Strung Items and Coupons


Strings, Coupons, & Restrings

Strings are a popular feature for player customization and roleplay on Legend. They allow players to change the short (worn) description as well as the long (lying on ground) description of their equipment.

Restrings allow you to transfer an existing string to another piece of equipment. If you have a strung item (whether you strung it, it was a gift, you got it out of the prize machine), you can have that string transferred on to another piece of equipment. The drawback to this is that the original item is destroyed when the string is transferred.

If you have a coupon, you can choose how you want a piece of your eq strung. Please follow these guidelines in choosing a string:

Color Strings

If you are fortunate enough to have a color coupon or an add-a-color coupon, you'll need to choose which color(s) you want to use. Typing "color guide" from within the game will show you the available colors. Colors are generated by a pipe | (a vertical line, often located under the Backspace/Delete key) followed by a number. If you want a complex color string, be nice to the imm who will be doing it and write the string out on paper, with the numbers but without the | (pipe).

Add-a-color coupons do just that -- add one single color, as follows:
A non-color string + an add-a-color coupon = a single color string
A single-color string + an add-a-color coupon = a two-color string

A single color string is a string in which color is turned on once, (pipe followed by a number), and turned off once (via |U6).

A two color string is a string wherein two different color numbers are employed, in any pattern. It may alternate letter-by-letter, or word-to-word, in any combination.

A multi-color string is a string with unlimited color numbers, employed in any pattern.

Mundane Strings

Mundane strings make one ingame item look like another. If you see a mob wearing an interesting-looking bit of gear, but can't make use of it because it doesn't have the bonuses you want, it may be a good candidate for a mundane string. In selecting which item you'd like to use for a mundane string, please keep the following in mind:

RP Coupons

RP coupons are similar to regular strings, but with a restriction: the string must be related to your RP. It should fit in with your description, other strings and public RP style. If this style is not well-defined or the relationship between the item and your RP is not clear, you may be asked to do some form of public RP or write an article for the LT. RP coupons may also be redeemed in association with tinyplots, RP events, etc.

Zip Strings

Zip strings are a free string, done on a non-item -- meaning that you cannot wear or use the string, other than to interact with it using socials, dropping it, etc. For example, a witch might get a string of :

short: a heavy iron cauldron long: A large iron pot sits here, a merry fire burning beneath it.

She could then drop the cauldron, emote lighting a fire beneath it, and so forth.

Zip strings are a nice service we provide to the players to promote RP. Players can request them at any time, but please don't be demanding about them.

Slot Strings

Slot strings are a relatively new service -- when you get an item strung, you can also adjust the location where the item appears to be worn, when other players look at you. For example, rather than wearing a skirt <on legs>, you might wear it <covering knees>.

Slot strings appear more like part of the game infrastructure than normal equipment, so we've developed some particular regulations concerning them. When thinking about a slot string, consider these issues:

"Same Body Part" and "Flexible" are the two grades of strictness applied to slot strings, defined as follows:

Same Body Part: The slot should be similar to the physical place it covers.
Example: <covering knees> a pleated plaid skirt
is fine for the LEGS slot.

Same Part Slots: body, about body, legs, arms, feet, head, hands, waist, light, wielded, arm/shield.

Flexible: This includes qualities of the person or directly associated with them and their appearance. Example: <haunted by> <trailing behind>. This flexibility has been introduced in response to the fact that not all types of characters wear earrings, bracelets, etc. or would prefer to express more psychological qualities with their strings.

Flexible Slots: "Jewelry/Accessory slots" earrings, neck, wrists, rings, aux

In some cases, a questionable slot may be contingent upon the description of the item.