Many are the Professions pursued by the Inhabitants of this distant Land. Pacifistic and Warlike, Wily and Savage, Magickal and Mundane. These are the Skills found in the Land of LegendMUD...

s     LegendMUD uses a classless skills system. This means that any person who develops their character towards their specific goals will be able to learn skills of that type. It doesn't mean everyone can learn everything.

    You start out with the ability to learn four skills, and can learn one more for each time you gain a level. Skills are taught all over the world, by just about any mobile. Fishermen are likely to know how to fish, for example, and it's a pretty safe bet that Robin Hood is a master archer.

    Whether or not you can learn a given skill will depend on what sort of person your character is. Anyone can learn how to fish; it takes a particular level of keensightedness and dexterity to become a master archer.

    How good you are at a skill will depend on how often you use it and on your stats as well. Use a skill often, you'll get better and better at it (though your other skills will suffer because you are neglecting them). And some people are just extremely talented -- a person with a huge perception stat will be a rather deadly archer almost in spite of himself.

    Skills fall into skill sets, which are related groups of skills. Within a skill set, you often find that one skill leads to another. For example, you'll need to know woodscraft to become a tracker, and tracking to become a hunter. Current skills sets that are in or under development include medical, stage magic, woodscraft, tradesman, warrior, thief, bard, herbalist, mage, and others. Below is a sampling of just some of the skill sets within Legend.


Bardic Skills
    Bardic skills include the ability to play instruments or sing, and to speak eloquently (see the roleplaying page for an explanation of that!). From these basic abilities come skills such as the power to inspire others to great rage, satirize, praise, persuade one person to hate another, put them to sleep, or even entrance them with spellbinding performance until they cannot help but dance to your music.

Medical Skills
    Medical skills include the ability to administer first aid, operate upon the badly wounded, use a variety of drugs to cause a range of effects (and side effects) on patients, dress wounds, and of course, give instant anatomical assessments of anyone you see.

Ranger Skills
    Ranger skills range from basic woodscraft, permitting you to set up decent campfires and other basic things such as the proper method of carving and dressing a dead deer, to hunting and tracking skills, archery, and skills for animal training and lore, and even dowsing. These skills are not all available at this time.

Tradesman Skills
    Tradesman skills encompass a wide range of craftsman and merchant skills, including haggling, repairing and mending, forging and other forms of manufacture--plus the little comforts that make life worth living, such as fishing and cooking.

Thief Skills
   Thiefly skills include old standbys such as lockpicking, backstabbing, and stealing, but also include things such as the setting of traps and snares, stalking, and acrobatics. These skills are not all available at this time.

Warrior/Knight Skills
    The warrior has a wide range of skills to choose from, including various forms of hand to hand combat, such as wrestling, chokeholds, flips, and headbutts, plus chivalric things such as jousting and war cries, and of course berserking. These skills are not all available at this time.

Gunmen Skills
   Gunmen can learn several levels of shooting proficiency, making them far deadlier and more accurate with their weapon than the norm. They can learn to shoot two guns at once, to speeddraw with the best of the Old West, and to repair their guns when they've jammed.

Weapon Proficiencies
   Other weapons proficiencies exist for the archer, the swordsman, the fencer, and the armsman. See the fight system page for more information on this.

Martial Arts
   A martial arts system is under development in which we hope to replicate the actual abilities and moves of many real life martial arts, such as karate, kung fu, judo. and even the 'soft arts' like t'ai chi.