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Immort Proposal
Review Process

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Application guides are available on the web from:

Here's how the process works:

Step 1) Applications

All of the applications for players are available on the web under the reference section on documents.

You will need to complete 2 applications -- a general application, and a department-specific one.

All applicants should mudmail or email the department head of the department they wish to apply into (or if they are unavailable, an imp), before applying. A proposal that might otherwise be acceptable may be rejected because the project proposed is too similar to others already in the works.

Step 2) Reading & Commenting

  1. The names of all applicants will be posted on the welcome board, and players will be allowed to make private, thoughtful comments about them, directly to the department head or imps (the welcome board post will detail who to contact) via mudmail or email (not the public boards or channels). All comments will be considered immortal-only information.
  2. If the imm staff has any questions for applicants, they will send them to the head of the department (or imp, depending on the situation) he or she is applying to join. The department head (or imp) will conduct an interview. IMPORTANT: This means that applicants need to be available either online or over email for the 2 weeks which follow the application submission.
  3. Meanwhile, the entire imm staff will read and discuss your application.

Step 3) Voting

Next, the entire imm staff votes on applicants and chooses who to accept. In order to be accepted into the staff, your application must achieve a 2/3 positive majority via a weighted voting system. The system gives more weight to each votes depending on the voter's title and department. For example, the head of the building department gets more votes on a builder candidate than an assistant PR does.

Step 4) Posting Results & Immortalizing

After all of the successful applicants have been determined, all candidates will be notified of the results. All of the new imms will then be immortalized and trained, and the list of new staff will be announced to the general mud population.