Atlas of the Known World

The Industrial Era

With Smoke and mighty Industry did the buildings Rise...

   The Industrial Era is unique to Legend, offering an experience quite different from the standard fantasy-based environments of other muds. It is here that one can find the Victorian period, which has charmed so many in novels, and can visit the battlefields of the World Wars. Perhaps the most difficult era to build areas for, it offers what is probably the widest range of experiences.

A world map with Legend's Industrial areas noted on it.

African Savanna 1840 AD Llew
Victorian London 1841 AD Ptah
The China Tea Trade 1842 AD Ptah
Gold Rush San Francisco 1849 AD Ganelon & Kaige
Gold Rush Melbourne 1856 AD Deanna
Paris Theatre 1875 AD Bart
Seoni Jungle, India 1885 AD Ptah
Gypsy Carnival 1890 AD Leila
World War I 1916 AD Wraith
Pittsburgh, Pa. 1930 AD Sandra
World War II North Africa 1942 AD Breton