Atlas of the Known World


Latitude, Longitude, Sextant, and Map
Compass, Constellation, Spyglass and Sack
Wanderlust, willful Feet, headstrong stout Heart
Curiosity and Courage in Equal Part.

    LegendMUD's areas as based on history, with a twist: the world the way they thought it was. This means that you will find not only real world locations, like London or Australia, but also places that the people of that time and culture believed to exist, such as the land of shadows, a faerieland in Celtic Ireland where the myth of Cuchullain is portrayed. You can also find areas which are based in part on literary works which defined in some manner a region for the popular consciousness--so for example, Kipling's Jungle Book informs the mud's portrayal of the Seoni jungle.

    The mud is divided into three eras. The dividing points for these eras change according to geographical location, but in general, they imply a given level of technology. The Ancient Era thus encompasses areas like the Aztecs, which were around in the 1400s, but which had more in common technologically with Ancient Egypt.


A world map with all Legend areas noted on it, irrespective of time period.
= Ancient time period, = Medieval time period, = Industrial time period.
Some areas are not shown because of scale or geographical overlap.