Registered Descriptions

The Parts of a Description | Description Rules | How to get a Description | Helpful Hints & Examples

The Parts of a Description

The description command shows you your current description. A description has four parts:

The extra description is set by you via the menus you see after logging in or after renting.
The short, long, and keywords are all set at the same time, by an imm after you have reached level 2 or higher.

Description Rules

Your description must follow these rules:

How to get a Description

Write your choices for both short and long descriptions on a note (your keywords will be determined by the immortals), and then tell to an Admin or PR imm for it to be checked. If you are unsure of who the PR or Admin immortals are you may see a list of all active immortals by typing wizlist. The WHOIMM command will show you the imms online.

If your description was turned down, you may not keep going to other immorts to try to get it approved. Correct the problem(s) with it and resubmit.

Helpful Hints & Examples

Following is an example of a description. The first is a short description while the second is a long description. Last are the keywords a description like this might have.

a large, bald stenographer
Peering around with one good eye, a balding secretary stops to stare at you.

The immortal doing your description will choose keywords for you based on your approved desc. A desc like the above might have these keywords: peering stenographer balding secretary bald large.

Note that if you already have a registered description and wish to have it changed, you should contact the editor of the LT. All changes require a submission to the LT giving a reason for the change.