How to Play LegendMUD

Herein ye find, when turn'st the Page, myriad Customs passing strange...

   This section should serve for you as a basic manual on how to play LegendMUD. The LegendMUD Newbie Guide can be mailed to you by the game when you first connect or from the form below. It covers basic instructions on how to get started in the game, quick start tips for experienced mudders, what the character attributes mean, how advancement is measured in the game, and a glossary of terms. The text below essentially duplicates the text in the manual that is emailed to you, but is perhaps easier to reference or browse, and may be more nicely formatted when printed out.

   The Code of Conduct is a lengthy document, but one you should read if you intend to play LegendMUD. When creating a new character, you will have to read it in order to enter the game, and anyone connecting is assumed to have agreed to the terms described. It is provided here for your reference.

  • Chapter One: Getting Started covers the basic premise behind LegendMUD, the first things any new player should do, fast start tips for the experienced mudder, tips for the novice mudder, cheating, and interacting with other players.

  • Chapter Two: Your Character covers creating your character, what the attributes mean, how to select an order for them, and the basics of getting to know your character.

  • Chapter Three: Out in the World discusses exploring, mapping, killing creatures, buying and selling items, and finding quests to do.

  • Chapter Four: Advancement goes into detail about learning skills, how to use magic and where to learn magic words, and the intricacies of combat and weapons proficiencies. Plus, of course, how to log out safely when your play session is done.

  • Chapter Five: Further Information has a section on troubleshooting, a glosary of terms, and pointers to further information about LegendMUD.

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