check out our comprehensive guide to connecting to the game, including a guide to mud clients, links to download them, and even a way to connect to the game from here, within your web browser. Let's connect!