Atlas of the Known World

The Medieval Era

Read here of the Lands when Civilization began to take the Forms we know Today.

   The Medieval Era covers up until the widespread use of gunpowder. This means that it encompasses both the era of alleged chivalry and the height of the power of the Catholic Church. It was a time of great expansionism on the part of the European powers, and it is not surprising that much of the building in this time period on Legend has been done in Europe, and more is proposed every day.

A world map with Legend's Medieval areas noted on it.

Viking Scandinavia 916 AD Arkenstone
St. Denis Abbey circa 1130 AD Charity
Medieval Germany 1150 AD Mania & Kaige
The Crusades 1190 AD LadyAce
Medieval England circa 1200 AD Kaige
Dante's Inferno 1321 ADKae
Medieval Romania 1460 ADKheldar
Viceroyal Peru circa 1540 AD Ptah
Tudor England 1600 AD Rusalka
Caribbean Pirates 1665 AD Kaige
Pirate's Den 1665 AD Rufus
Boston, Mass. 1668 AD Sandra
17th Century Salem 1692 AD Sandra
The Alhambra 1695 AD Kaige
French and Indian War 1750 AD Parrilyn
1802 Alaska 1802 AD Cheyla