The Known World: A Reference

   Welcome! These pages serve primarily as reference guidebook for the world of LegendMUD. If you are a novice to Legend, we suggest you start by reading the Overview before tackling the topics in this section. If you've already read that, then read on to learn more about the areas that make up the world of Legend. If you are struggling with commands, you will find comprehensive lists below. Advanced players will find reference materials linked below which may be of interest to them as well.

  • Atlas Of The Known World
    LegendMUD's areas are based on historical cultures. Occasionally we also have areas that are themed around works of fiction that are strongly historical in nature. Herein you will find an explanation of the mud's layout, as well as a list of the areas currently installed in Legend, including historical information.
  • Advanced Reference Section
    Intended to serve as straightforward source of details, this section offers information on doing quests, games, being a GM, housing, the board and note editor, a list of commands, explanation of all interface configuration options, and other specifics.
  • Documents of Interest
    Advanced players may wish to refer to several of the documents of interest that are posted here, including a FAQ on intended future changes to the game, and the materials necessary for applying for a staff position.

  • An illuminated page from a Spanish carta de privilegio y confirmacion, a document signed by Charles I, King of Spain, in April of 1535. It grants permission to a knight to entail a portion of his estate for his second son.