Configuration Options

For Choice can indeed be said to be the Prime Virtue, what maketh other Virtues real--for without Choice, they are merely rote and have not a grip upon the human Heart.

Quick Reference

Prompt elements follow a set order that does not change. In order your prompt would look like this if you added all elements:
hp/maxhp move/maxmove mana/maxmana %hp %mana %move level xp xptolevel leader gold wary/agg position align room era yellzone wizinvis
Additionally, if you are AFK, it will show on the left side of your prompt.

General options, used with the CONFIGURE command
  • Syntax: CONFIGURE option turns that option on and off.
  • Use the OPTIONS command to determine current settings.
  • afkinfo automatically announce your AFK status on Info channel
    afktells display tells to you while you are AFK
    tells display tells to you while you are AFK
    afkthink automatically announce your AFK status on think
    afkroom automatically announce your AFK status to the room
    alphabetize alphabetization of the WHO display
    annlevel automatically announce your levelling on Info channel
    anndeath automatically announce your deaths on Info channel
    autorush automatically rush at enemies when shot at
    autoskip automatically skip to next post when last append reached
    banners banner display in score and helps
    brackets put brackets around numbers in old score format
    conferences display of conferences when you enter the game
    delimiter sets command delimiter
    echocommand displays the last command you entered
    hidewhois hide whois strings within whois display
    nomaxreport hides max number of mortals in who and whoshort
    score style of score display (old or new)
    seeafkinfo display announced afk status on the Info channel
    seedeaths display announced deaths on the Info channel
    seelevels display announced levels on the Info channel
    seemoods toggles seeing moods in people's speech and socials
    skills displays skills in verbose mode
    tempmood mood resets to normal after you move or talk
    receive toggle receiving any tells

    Prompt and Cprompt options, used with the PROMPT and CPROMPT commands
  • PROMPT ADD element adds it to your prompt
  • CPROMPT ADD element adds it to the prompt you see in combat
  • PROMPT REMOVE element removes it from your prompt
  • CPROMPT REMOVE element removes it from the prompt you see in combat
  • PROMPT HELP or CPROMPT HELP to get a list of elements
  • PROMPT CLEAR or CPROMPT CLEAR to remove all elements
  • hp Your current hit points, as an absolute number
    mana Your current mana, as an absolute number
    move Your current move, as an absolute number
    maxhp Your maximum hit points
    maxmana Your maximum mana
    maxmove Your maximum move
    %hp Your current hit points as a percentage of your maximum
    %mana Your current mana as a percentage of your maximum
    %move Your current move as a percentage of your maximum
    level your current level
    xp Your current experience points
    xptolevel The experience points you need to reach the next level
    leader whoever you are currently following
    gold amount of gold you are carrying
    wary or agg your current wary/agg setting
    position position (standing, sitting, stunned, etc)
    align your alignment
    wimpy your wimpy value
    mood your current mood

    Fight display options, used with the FIGHTTYPE command

  • Syntax: FIGHTTYPE option sets the fight style to that option
  • verbose shows every blow in the fight in full sentences
    compact shows summaries of each round of combat with abstracted damage ratings
    none does not show fight messages

    Configuration commands used directly
  • Syntax: type the command to toggle the setting or type the command followed by a value.
  • TELNET Toggles whether or not you receive Telnet GA sequences
    BLANK Toggles whether or not additional blank lines are sent
    BRIEF Toggles whether or not you receive full room descriptions or just the room title
    PROMPT Toggles display of your prompt on and off
    SCREENLEN Sets the amount of text you get at once before you are prompted to press RETURN to continue. If set to zero, you will never be prompted.

    The OPTIONS command

    ___                                                                        ___
    \  |----------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
    /__|  OPTIONS ARE CURRENTLY SET AS:                                       |__\
        You have new mail  : NO                  Description      : NONE
        Color              : ON                  Color Type       : ANSI
        Screenlength       : 20                  Telnet GA        : ON
        Banners            : ON                  Confs at login   : ON
        Autoexits          : OFF                 Brief Room Descs : OFF
        EchoCommand        : ON                  Auto Post Skip   : OFF
        Alpha. Who         : ON                  Max Player Rep.  : OFF
        Prompt             : ON                  Blank Line       : OFF
        Score Display      : OLD                 Show Brackets    : ON
        See Moods          : ON                  Temporary Mood   : ON
        Announce Levels    : ON                  Ann. Deaths      : ON
        See Levels         : ON                  See Deaths       : ON
        Receive Tells      : ON                  Hide whois       : OFF
        Ann. AFK on Info   : ON                  See AFK on Info  : OFF
        AFK to Room        : ON                  Tells Show AFK   : ON
        AFK on think       : ON
        Fight Display      : VERBOSE             Auto Rush if Shot: OFF
        Skill List Display : OFF
        Command Delimiter  : %;