Atlas of the Known World

The Ancient Era

Wherein one may read of Times perilous and Magickal, when Myth was Reality.

   The Ancient Era is full of areas that are magical and mythical in nature. This time period is devoted to portraying ancient cultures and their mythologies. Some cultures are presented in a fairly realistic manner (as in the depiction of Roman Britain) and others are far more magical and whimsical, as befits the legends they illustrate (as in the area based on the Arabian Nights).

A world map with Legend's Ancient areas noted on it.

Area Name Approx. Date Creator
Aboriginal Dreamtime at the dawn of time Deanna
Egypt the 7th year of Pharaoh Akhenaten Charity
Peloponnesian Isles 1200 BC Croaker
Ancient Greece 1200 BC Croaker
Ancient Carthage 800 BC Nestor
Ancient India 600 BC Rufus
Land of the Shadows 600 BC Rufus
Celtic Ireland 300 BC Fionn
Arabian Nights during Shahzenan's reign Kaige
Roman Britain 410 AD Ptah
Ancient Nazca circa 500 AD Ptah
Beowulf circa 530 AD Ptah
Anasazi America 900 AD Zandy
Aztecs the year Thirteen Rabbit Kaige