Codes of Conduct

Without Laws, there is Chaos.

The LegendMUD Player Code of Conduct

For some time now, the staff of LegendMUD has been working on developing a coherent and consistent document that could serve as a player code of conduct. The reason for this document is simple: the controversies and debates over whether or not certain standards were rules, whether or not certain matters of etiquette were official, whether or not standards of punishment were codified, and so on, had reached a point where even simple enforcement of basic rules was becoming counterproductive.

A major effort was made to gather together all the many rules, suggestions, standards, and policies into one document, for easy reference and to once and for all end the debate as to whether a given behavior was illegal or not.

It is important to emphasize that there is nothing NEW in this document. Rather, this is just a formalized version of the rules under which all the players already live and play with really, very few problems. Yes, it seems like a huge, daunting list, but really, the vast majority of it is common sense, and the document you are about to read tends to overexplain even the most basic things so that there is a definite reference to point to.


The rules overview will be placed in HELP RULES, which replaces HELP CHEAT as the basic file to refer to for guidelines. In addition, all new characters will get shown these rules as part of the character creation process, so that even a casual spammer who wanders in cannot say that they were ignorant of the rules.


"Oh no! The evil immortals are imposing more of their moral judgements upon us! Agh! I must flee!"

Hardly. So relax. The rules cover the basic stuff that you all already know quite well, like multiplaying, abusing bugs, and harassment. All we've done is gather them together and formalize them. From now on, if you get punished for something that is not in this document, you've got a great case in your defense; on the other hand, we're not perfect, and probably missed something. Because of that, we expect this to be a "living document" that evolves and changes over time.

Another major reason why you should not freak out is really a simple one. The rules are designed primarily to protect the players, and not to circumscribe them.


Since this is a living document, player input is always welcome. Discussion and debate related to the code of conduct is best posted on the discussion board in the Out of Character Lounge.

Please do not flood the Legendary Times address with comments about the code.

See the following help files in game for further details - they are the code of conduct when put all together: