In Action are we all Defined...

   Below you will find a complete list of all the basic commands in LegendMUD, broken into categories, each with a brief description of syntax. Excepted from this list are:

   All commands do partial abbreviation: to enter the command NORTH you can enter NORT or NOR or NO or just N. Of course, there may be several commands that abbreviate to just N, so we have sorted them in priority so that the most frequently used commands have the shortest abbreviation, and in cases of overlap, the lesser used command must have a less ambiguous abbreviation.


sit sleep south west
down east enter exits ic look
north ooc rest
stand time up wake

Object Manipulation

board leave carve close dip douse
drink drop eat empty examine fill
get give harness harness team hold junk
light lock open portion preview quaff
recite remove split study unharness unlock
unroll use wear wield


buy list sell sell_housing trade value
statement deposit clandeposit withdraw


add admit answer apologise apologize ask
assert auction babble cackle carol
chat chatter clan (channel) complain converse coo
declare demand describe drawl drone emote
enthuse exclaim explain groan growl grumble
grunt gtell howl ignore indicate info
idea knock moan mumble mutter note
order plead prattle pray protest quote
ramble reply retort say scream smirk
snarl sneer stutter talk tell threaten
unignore utter wail whimper whine whisper

Mail & Boards

append erase mark post read receive
send write


acquire build clanbuild connect demolish expel
install uninstall

News and Information

areas channels credits events help motd
socials typo websites who whoimm whois
whoshort wizlist

Character Reports

allskills allspells allwords attributes conference description
equipment inventory query redeem report score
skills spellbook status title words

Skill Commands

aim anatomy appraise armslore armwrestle augment
backstab bake balance bash begging blindside
break door brew calm case chant charge
choke climb dash diagnose disarm trap discuss
disguise dismount draw elbow eloquence entrance
etch field surgery first aid fish flavor flip
forge foul haggle headbutt herblore hide
hunt inspire judge kick listen locate object
lullaby make poultice make staff meditate mend mesmerize
mix potion pharmacology pick lock pin play poisoning
praise purify rage rally repair rescue
retreat ride roast root runecast runelore
satire scan serenade shipbuild shoot sing
sneak steal stew suckerpunch tackle tailor
tan throw trip tumble warcry wrestling


agg blank brief color config cprompt
mood name options prompt password screenlen
telnet wary

Clans, Friendship, & Grouping

abandon accept allegiances befriend claninfo clans
disband ditch follow form friends group
induct outcast pledge purpose recruit roster
seek reject repudiate


afk cointoss consider dieroll ignite flee
kill offer quit reload rent
rs save unload