Medieval Romania


This period of feudal European history included numerous wars and constantly shifting borders. Countries and empires came and went. The central and southern portion of Eastern Europe was maintained by a country called Romania. A torn country, it was once ruled by one of most notorious was a man called Vlad Dracos, later known as Vlad the Impalor. He was a king with his borders surrounded by enemies or people pretending to be friends. During his youth, the south was filled with war and conquest as the Ottoman Empire continued to expand its borders. Each newly conquered country was held in check by the empire taking most of the young male children and indoctrinating them into combat training as well as their religious and political policies. These men became Janisaries and were amongst the best fighting force ever seen.

By the time Vlad took the throne, the Ottomans had advanced to his border and had begun encroaching on his lands. After a plea to the other unresponsive leaders of the European community, he tried to fight them from his capital of Tirgoviste. With a smaller and lesser trained force he was able to hold the Ottomans off by turning to guerrilla warfare tactics. He would attack at night or through fog. He would go for supply lines and poison crops. Also, he began to use terror to bring their advance to a standstill. One terror he employed was to leave captured enemy soldiers impaled at key sights for the Ottomans to find. Afterwards, this became standard procedure for his own criminals. His moralistic views lead him to execute citizens for almost any crime, anything from adultery, thievery to laziness. In fact, through his time, there became almost no theft or major crime anywhere in his lands. Merchants were able to prosper even with the looming threat of conquest. Though his results were good, his reign of death became feared by almost everyone throughout the country and neighboring lands. Historians estimate he executed more people than Hitler did hundreds of years later. Corpses were displayed throughout the land as a warning which would chill even the most hearty of people. Care to come and tempt his wrath?