LegendMUD Newbie Guide

Chapter Five: Further Information

"And then Mom called me to dinner, and I had to log off."

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from the Bible Moralisee:
Paris, c.1235-45

  • HELP! THE MUD KEEPS CRASHING WHENEVER I LOG IN! If the mud consistently crashes, everytime you try to log in, make another character and tell an immortal immediately that you suspect that you think your character, (please give the name), may be crashing the mud when you log in. This sometimes happens when playerfiles are corrupted, but is very infrequent.

  • HELP! I WAS JUST KICKED OFF! WAS THAT A CRASH? Type TIME when you reconnect. If you get the message 'Reconnecting.' the mud didn't crash, just your connection was dropped somewhere on the internet. Type 'date' to see how long the mud has been up.

  • REBOOT? SHUTDOWN? WHAT'S THAT? HOW LONG? The immortals occasionally have to restart the mud in order to update code or install new areas. We regret any inconvenience this causes, but it's usually done for a good reason -- making the mud a better place. Under ideal conditions (that is, without any problems) the mud is usually back up within 2 minutes of a reboot. Sometimes if something goes wrong, it may take a little longer, but most problems can be solved in under a half hour at most. You do not have to log out from the mud when a reboot is announced. You should, however, make sure that you can save successfully.

  • HOW SHOULD I CHOOSE A PASSWORD You should pick a password just as you do for any computer account. Use a word, phrase or anagram, that isn't easily associated with you. Don't, for instance, use the same name as your character, or your own first name or nickname, or your girl/boyfriend's name. Reusing the same password as the one on your computer account is a bad idea. It's also not a good idea to use the same password on different MUDs, since if your password gets out on one MUD, all your MUD characters have been compromised.

  • HOW DO I CHANGE MY PASSWORD If you even suspect that someone has guessed or abused your character's password, change it immediately using the PASSWORD command inside the mud. It will ask for your old password and your new password and confirmation of the new password. It's not a bad idea to routinely change your passwords on all your accounts periodically.

  • OOPS, I FORGOT MY PASSWORD! If you've forgotten your password to your LegendMUD character, we can retrieve it for you and keep the information confidential. If you can provide a unique piece of information or two about the character (for example a special strung item, or something that's not easily gained by casual contact with the character) the imms will be able to help you. A good thing to tell the imm is what you thought the password WAS, often typos are made and not caught until the next login. Be sure to change your password immediately after regaining access.



  • WHAT IS THE LT? The LT is the Legendary Times, an email newsletter that is published on a frequent basis by the immortals of LegendMUD. This keeps subscribers up to date on code changes, important occasions, roleplaying events, and other social news particular to the mud. You can subscribe to the LT by entering a valid email address when prompted for one, by choosing option [4] Legendary Times subscription information, from the second menu.

  • IS THERE A LEGENDMUD WEB SITE? You can reach the URL for LegendMUD's Main Web Page at:


    The above page is rather graphical in nature but not impossible to read and gain information from without a graphical web browser such as Netscape. Another web page containing the Back Issue Library of the Legendary Times is maintained at:

    The Legendary Times Archives

    These issues have been indexed on the main web page for easy reference.



    AC Armor Class range is -100 to 100 with -100 best
    AFK 'away from keyboard' usually means the person isn't watching their screen
    AFK Buffer Think of AFK as Voice Mail for tells -- it stores any tells you get
    AGG MOB aggressive NPC that will attack anyone arriving
    BRB 'be right back' pretty much the same as AFK
    CLIENT an application that you can connect to the mud with that allows for aliases, triggers, & macros to be customized. Some popular ones are Tintin++, Tiny Fugue, Zmud, Genewic or GMud, Mutt Lite, and Ewan. Check popular ftp sites for availability.
    CLAN A player-run organization. May be RP or PK.
    DIKU a type of mud server that was developed at: DIKU -- The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, by: Katja Nyboe, Tom Madsen, Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer
    EQ equipment, items, stuff -- or also the items you currently have equipped and are using
    ERA one of three sections of the mud, Ancient (ANC), Medieval (MED), or Industrial (IND)
    GP gold pieces, money
    HER short for HERO, lowest level immortal
    HOMEROOM the room to which you return when a recall spell is used, when you re-enter the game after auto-renting, or dying. The room changes when you rent or do a time trans quest.
    IC 'in character' meaning what you do is consistent with the role you are playing with a character -- also the command for returning from the Out of Character Lounge (OOC), the Wild Boar Tavern
    IMM short for IMMORTAL, second level immortal, they have at least one area in the game
    IMMORT, GOD one of the administrators of the game, they can't influence game play, but are around to make sure it goes smoothly and to create new additions to the world
    IMP highest level immortal
    INV inventory, what you're carrying but not using
    LAG the delay in the information sent back and forth across your link
    LINK-DEAD also called LD, it's when your connection is cut, your character remains in the game, but not functioning. You will auto-stand and auto-flee if attacked while you're link dead, but your safety isn't guaranteed. You cannot be given anything if link-dead, nor will you earn experience.
    LINK your connection to the mud via the internet
    LOL 'laughing out loud' similar to 'ROFL'
    MERC a type of mud server by Furey, Hatchet, and Kahn that is based on the DIKU server code
    MOB a computer controlled character, also called NPCs
    MOODS shorthand for the mud's speech system, which permits placing speech tags on your speeches
    MORTAL a character who is level 50 or below and killable
    MOTD 'message of the day' gives important information when logging in. another source of important information is
    NEWBIE someone who is new, a low level character. A newlyn is a female low level character, they're all newbies.
    NPC 'non-player character' or a computer controlled character, also called mobs
    OOC 'out of character' when you do things as yourself, not in the context of the role you are playing with your character -- also the command for going to the Out of Character Lounge (OOC), the Wild Boar Tavern
    PC a character controlled by a live human being connected via the internet
    PK pkill, playerkilling -- a voluntary system where pkenabled characters can attack or steal from each other by joining clans set up for this purpose or going it alone as a 'rogue.'
    PKENABLED someone who can participate in player vs player combat
    RECALL a magic spell that returns you to your homeroom from nearly anywhere in the game. This spell doesn't work in all rooms.
    RL real life
    ROFL 'rolling on the floor laughing' similar to 'LOL'
    RP roleplaying -- where you set up a personality, history, etc for a character and try to present that role to the other characters consistently.
    SPAM when the screen scrolls by so you can't read it with annoying repeated acts, chats, or tells.
    TF if someone is asking for it to be done, it's 'true forming' a magic spell that repairs magicial equipment. It can also mean a client application by the name of Tiny Fugue.
    TICK a half hour in mud time or on average 75 seconds in real time
    TIME TRANS a quest that takes you from one era to another in the same geopgraphical location
    TINTIN TT++, a client application for use with muds that allows for aliases, triggers and macros.
    UNCLANNED someone who is NOT pk-enabled and should not influence CLANNED disputes by using skills or spells or risk becoming pk enabled themselves.
    WARY/AGG your relative position to the fight. scale of -3 to +3 default is 0 and you return to 0 when you awake, the more wary you are, the further you edge from the fight, the more aggressive you are the closer in you fight your opponent. AC and +hit are associated with this.
    XP, EXP experience points, what you need to level and gain from killing, exploring, and questing

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