Boston, Mass.


During the 17th century Europe endured a crisis - a series of social and political upheavals involving civil wars, revolts, peasant uprisings, and a rebellion of the nobility. The Reformation had ended, but religious strife continued in some areas. In England, a branch of Protestantism appeared which opposed the Church of England and sough to cleanse the Church by purifying it from rituals that were 'Roman'. Nicknamed, 'Puritans' they became the leading faction in opposing the Stuart kings of England. Eventually the Puritans would settle in New England. Among the early Puritan settlers of New England, one might expect to find a population living under somewhat primitive conditions. Indeed, the earliest settlers did live in temporary structures under difficult conditions, but these structures were gone by 1660, replaced by more permanent houses.

This area consists of the town of Boston, Mass.. Some of its contents are based on documents of fact, in regards to how life was during that time. Others are based on rumours, and various novels.