Games and Events


Games and events are a fun part of the Legend experience. You can meet new people, learn new things about areas in the mud, expand your roleplay, or simply take a break from the game.

Common Games
Flag Hunts Recalltag Trivia
The XP Game

Exotic Games
Casino Scavenger Hunt Pirate Treasure Hunt

Annual Events and Holidays
Pkill Tournaments Valentine's Day St. Patrick's Day
April Fool's Day Easter Halloween

Occasional Events
Comedy Club Lectures

Flag Hunts

Flag hunts are very simple to learn to play -- all you do is walk around the mud, looking for an item which looks like a flag. This game becomes more interesting and less luck-based with its variants, which include:
  1. hiding places which follow a theme
  2. hiding places which you can't see just by walking in the room
  3. renaming the flag to look like something less obvious


Recalltag is just like the tag games you might've played as a kid, except everyone is "it" at the same time. You move around the game zone, and when you see someone, you try to tag them before they tag you. This is accomplished using the "tag" social -- just type tag . Triggers and aliases are illegal. Tag comes in a few different flavors, with two ways to compete and two ways to win.

Normal Competition
In normal competition, competitors are barred from using skills, spells, magical items, or tools.
Darwinian Competition
In Darwin-style tag, competitors are invited to use any skills, spell, or item they want.
Winning in Custer-Style Tag
Custer tag is last-man-standing. If you're the last one in the zone, you win.
Winning in Medici-Style Tag
Medici tag is a matter of record-keeping. If you tag the most people, you win.

The XP Game

The xp game is meant to reward players for exploring more of the mud rather than trodding the same worn paths. When and whether each player chooses to play the game is up to them. More extensive information is available in the game itself.

Goal: Follow the game's mob-killing agenda, document your participation. Reward: A prize machine token. Also, hopefully, a Learning Experience (tm). Limitations: Once per character. Must be > lvl 4. Only solo kills count.

How do you play: Explore, try killing things, keep track of what you do. How do you start: Ask any active immortal to get you started. When can you start: When you've just levelled, or are in an xp hole. When does it finish: When you level with a minimum of 15 area visits documented, or when you document 25 area visits.


Trivia games run just as you might expect -- someone asks questions, and players compete to be the first to answer the question correctly. Generally trivias are given their own separate channel, to make it easier to keep track of. Trivia rules vary by the person operating the game, but the following are general standards.

Approximate length should be determined in advance.

If answers appear within the same 'pulse' -- i.e. each line grouped together, with no blank spaces between -- they should be considered as having arrived simultaneously.

The person running the game has the final say as regards answers and rules. Making things hard on them doesn't add to anyone's fun.


Casino games are something like poker slot machines. Each player gets five tokens, and must trade those tokens with other players to match a certain set of combinations to win a prize.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Pirate treasure hunts require players to follow clues, going from one location to the next, on the path of a treasure. These games generally run for a few hours, allowing the fastest hunters to win prizes and slower hunters to still obtain a smaller prize.

Scavenger Hunt

Players form teams to roam the mud in search of a list of items.

Pkill Tournaments

Pkill Tournaments run several times a year and are open to players of any ability level, whether they are pkillers on the regular mud or not. The Official PK Championship runs twice yearly, and interim specialty tournaments run in between.

Standard tournament rules separate players into weight classes, where they compete one-on-one in a single-elimination style. Specialty tournaments in the past have pitted equal characters against each other, pairs of characters against each other, etc.

Valentine's Day

February 14th is the mud's birthday. The Expies, an annual award ceremony, are generally held close to this date. Additionally, new features and special events often herald in another great year of Legend history.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a popular holiday on Legend, with a celebration generally including an Irish Casino game. On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish, Tara is everyone's home, and sidhe puns abound.

April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day is traditionally a day of surprises, experiments, and strange happenings. Whether the entire mud turns backwards for a day, or strange mobs come out of the woodwork, or a set of areas created by players come on to the scene, this is a day not to be missed.


Easter festivities often include an Easter egg hunt and chasing after the Easter Bunny.


Halloween traditions vary, but often include such things as Fall Casino games, pumpkin hunts, costume contests, horror film trivia, and of course Ptah's annual storytelling.


Christmas is a day for spending with family -- why not include your mud family? Catch up with Santa for a candy cane, wish all your friends a happy holiday, and perhaps be the recipient of some immortal generosity.

Comedy Club

The Legend Comedy Club operates from time to time -- a chance for players to meet up and tell jokes, and judge each other's comedic skills.


The Lecture series runs irregularly; topics range from historical to culinary, psychological to expository.