Immortal Code of Conduct


General Principles:

    Punishment structure:
  1. First offense: warning
  2. Second offense: demotion (stripping of wizbits and/or level)
  3. Third offense: deletion
This means that if you are given a warning for command abuse and are then caught harassing a mortal or another immort you will be demoted. This is a very strict punishment system but should be easy enough to live with if we all behave like adults.

Warnings remain on record for six months, so you can screw up once every six months until someone catches on to the pattern.

Command Abuse:
Using your immort powers to give benefit to ANY mortal (yours or others') beyond the scope of your normal immort duties, is considered abuse of immort powers. Likewise, using your immorts' skills and spells to benefit ANY mortal is abuse.

This is a pretty small list of possible offenses. It represents the SPIRIT of the rules. If you violate the spirit of the rules, you will be held as accountable as if you violated the letter of the law.

There is a small list of things that may seem counter to these rules that are permissible IF you have the appropriate wizbit. Ask your dept. head about them.


An immortal harassing any player, whether mortal or immortal in any way has no place on Legend, and may result in summary demotion or deletion.

Information and actions as a mortal:

An immortal may not give out any information beyond hints or explanations of why something happened. If you do not know why something happened, SAY SO. Do not simply tell players, "You must have done something wrong." At all times, be as helpful as possible within the rules. The mortals of immorts are held to the same standard.

Similarly, immortals' morts may not engage in playerkilling or stealing without extremely clear in-context reasons that are clearly evident to the victim. If the victim is not aware of the reason, then the immortal is at fault. Yes, this limits the scope of an immorts' actions as a mort, but all immortals MUST serve as an example of ideal player behavior, or the credibility of all immortals is undermined. It may also serve to help immortals broaden the scope of their actions and roleplay, rather than falling back on the typical mortal behaviors.


All of the above are intended to do the following:

  1. encourage trust in the immort staff
  2. encourage the immort staff to take a more creative and helpful role in the development of the mud
  3. encourage a more mature and polite atmosphere

If you do not feel comfortable with the principles embodied in the above, it is suggested you reconsider proposing to become a member of the immort staff.