Ancient Greece


The Heroic Age of Greece was a time of fierce creatures and fierce rivalries, a time when gods walked the earth and interfered in the lives of mortal men. Mainland Greece was dominated by two powerful warring city-states at this time, Mycenae and Thebes. Electryon, King of Mycenae, had been slain by Amphitryon during a hunting accident, and Amphitryon had fled to Thebes, beginning a generation-spanning war with the son of Electryon, Sthenelus. Terrible creatures roamed the land at will, and the time was ripe for the birth of a hero to tame the monsters of Greece. Alas, that hero is but a babe now, and may not survive to manhood if Hera can prevent it. The Labors of Heracles have not yet been performed, and great fame awaits those who are brave enough to dare the Fates and undertake the tasks that await a Hero.