Playing the Game

    Before connecting to LegendMUD, please read and understand the following policy:

   LegendMUD is an adult environment. We are not responsible for the things said or done by players while connected to our server.

    LegendMUD does not tolerate harassment, and we will police the public channels to ensure that speech remains decent.

    We have no way of verifying the age of any individual who has connected to this server, and therefore will assume that any individual connected has expressed tacit acceptance of this policy and of the behavior and speech expressed while on the server. If the user happens to be a minor, we regard the parent of said minor responsible for that minor, and do not assume any liability whatsoever for what they may see or hear. We are not babysitters, and this is not day care.

    That said, this is a friendly and mature atmosphere, not 'obscene' in any way, and players of all ages are welcome as long as they all understand and abide by the policies above.


LegendMUD is located at port 9999

Detail from Duccio's Wedding at Cana, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Siena.
Some people prefer to jump right in, and just learn the world as they go.
If you'd like general instructions on how to connect to LegendMUD, you should look here for MUD clients, advice on connecting via AOL, and much more!

Other people are the cautious sort, and like to read the manual first!
You can visit our section on How to Play for a full array of instructional material.